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Sunday, October 11, 2009


my skin is still glamoring with the tan resulted from a camping 2 weeks back. (not so glamour when you are surrounded by fair skin whorshipers). and my hair's getting more bristler, no amount of conditioner or mask can help (i was thinking of wearing a head scarf, a.k.a tudung) or just botak it up. and my kebuncitan.. NO! (people will think of me showing..nah.. it's just adipose tissue.. no kidding).

i'm in the mood of doing something super stupid at the moment. played jigsaw puzzle 12 hours straight. my fingers stiff. i was thinking of smacking somebody's face at the moment just for the heck of doing so. and i'm so pissed off with "this person", i yelled to him, "i have no respect for you, not even an ounce". as my action sinked down to my head, that was so immature. but, yeah, he doesnt deserve my respect.. and as far as i'm concern, i always play straight with my heart. he keeps on ruining my days, and i have to make it stop, somehow.

my gf, Mimi, is in Kelantan. will get married this oct, 17th. i will fly to her 15th. Oh! God, i'm so nervous for her..(nanti nangis2 pulak me there).

cant wait to see all my kaibigans for the long drive to Kelantan. remember: Posen, Chili's, Bumbu Bali?...

Friday, October 2, 2009

a life worth living

i suppose to post more pictures alongside my normal blog entry. but, i forgot my ext wire in Kuching. thus, no upload. me in Sibu at the moment. (it's work.. a conference.. but fun nonetheless..)

"real joy comes not from ease or riches or from the praise of men, but from doing something worthwhile" ~ sir Wilfred Grenfell

and "anything worth doing is worth doing with elegance and style".

just to irritate myself and some friends (heeee.. heee..) <-- (evil laugh)

p/s: worth checking out: an article in the sun : speak up! "simple life worth living", oct, 1st. her words irritate me like kurap
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