Sunday, September 14, 2014

Police by Jo Nesbo

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So, finally, i read his book. this is the #10 installment of Harry Hole series. police thriller.

The story is good, with lots of suspense and turns. my problem reading this book is the characters' names and name of the places (all are foreign, as foreign can be). 

I didn't go crazy with the series like i did with Larsson's girl with dragon tattoo.

I spent a week to read this book. somehow that saddened me. I used to average 3 books per week. I tried reading some black dress books during the weekend (i just cant stomach it), ended up reading the back cover and tossed its back in the box.

maybe i should get rid of my TV (i bought one, when my sister came to visit me earlier this year). i somehow managed to average more than 20 hours of TV viewing weekly. 
going back to the book read and contemplation on the local scenario,
This month, in Malaysia, Sedition Act has been the news. its interesting to see how the law being interpreted or misinterpreted. i cant help but to compare the big gun in our police dept with the chief police in this fiction. The only resemblance i guess, is the power bestowed with the title. They're powerful people. very powerful people. 

when powerful people err, the consequences are usually hard to rectify.