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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Cross Gardener by Jason F. Wright

because on the back cover of this book, the first line introducing the content is : What would you do if those you loved best in this world were taken away from you? caught my attention. 

this is a sad love story.

a story of loss and encouragement to all of us to celebrate life anew.

pg 179:
'remind me again how long you had?'
'nine years with Emma Jane'
'nine years?'
'yes, what of it?'
'almost three thousand three hundred days'
'i guess'
'God created the world in six. then He gave you three thousand three hundred with His daughter. what a gift'

count your blessing one by one. you'll see how abundantly endowed you are.

its almost to the end of the year. in Ranau, where i'm heading this weekend to be with my family, its also the season of mass wedding, a true celebration of starting anew in life. its also Christmas time, a celebration to remember the joy of peace and the reason for us to live. For He was born to give us life and a chance to start anew.

Merry Christmas.

Monday, December 10, 2012

greener grass

its so frustrating to be in KL on December 6th and fly home on 7th only to be notified that the BIG BAD WOLF sale started on 7th. i've been waiting all year long for this one sale. my heart is suffering a serious damage. if you're one of those people who actually read printed goods, you'll understand the level of my devastation. so, ya, i envy you people living in Klang Valley. 

and if only i lived in Selangor today, i'd be celebrating my birthday the Royal's way. public holiday.

being older and wiser and hopefully braver never change the fact that i am the same idiot who believe (or sometime believe) the grass is greener on the neighbour's lawn. maybe, at 32, i should look closely and appreciate my own 'greener' lawn.

family, friends and loved ones (yes, you). thank you for your love, support and encouragement all  year through. each of you means the world to me.

so what if i missed the book sale?. people, all i want for my birthday is a book from each of you! haha!

Friday, December 7, 2012

November has been good to me. despite the non-stop, back to back traveling (i tweeted that if i had a husband he'd be divorcing me), money dissipating journeys and unpaid traveling claim. November has been truly good.

so, its december and i'll be 32 years old in a few more days. i should be worried. but, because of November, naaaah.. i'll rejoice and learn to eat turtle's eggs. and maybe i should go for vit C injection, liposuction, straightening my hair or curling my hair, shaping my eyebrows, get a tattoo, a puppy or finally go for a proper grooming class.

you know the shortcut for a perkier you? be in love. thats what November gave me. i fall. hard.
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