Thursday, March 27, 2014

book shopping

I have enough books to read for the rest of the year. 

Thanks to BBW book sale. I attended the Fireball and the box sale! i managed to get about 15 books at fireball for RM56, and a whooping 23 books at The Box for RM99.90 (excluding Sharlene's 5 and Jane's knitting book).

Earlier this year, i bought 8 ITBM books (BM books), 2 Jared Diamonds and another 2 historical books at MPH for a bit more than RM400 (in which they compensated with RM40 book voucher). I got 3 Signet's Classic and one fiction from the RM40 voucher +RM4.90. 

Ahhh.. and also the out of the budget book buying at LCCT, Gladwell's David and Goliath for RM57.90.

So, yeah, i'm loaded with books to read. 15+23+12+4 = 54. I'm giving away 2 of those books (a bread making book and Jamie's America to Diana). 52 is a good number to crunch. and i've abducted two books from my sister's (the Queen's vow and Habit-done reading)

I still have more than 10 unread/halfread books from last year. I hope I'm not going weak and splurge on book shopping frenzy come April. Yeah, i know, the book sale at PWTC.

Honestly, i'm not sure if i'd have the time to read all those books. But, its super assuring, knowing i have a heavily padded stash of good read waiting at home. On a friday, like today, i hope for a shorter day, cloudy/rainy weekend, me and my book in bed. 

have a good weekend!