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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Book: Leaving The World by Douglas Kennedy

Justify Full Do we have the privilege to escape this world for another at will? (i don't really know--i was raised in a Christian family who taught me early on that suicide is a sin--i cant make a good argument over this matter, or rather, should i say, i never have the need to think over this matter, seriously). But, then, i have a super supportive family, cool close friends, not-so-bitchy-colleagues, good boss, good job, good life. why should i think of dark thing like, suicide?

when i read "Leaving the World", i was reminded never to cast judgment or assumption to others. we never knew, what they're going through. i don't really get some of the storyline, especially their banters on literature, movies and music. now, i see the irony of my blog's headline. i know nothing of these topics.

Jane was a professor of English literature. a daughter of an overcritical mother and a con-man father. her parents were separated since she was a kid. Jane's mom blamed her for the separation

Jane graduated from Harvard university (on scholarship) where she was involved with her doctoral adviser, a married man. she was happy for a while, until her man died of a road accident (suspected suicide). upon graduation, she joined a hedge fund company and began making a lot of money. she's okey for a while, until she was suspected of affiliating herself to her father's escape from FBI. she was sacked from her job.

then she went to New England to teach. she met Theo, a cinema freak and very smart too. Jane got pregnant and they were happy for a while. until a movie producer, Adrianne enter in their lives. Jane invested her money at Theo's insistent to movie production. she lost the money and her man. in the chaos, her daughter was hit by a cab and died.

she tried suicide by jamming her car to a snowboard. she survived. she went away to Canada. start anew and curbed her depression by working in a library, trying to stay as low profile as possible. she saved a girl from a highly media covered abduction case. Then, ran away from the media attention to Europe. after a while, she force herself for another academic post.

yes. its a lengthy read. but, one, i enjoyed very much (in a very melancholic way). if i could write a book/story, i'd like to be able to write something like this.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

you should get this..

For info on this iOS game, proceed to this site.
First Lady? indeed. Astaga..tinguk tu idung... muahahahha..

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

who doesnt need microwave oven?

i hope, i'm not making this a habit: posting of needy things.

my microwave, a 3 yr-old Elba conked out last december (but, i was too busy holidaying to notice the difference to live without). it just refused to heat up my food! if you're one of those people who prefer large, hot breakfast, you would understand the agony i'm going through to live life without a microwave oven. i am (so very) not a morning person. so, cooking early in the morning is not an option. and besides, i'd like to bake supereasy, super fast delicious choc cake like eerr... picture #2 in this post

i am getting one this week. i need suggestion of brand i should invest in.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Dead Heat by Dick Francis

ooo.. his son, Felix co-wrote this book. I've been a fan of Francis after i bought 7 used books on ebay Malaysia at a bargain, sometime ago. i have been collecting his books and have 10 of his fictions. this might take me quite long, as, Francis was a very productive writer. see here for his book list. he was very passionate about horses and incorporated it in his writing. all of his stories involved horses, but, none is identical, and that takes some talent to do.

Celebrity chef, Max Moreton was in hot water when guests got severe food poisoning from meals he prepared at a private party. his reputation and business were at stake. scrambling to make good impression after previous evening's massive disaster, he prepared the best for exclusive luncheon at the Two Thousands Guineas only to get the place blasted by bomb.

his luck worsen, his restaurant was shuttered by the department of health and he got sued by a guest from the private party with food poisoning incident. trying to protect himself, he probed into the food poisoning matter. but, the more he knew, the more deadly threat he got.

you have to read the book to know how all of these connect to horses.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

I got a letter last friday, which hopefully will help me to realize my wish #4 on this wish list.
i struggled to make a decent reply and failed miserably. i've just mailed the reply with heavy heart. i know i can make a more convincing proposal than that, given more time to do referencing. ahhhh.. iyalah tu.

looking forward this week:
weekend was dreadful. i was trying too hard to concentrate on my reading and assembling of ideas, that i failed to read and write well. lesson learned: try to prioritize and forget to panic. try listening to music.

somehow, listening to Lifehouse's Make Me Over makes everything more bearable.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Leaving The World

Leaving the World by Douglas Kennedy

i started reading this after finishing Dead Heat by Francis and i stayed-up all night, hoping to gobble it in one sitting. i'm somewhere in the middle and i'm planning to make myself scarce at the office this morning. the book spirited me away. Darn! Douglas Kennedy.

by the time i finished reading this book, i'm sure to be in super-melancholic mood and that's not a bad idea. i need a good cry. Jed Edward Lim and Madam Faziah's mother died yesterday. rationally, i know, death is a part of anyone's life, and should be accepted as such. but, that doesnt make it any easier to let them go, leaving the world.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

who doesnt need sofa?

I need sofa for my living room, because i'm trying to make myself a proper couch potato. Now that i have TV with 2 channels (TV2 and TV3 and yeah... blurry NTV7). wish me luck to find one within the budget and ease in my heart.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Book: Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami

with gusto i started reading The Great Gatsby last night (because Watanabe of Norwegian wood read it again and again). a bit sad to confess, i only managed to get to page 7 (downright boring). i've been reading Murakami and Okri (the starbook) this week, maybe my mood is with the dreamy prose and get shocked with Fitzgerald's not-so-dreamy one.

Preparation to read Norwegian Wood: listen to The Beatles's Norwegian Wood. that should cover the main theme of this book.

This is a very, very sad love story. i remember reading Salina (A.Samad Said) with the same desperate longing and understanding. the willingness and blind loyalty to the person we love. commitment to love not matter what, or how. love is not something we can just shake off, discard, abandon at will. true love will stick no matter how hard we tried to scrub it off.

Toru fell for his bestie's girlfriend. the bestie died (suicide). Toru went to uni in Tokyo. he befriended a very charismatic senior named Nagasawa. from him he learn to get one night stand girls. Toru accidentally met Naoko at the train station and started seeing her. they slept together on Naoko's 20th birthday (where Toru found out she never slept with Kazumi-she's a virgin). she went missing afterward. Toru met Midori, from one of his class. Midori loves Toru, and maybe Toru loves her too, if only he can let go of Naoko. he found out Naoko was in a rehab for her emotional instability. he visited Naoko and her roommate, Reiko in autumn and correspond by letters. Naoko died.

the story was narrated by mature Toru, some 20 years after.

one of the best thing i found reading a Murakami's is his ability to highlight even the slightest character in his book (and to do it so subtly), to support the mood he tried to present. example that i can think of here is the stray cat that came to Toru's shed. the cat's presence is not important, but, its important to build the main character's mood and loneliness. Murakami's a genius in connecting fine thing like that.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

2012 wishlist

i made the first list on 12/12/2011 and second list on 16/12/2011, this published version was written on 29/12/2011. basically, all the lists are almost the same, save for a few specific resolutions.

1. to lose weight and maintain it at my ideal of 50-52 kg.
2. drive a car (i've put this on hold for years..)
3. go holiday with my parents (Mulu and Indo)
4. register for a postgrad prog
5. monthly hiking trip
6. read 100 books
7. buy a house
8. start on my lifetime dream
9. learn to make my own garment
10. buy myself a cosy sofa and bed
11. take picture(s), daily
12. write letter/ card to close friends and family (i used to do this)


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

The hard part of having too long holidays is the fact that we have to get back to our job and resume working on pending assignments. i enjoyed the half month year end holiday i had in KK and Ranau. and i'm happy being back to Kuching, but, a bit overwhelmed by the paperwork due.

Our Christmas celebration went well. despite the non-stop rain from Christmas to New Year. we had a barbecue dinner for New Year celebration. no open house, we only invited close relatives. i cooked laksa Sarawak on Boxing day and mistakenly bought parsley instead of coriander, so, the laksa tasted a bit weird. but, its hot food, and on a chilly morning, anything hot is considered hot.

and thanks to a persistent sister who bought a 7 ft tall artificial pine for Christmas decoration. she started the tradition of setting up a Christmas tree for Christmas in our family (she asked my opinion before purchasing one and all my dumb mind said was, whats the point?) i am glad she paid no heed to my chatter, because it is a lovely tree. on my own, i will never be able to convince myself to buy an artificial pine, even for a fine reason.

over the holiday too, i met people who made me realize that old flame can be rekindled by mere acceptance, love lasts when nothing is expected from the other part. for now, my opinion of the worst and most selfish game in love is the need to be loved back, expecting to be given as much as one gave. being able to love is a blessing enough and it should suffice. ya, i knew, this sound pathetic, but, i honestly believe thus. and that makes me even more pathetic.

i am going to post my 2012 wish lists next week. and i need to poll opinions on my next travel:
a) KL-Yangon-Vientiane-Hanoi-Danang-KL
experience of traveling with no proper itinerary and plan proved to be thrilling and addictive. and most importantly, it makes me high (heart beats faster, light head, anxious). help me to set my direction.

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