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Sunday, April 25, 2010

...and stop being tetchy

you know whats more irritating than to work with an uninspiring leader? to have had work with a very persuasive and very inspiring leader, a person true to his words and then, work with a not so inspiring leader, with no sense of punctuality and no sense of direction.

and sometimes, he's an idiot too.

maybe it's about time, to consider other options.

maybe i just need to shut up. and stop being tetchy.

those asides, i had a good weekend with Kowalski's Eddie's Bastard. i love the man's vivid portrayal of landscape and sheer emotions in each character. he intertwined those sinister and dark theme: eg: vietnam war, incest, drunkenness to form a novel, easy enough to read. easy to inspire and heavily hit my heart.

this morning, over scalding not-so-great hot tea, i remember the reason why i'm here and the promise i made. mana pun Kau pimpin, ke negeri yang Kau pilih, ini aku, utuslah Tuhan, dan ku kan pergi.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


had a 'breather' weekend with my 'sisters' in Malacca!

the initial plan: go strolling Jonker Street, lunch at A Famosa Chicken Rice and shoot.
reality: strolled at Jonker street which was fun!(the rings, my tortoise, Portuguese egg tart! yummy!, ais potong and lots of hilarious quotes), lunch at A Famosa Chicken Rice (the cendol A++)-non halal outlet. shoot! i forgot my SD card. (i told you, i'm clumsy! and pelupa)

me now, safely tucked in (astaga! dalam utak: park, perk, pork, fork, fuck!) my comfort zone. and long to be in a concert (may, 1st-UNGU at stadium putra, bukit Jalil, KL). hampeh!

in the mood of: aku-malas-betul-ni. aku-mau-tidur. bah-iyalah.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

bikin kacau jiwa

ini dia lelaki Indon yang bikin kacau jiwa. i am positively in love with this guy. matila ni.

Monday, April 5, 2010

a fool's note

i was too lazy to update my blog for many reasons.

so, a quick one.

1. if you have to pick to visit Jakarta or Bandung. i'll recommend Bandung. for two reasons: the brownies and Andrea Hirata (he lives there!). try read his works: Laskar pelangi, Sang pemimpi, endensor, maryamah karpov. (bah, if movies your thing, try: Laskar pelangi). better yet, try to see Bogor-beautiful!

2. of all the kraken(s) appearance in movies, the kraken in Clash of the Titans= cutest. my rating for the movie? 6/10. i love the fighting with the scorpions scene tho.

3. I love international book fair. last march, i made my own record of books purchase: 33 books (i managed to read 6 so far). 10 books from the fair. books are way cheaper in Indonesia. damn the Airasia 15 kgs!

4. i lost my camera cable and i have yet to find my card reader. i am clumsy, i know.

5. green is still my favourite colour.

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