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Thursday, April 28, 2011

come on, Maia

its almost the end of April. the craziest month i've been through so far. with so many downs than the ups. new experiences, good and bad. new aquaintances, all interesting. if i can summarize it in a word, the month has been: HORMONAL.

i'm looking forward for May. its our end of semester, so, actually i'm looking forward for the break. the obvious happening in May are Mom's day (8th) and all throughout May, thanksgiving in my homestate. i want to be home this thanksgiving (Kaamatan), maybe we could do a double celebrations (mom's day and kaamatan), been a while not treating my mom to a nice place. 12-15th, Borneo Jazz feast in Miri, high probability not attending.

from the month of May onwards, i'm pledging myself to treat mother earth better.
1. go shopping with my own shopping bag to reduce the usage of plastic bags
2. separating rubbish. organic/non. recycleable/non
3. go easy on my diet. buy only food to consume. preferably the freshest possible.
4. save electricity

i've been doing these (the list) all the while. but, never systematically done it. i'll make a comparison in monetary value for spending on food and house bills. will post about it in a month time. until then, come on, Maia (May), get me.

btw, i'm hooked to Lifehouse. check their "something in between" and "i cant take my eyes off of you" both are soundtracks for Smallville.

for the record: today = nuptial of England's prince. long live the monarchy.

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