Sunday, March 10, 2019

Travel 2019: Indonesia (Post 1/5)

Setiap tahun sejak 2014, saya join JJF di JIExpo Kemayoran, Jakarta Indonesia pada hujung minggu pertama bulan Mac. Selalunya, saya beli 3 malam tiket konsert. Tapi, tahun ini saya cuma mampu beli tiket malam sabtu pada harga Rp750,000. Tiket makin mahal.

Tahun ini, saya pergi bersama kawan satu kursus di UiTM, Emi. Sempena tema kewangan saya tahun ini "No Spend Year", saya berusaha supaya perbelanjaan travel kali ini supaya patuh budget yang ditetapkan. Budget saya? RM2500 unutuk keseluruhan travel Kuching-KL-Jakarta-Bogor-Jakarta-Bandung-KL-Kuching selama 9 hari 8 malam. 

Ada 5 post untuk cover keseluruhan Travel 2019: Indonesia ini. 
1. Tiket Penerbangan dan budget keseluruhan
2. Pengangkutan Darat
3. Makanan
4. Penginapan
5. Shopping dan tempat wisata

Let's start with tiket penerbangan dan budget keseluruhan. Budget asal saya adalah RM2500 untuk keseluruhan travel (RM2000 perbelanjaan, RM500 emergency). Kami dapat tukaran matawang asing yang agak baik: RM1=Rp3400. If you live in Kuching and dont know where to go for exhange, here is an extensive list of money changers in the city.

Harga tiket penerbangan berjumlah RM505.63. Lebih dari budget asal (RM500) sebab tambahan harga luggage pada penerbangan AirAsia KL-KCH sebanyak RM30.74 (15kg). 
KCH - KL RM49.00
KL - CGK RM99.00
CGK - KL RM277.89 (Malindo)
KL - KCH RM79.74

Macamana nak dapat harga gempak macam ni? Sila beli tiket awal masa AA buat promosi dan gunalah BigPay. BP card sangat berbaloi untuk mereka yang perlu selalu menggunakan khidmat penerbangan AA. Tidak ada caj perkhidmatan dikenakan untuk tempahan menggunakan kad ini. Kad ini juga sangat berguna di luar negara sebab fungsi kad debit dengan nilai tukaran matawang asing paling kompetitif diberikan tanpa caj terselindung. Kad ini berfungsi bersama apps yang boleh di download pada telefon pintar. Ini memudahkan proses verifikasi baki akaun atau transaksi yang dilakukan. Pengeluaran tunai melalui ATM MEPS juga boleh dilakukan di luar negara dengan caj RM6 per transaksi berbanding RM10 caj bagi kad ATM bank lain. 

Download apps BigPay pada telefon pintar anda dan gunakan rujukan WPQTQWQN7I untuk mendapat kredit percuma RM10. Kalau tidak beli tiket penerbangan atau ke luar negara pun, kalau mahu kawal pembelian online, boleh guna kad debit BigPay ini. Lebih selamat berbanding guna kad debit akaun bank. 

Saya jimat banyak untuk pembelian tiket penerbangan menggunakan BigPay yang digandingkan dengan AirAsia Big Loyalty promotion seats. 

Thursday, February 7, 2019

CNY Holiday in Ranau

I secured the flight ticket to KK last year, made a double booking for Christmas and needed to pay extra for the rescheduling. This kind of unwise money spending really is not necessary. This year, i'm making a commitment to really tract my spending according to my budget. I'm tracking all my scheduled flight online via AirAsia loyalty programme BIG membership on my phone.

My CNY holiday was on the 1st to 7th February 2019, my overall budget is RM250.

First purchase defying my No Spend Year is Ninso's plastic Slippers. Its only RM2.50, but i think its a justified buy: because i dont have a house slippers in Ranau. Overall spending is about RM288.50, bursting the budget by RM38.50. I am still working around this budget thing, I'll allow myself three months trial for monthly budget to work. 

I got extra RM100 from picking rambutan for sale during the holiday. I will put that money to my Indo trip next month. 

Happy CNY. May the year of the pig brings us more prosperity and happiness.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

The Idea of No Buy Year

Confession time:
I discovered HERMO last year and i over indulged with extra buying from them, that throughout last year i almost get a parcel each week. I live in Kuching, where they only do free delivery for a purchase of RM150+, I bought a lot of mask sheets that i should be covered for the next two years. yes, i checked on the expiry date of my mask sheets. The splurge has been really get out of hands. 

The good side of being overindulgent for skincare last year has helped me to find the best match of skincare for my skin. I started a skincare routine that i actually enjoy doing. the hideous sun pigmentation on my upper cheeks has gradually faded, my large pores are less visible and overall skin tone has getting more even and the oiliness on my T-Zone has greatly reduce. There are a lot of skincare leftover in my stash, that i think i'll be good not buying any skincare products for the next 24 months. 

Recently, i also finally completed an expensive course. Yay! on the completion, but the cost for the course has dented my purse quite heavily. So, i need a game plan to get back to my feet. Thus, the idea of No Buy Year, 2019. 

Congrats dear all!

This year, i commit to a no buy year specifically for:

1. cosmetics and skincare, inclusive of toiletries
2. Homeware. (detergent, tissue, tools etc)
3. clothes (inclusive of shoes, handbags etc)
4. stationery supplies, inclusive of books.

Certain exceptions is expected to make this commitment bearable. 
1. I am allowed to replace things used up
2. I am allowed to buy local books. 

I am learning to do proper budget for monthly spending. I have just done for February, and i realize i actually have very little extra after paying the essentials. The only two financial targets for this year are to pay off my credit card debt and one of the two personal loans i am currently paying. Other than that, i have to finance: 
1. CNY balik kampung in February
2. Java Jazz Festival trip in March
2. Candat Sotong Trip in April
3. Kaamatan balik kampung end of May
4. Graduation trip in October
5. Birthday treat in December
6. Christmas balik kampung in December. 

2019 is sure have a lot of good things to look forward. I am excited to begin my first year of no buy. I'm hoping for a regular post on this topic for documentation and checking on self-discipline. 

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

2019 Book Read

Here is the list of my book read for year 2019.
My target is 52 books throughout this year. I promise to use the public library as my primary source of books. I am planning to buy Kindle too this year, but i have to put that on hold until mid-year before i seriously consider to buy, because the budget is just too tight for me until then. I will only buy books that i really, really, really want to sit on my shelf this year. I will support local books this year too, i will buy more Malaysian's book.


Welcome 2019

Almost the end of the month of a brand new year and i'm crushing yet another new year's resolution to blog at least once a week. 

I was down with flu last week, still recovering from the nasty virus. 

This semester i teach Chemistry 1 and 2, I am really ok with the allocation. No more weekend classes, almost done with my study. Just need to make a few amendments on my final year project paper and for hard bind. I am attending massage lessons at JWKS. It's super fun. I will blog about our mobile spa when its running.  

I've just read one book this year, i'll put a proper link and maybe a post of summary of the read later on.

Also, i finally bought a sofa set and huge bookshelf. Maybe i'd come to realize that, its time to root and build my own home. My living space has improve, i'm happy with the outcome. No regret yet for the purchase. 

I also decide this year to be my year of not buying any garments (dress, office wear, casual wear, shoes, sandals, handbags etc) (except maybe for compulsory uniform). Its only January, I'm still ok with the buying ban. we'll see along the way. I also will try to live this year as frugal as i can, because i need to settle my personal debt before i turn 40. I will start to pay for my apartment in Kuching in 2021, so i really need to speed up paying my other personal debt. I might write about the progress of my frugal lifestyle here too. 

Hopefully, this year, I will blog often (or at least post once a week). Books, movies and more personal snippets. I'm treating my blog like a diary now. If you happen to stumble upon this blog, you are wasting your time reading 🌝


Tuesday, November 27, 2018

November snippets

I need the office's Wi-Fi to back up my phone. So, i have a few minutes to spare after work (because that's the only time our office's wi-fi will be a bit more faster). I paid my last tuition fee today, put it all on my card. My Birthday, Christmas and New Year's presents are all cancel this year. Hopefully, everything regarding my study will be over by January (final exam schedule is not out yet). viva is on 16th, December. its been a super exhausting past 2 years. But, if i had to do it again, i will do it. There are so many good things happened during the study period, many good hearts.

My reading progress has been in slump for the past 2 years too. I read lots of articles though. I haven't subscribed to Netflix yet, on Apple Music instead of Spotify. Watched a lot of  movies on Youtube and ramble things on Twitter. I'd give up on Facebook. Started to fill in my IG with food pictures. And yes, finally i went for a formal training to massage. We're opening our mobile spa. I am preparing my place for transit spa (opening in January 2019). Maybe i will blog about that in the coming year.

It's almost the end of November. Raining daily in Kuching.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Ok Oktober

Today is the last day of October.
In Kuching, the weather is overcast, gloomy. I am melancholic and stressed out.

Puan Ieda's dad passed away last Saturday. went to ngabas the family, monday. now, i want to be home with my family.

A brand new Lion Air aircraft crashed this week. 189 people inside.

Earlier this month, Ija's husband passed away in a rescue mission-turned tragedy.  I feel so sad for her.

How do I sum my days? with sad news, gloomy weather, sunken heart, tired. I'd be a hypocrite if I say, I am OK. I am not OK.

I am taking a break. I want to begin November with a clean slate. I will read more books and disconnect more of my phone. My final semester and last two class to attend is where my energy should focus on.

Monday, April 2, 2018

April 2018


Tidak terasa pun sudah di bulan yang baru. Empat minggu lepas, berlalu sangat cepat dengan banyak back to back flying in and out of Kuching. Kelas saya juga bermula 4 minggu lepas. Thoroughly enjoyed my Strategic Management class. Dr. D sangat bersemangat!

After JJF, i extended my holiday for a full week in KL. Had a good time catching up stories with the girls (mei mei and baby). Went to see Mel and Abi's new baby! Sunday, 11th - class with Dr.D

12-16 in Kuching. Had a bad flu. 

17th Futsal with the office ladies 3/6. yay!
18th down with fever but had to fly out to KL, for audit. 

19-21st Putrajaya for audit.
21-23rd Bertam. spent a few hours in Penang. Beli jeruk. 

24th - Fly back to Kuching, from the airport to class Hj. Jo. (been up since 3.30am to Bayan Lepas airport) reached Kuching at about 9am. in the class about 10am to 4pm. 
25th Class with Hj. Jo. reach home about 3pm, rush again to airport for KK, arrived at almost midnight. kiris fetched me.

26th KK - Kota Belud - KK
27th KK - Kota Belud - KK
28th KK - Kota Marudu
29th Kota Marudu - Ranau. Gapa fetched me. helped him to buy Gama's convenience store's supply at More Chance Wholesale. Bought my fave rice, 5kg.
30th Ranau - KK- Kuching (because i have class and test the next day)

31-1 April class with Dr.D.

The test was okey. I think i did quite okey.

April will not be as busy as my March. I will find time to read my March's books.
Last month, i finished Ruta Sepetys Salt to the Sea and Toto Chan. I watched a few good movies on Youtube. Listened over and over of Calum's You're the reason.

I should be writing something else. But, i'm writing this instead to remind myself that, this is the life i chose. This is what i do good. There's time i felt really tired, but i know i'm fine. I sleep sound, i eat good. I just wish i have more time for leisure reading. I am hoping April will bring me that, good books and time to savour. 


Friday, March 23, 2018

JJF 2018: Sightseeing

ini adalah post ke-3 untuk siri JJF 2018. saya janji, ini yang last.

Sebab konsert JJF mula pada pukul 4 petang. Ramai yang datang lebih awal, sekitar jam 3 petang. kami ada masa dari pagi hingga ke tengahari untuk sightseeing and do some shopping! Jadi, ini adalah post berkaitan aktiviti tersebut. 

1 mac 2018 (Khamis) 
ini tiada apa pun. cuma perlu cari SIM card dan jajan. Indomaret! convenience store 24 jam yang sangat berkesan di Jakarta. setiap hujung lorong ada ni Indomaret. ala 7E gitu lah. this is the nearest Indomaret from our Hotel. 

2 mac 2018 (Jumaat)

3 mac 2018 (Sabtu)

4 mac 2018 (Ahad)

Monday, March 19, 2018

JJF 2018: Food

Ini adalah siri 2 post JJF 2018.

kali ini, cerita pasal makanan sebab saya suka makan. ini juga akan kena itemized dengan harga dan tempat di mana makanan tersebut dinikmati. saya extend holiday saya di Jakarta selepas JJF. tapi, supaya post ini koheren, saya akan cerita makanan yang kami makan sepanjang JJF sahaja. 

Another post on the food i had after JJF in Jakarta will be updated in another post (if i have the time to update and upload). you always can check my Instagram for pictures and snippets from the holidays. 

post ini akan cover perbelanjaan makan pada 1-4 mac. Termasuk yang dimakan di KL. kau, sabar sajalah dengan post panjang berjela ni. 

Thursday, March 15, 2018

JJF 2018: Budget

Saya baru balik dari Jakarta untuk JJF 2018. It was an amazing 3-day concert. Jadi, untuk yang berminat untuk join next year, sebab ini acara tahunan, mungkin post ini dapat membantu sedikit perancangan anda. Terutamanya untuk persediaan kewangan. 

Java Jazz Festival (JJF) adalah acara tahunan yang menampilkan pemuzik Jazz antarabangsa dan tempatan pada  hujung minggu pertama bulan Mac. Konsep konsert ini adalah terbuka (dan ada juga yang memerlukan tiket extra untuk konsert tertutup). JJF biasanya dianjurkan oleh BNI (Bank Negara Indonesia) dan ditaja oleh banyak agensi lain, jadi, konsert ini sangat happening dan sangat berbaloi untuk di hadiri. Venue acara adalah di JIExpo, Kemayoran, Jakarta. 

Pecahan budget: 
1. Tiket Konsert
2. Tiket Flight
3. Accomodation (Hotel and Transport)
4. Makan
5. Sightseeing/Shopping

budget untuk Nombor 4 dan 5 akan ada post sendiri selain ada link ke Instagram. kita cover dalam post ini nombor 1-3 saja. sebab itu yang paling banyak guna duit kan?

Tiket Konsert: RM280
saya beli tiket awal. sebenarnya, boleh dapat lagi murah kalau ada kenalan atau family yang tinggal di Indonesia yang boleh buat transaksi akaun BNI. Banyak diskaunnya. Saya punya tiket, 3 day pass: Harganya ialah Rp849,000. lebih kurang RM280 la. macam mahal kan? but, international concert in KL cost paling cikai pun RM120/night. ini 3 malam punya okey. 

Tiket Flight: RM559.43
Saya tinggal di Kuching, jadi of course budget flight tickets saya akan lebih banyak berbanding kalau dari KL atau KK kan. (KK ada straight flight to Jakarta run by Lion Air. ada 2 kali flight per week, wednesday and sunday) Do check out their website here. Saya beli tiket Air Asia masa promosi. THANK GOD FOR AIRASIA. Now everyone can fly. 
a) Kuching- KL- Kuching : RM222.24
b) KL-Jakarta-KL : RM300.09 (inclusive of 20kg luggage, meal and seat, both way) [for the tix only, its RM159.00]

saya tambah luggage for KL-Kuching (RM37.10 for 20kg). there's option 15kg for domestic at RM30.74. For international flight, luggage weight start at 20kg. For Jakarta, the rate is RM45 for 20kg. 

okey. done with the hardest part. perlu buat tempahan awal supaya dapat harga murah-murah macam ni. 

Accomodation (Hotel dan Transport): 
RM 395.00
saya selalunya guna apps Booking. com untuk hotel booking. saya juga suka guna ya, saya buat perbandingan harga di memang berkesan. sometimes, i also use for hotel booking. 

tapi, untuk trip kali ini, Wife si Ed handled the room booking. jadi, saya goyang kaki join and i paid RM195 untuk 4 malam di Hotel Neo, Mangga Dua. tempat ini agak dekat dengan Kemayoran untuk memudahkan perjalanan balik dari konsert ke hotel lewat malam/ awal pagi after the concert. untuk transport, sebab kami jalan berkumpulan, i'll just lump sum Rm50/day. so, transport is RM200. 

untuk transport, banyak pilihan yang ada. kalau travel solo, paling cepat guna ojek (teksi motorsikal), kadang-kadang lebih mahal. tapi, gerenti cepat. i travelled by this method coming back from concert to my accomodation in 2017, when i went for JJF alone. Grab and Uber ada juga di Jakarta. Taxi, i always go around with BlueBird Company. most trusted taxi company in Jakarta. their taxi is clean, driver usually knowledgeable and most importantly, jarang menipu lah. 

sekian dulu budget untuk JJF 2018 bagi 3 perkara paling penting. setakat ini jumlah budget adalah:


but, of course lebih sikit dari itulah kan. transport to airport, from airport. i'll give a link to my itemized and detailed expanses on MS Excel here. semoga bermanfaat. 

Sunday, March 11, 2018


Lagi post berkaitan senarai buku. ini adalah post senarai buku yang saya mahu dapatkan dan betul-betul mahu baca sepanjang tahun 2018. Senarai ini akan jadi panjang, sebab saya suka berangan. keinginan saya juga jauh lebih besar dari kemampuan saya untuk merealisasikan. Jadi, sekiranya saya tidak mampu mendapatkan buku yang saya senaraikan dalam post ini pada tahun ini, saya akan hantar ke tahun seterusnya (itupun, kalau panjang umur laaaa..).

This is the first time i'm open with my book wishlist. i'll just put whatever title that fancy me. i might change my mind and strike it out later. Just for reference, and maybe motivation, i think this list will be a good one. 

Wednesday, March 7, 2018


Untuk memudahkan saya buat kompilasi buku-buku yang dibaca sepanjang tahun 2018, saya akan senaraikan di sini. Kalau ada ulasan atau post berkaitan buku tersebut, saya akan letakkan link di sini juga. Semoga pada tahun 2018 ini, saya dapat mencapai misi pembacaan 52 buah buku. Satu buku setiap minggu. 

Setakat mac ini, saya ketinggalan agak jauh.