Sunday, December 12, 2010

last saturday,

i turned 30. i stayed home and did what i always did on my birthday, i fasted. nothing religious in the act. it was just something i always did. (some of my friends knew i have a cry-day in a week --usually friday-- when i cry my heart out and the act makes me better. down there in my core. my soul?).

something happened a day before my birthday. it's like a heavy lesson for life from my 20's. DONT TAKE CRITICISM PERSONALLY. and when you're dealing with a woman, (especially menopausal) always coat your words with honey, and bear in mind, women are prone on taking everything personally and they're more judgemental.

where can i have Ruiz's The Four Agreements and Dasgupta's Solo?

somehow, i felt old. this, being thirty is depressing. maybe, if we let go of those usual expectations, it'll be easier. i dont know. or, should i rather, strive for that usual expectations and be what? normal? as expected?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

i love pickles! or anything fermented. bosou sada, bosou gipan, binagongan, belacan, tuhau, cencaluk, kim chee, fermented soy beans, soy sauce, jeruk mangga, bambangan.. i can go on with the list. and that, i'm listing only fermented products i'm familiar with.

if you live in Kuching, the best place to scout for alien pickles is at COLD STORAGE Green Heights. they have a huge selections of chutneys, pickles and fermented products. i got myself Italian green olive stuffed with anchovy in light vinegar last monday.

and i dont have to search for place to get my favourite soda anymore. they have it there abundantly, albeit slightly pricey. i used to hoard it from Boulevard, as sometime they have it, but, most of the time, they dont (usually they only stock-up on that black can Schweppes). and really, who can blame the pekerja to give me a blank look when asked about Schweppes bitter lemon? (my sister, whose addicted to Coca-Cola also gave me the look - and we were together in our campus day when i first encountered and fall in love with this blue can). how can she not know?
. Schweppes! bitter lemon
if you have read up to this paragraph, you might probably wonder whats my point. i have none. i just miss home so much. its crushing my spirit. so, i have to write something uplifting. and what better to muse but food? and a cool place to get some cool food!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

November read

just so i have a post.

my favourite : To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee