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Monday, July 26, 2010

the point of missing

there's no point in missing to read somebody's blog, when you are not even an invited reader. a point i should always remember. (i miss the blog all the same). i miss the ideas, the perspectives, because it broaden mine. my loss.

so, jen's laptop went kong too. and she suggested us to re-visit HCMC. all pictures taken there went missing. hard disk problem. i have to laugh a bit here and tease jen. nah.. kan, mana ko punya saranan sendiri buat copy?. my beloved pinky Dell went kong a week earlier.

so, all my notes and slide presentations went missing with the hard disk. been a really busy week for me, preparing (again) those notes. hence the hiatus in my blog post. and i wont post any pictures for a while (not in august). i'll elaborate later.

i'm on my new patchwork project (nearly completed 2). Mimi seems to get infected. she started her log cabin patch. me with my hexagons. about 480 hexies to go! and my patchwork project's fancy title "pink pant her". i'll post picture of completed material. according to my calculation, that'll be sometime in september.

i'll go missing from the virtual world next week. its another field work. which i am actually looking forward for. i miss being in the woods, walk in the rain, play with muds and not to think too much. lately, thinking too much lead me to miss somebody, i shouldnt. O crap! exactly my point!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

ice cream missing

i chopped my hair and my head look like a big 'bawang'.

my handphone 'melarikan diri' and i've changed my number. i'll somehow retrieve the old number. (i lost the darling 'icecream' LG Hp). sedih ni.

bought a new pair of NB running shoes. (yay! dengan harapan, akan rajin berjogging. hahahhaha!) lawak eh!

p/s depression mode. after satu minggu menghabiskan duit kerajaan and bermakan sakan with that sister yg menyelamatkan aku dari tiak berhp. (thanks jen!). aku shock dengan kerja yg banyak menimbun.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

our orientation week lasted last monday. i had a super fun days with the juniors and seniors. (i guess, i miss my older kids- DKP10 bad)

i have yet, to love my new kids SPKA7.
and.. oh God! busy week ahead.
p/s sedih lagi ni.. Germany tidak dapat masuk Final World Cup. Cilaka.

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