Tuesday, January 17, 2012

who doesnt need microwave oven?

i hope, i'm not making this a habit: posting of needy things.

my microwave, a 3 yr-old Elba conked out last december (but, i was too busy holidaying to notice the difference to live without). it just refused to heat up my food! if you're one of those people who prefer large, hot breakfast, you would understand the agony i'm going through to live life without a microwave oven. i am (so very) not a morning person. so, cooking early in the morning is not an option. and besides, i'd like to bake supereasy, super fast delicious choc cake like eerr... picture #2 in this post

i am getting one this week. i need suggestion of brand i should invest in.


Night said...

samsung smart design..hehe

kukuanga said...

ya, my ex-housemate pun cadang samsung. thanks.

Dy said...

Yeah, it does look like samsung is one of the popular user friendly ones... (i've got an aowa.. (a what?)... hahaha

kukuanga said...

en. Roslan suggested Panasonic... bikin panas..muahahhaha..