Thursday, August 14, 2014

Augustus Waters

O! i mean, its August already. but, never mind, this post is about Augustus Waters too.
its been a slow year for reading to me. i read a few books, some half-books. nothing i particulary remember or mind-blowing good. The Dimonds are great (still struggling to finish the World Until Yesterday). i discovered No.1 Ladies Detective Agency series by Alexander McCall Smith, which is very entertaining and original. i'd read 4 book of the series, and its a very good read.
i didnt manage to submit my study propsal last july. i missed the deadline, but, somehow, i'm quite okey with it. (cant help to think of all those hours spent, picking on ideas and reading numerous journals and writing up the draft). o! well.
on a more cheerful notes, i attended the Java Jazz Festival earlier this year. Ran Brooks Half Marathon, 10km Spring Run. 2 long holidays in KK and Ranau. i watched more movies than i read books.
My favourite so far is the GotG.
About Augustus Waters, i like the movie (The Fault in Our Stars). But, the movie depressed the hell out of me, that whenver i tried to relive the lines/ scenes, it scares me. most of us will never know that kind of love they had. most girls will not come even near to their Augustus Waters. and that a very depressing thought.
Robin Williams left us last tuesday. the 'black dog' finally got him. i mourn his passing.
The comedy still going strong in Malaysia: Selangor MB crisis, Like for Israel, McD boycott. In bolehland, ya, Malaysia Boleh.