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Saturday, August 13, 2011

chilling out

So, finally a motion to standardized air-cond temperature in gov offices eh?
its lawak, i knew. but st**id workers in public sector need SOP of air-con temperature in their offices (before you growl in anger, i too, work in public sector, so, chill out). seriously, i never have problem with air-cond (as i have my own office and i set my own room temperature at 23C, apparently, i have to hike it to 24C after the standardization). but, i knew a colleague who set her aircond at 16C and put a shawl and heavy sweater on! i wont really mind if she ever been overseas to study. mungkin terbiasa kan?

i was once in KLIA and overheard a group of tourists commenting on our super cold airport. i used to sleep in KLIA when i was a graduate student, lining up for half price ticket at stand by counter. i was always tempted to bring my sleeping bag, i usually had a double socks on, on such occasion. its freezing cold in there. i wonder what's their standard in-building temperature.

i was raised in Ranau, a hilly district with cool temperature at night and early morning. i was tormented when i went for my study in Kota Kinabalu. i still feel, KK is a hot hot place to live (and that cover the hot bars and pubs too ya). so, its kinda relief to work in suburb Kuching. i live in Kota Sentosa, 7 miles from the city centre. we had our hot days in Kuching too, but not as fierce as in KK.

So, as i observed, the issue of temperature is of personal preference. i sincerely hope, scientific evidences were put together in the standardization decision. and not because the said minister cant tahan suhu sejuk ?

Sorry, i'm not making any point here. it's just, the issue of temperature has been in our 'hot' discussions (among my kaibigans) lately. and because hati rasa sejuk today, because of the bonus from government. thank you. but, at the back of my mind, questions keep on nagging, can the gov afford the bonus ? bikin panas kan ?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Boyce Avenue

You've probably heard of them. they're VERY GOOD (like, really, really good). please go to Youtube and listen for yourself: BOYCE AVENUE. i have yet to decide which of the cover i love the best. so far, i've seen about 5 (and i love their version of Katy Perry's Firework)

i'll miss their Australia tour this august by a few days. darn!
here's their tour schedule in Australia

23/08 Perth
25/08 Melbourne
26/08 Sydney
28/08 Brisbane

and no, they're not heading for a tour in Asia (at least not in 2011).

my current favourite of covers they did is "How far we've come" by Matchbox 20. theirs mellower version from the original one. i guess, the riots in London influence my mood. God forbid, the riot to spread.

edit 2:
their good taste starting to turn stale to me. the voice is (to say the least)-mediocre. have to tinguk muka dia baru macam siok.. Cait!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Holy Month of Ramadhan

its Ramadhan again! if you live in Kuching, there's Kuching Fest for 3 weeks at MBKS from 5 pm onwards. its food heaven. i have yet to go to this food fair. will go there this weekend.

first week into the holy month of Ramadhan and have you heard of the (in)sensitive ads by 8TV? (just google 8TV ramadhan ads you'll have lots of links, however, its no longer available on youtube) and please read the comments by our muslim friends, those who truly know the meaning of fasting and observing it, not because they have to, but because they wanted to.

Each year, the church where i belong, held a fasting month in the month of august (coincidentally during the Ramadhan this year). we fast and pray, mostly for our family, friends, local authorities, the government, YDPA etc. usually, its a 40 days fast and prayers marked to end by 16 September (Malaysia Day). i started participating in this church activity in my univ days (when i had to save lunch money for books and also because i desperately need guidance in what to believe in). now, i believe, you cant imposed faith to a person. one only can lead a donkey to where the water is, but to make it to drink is a whole lot another matter.

i am aghast reading of church raid in Damansara Utama. Datuk Dr Hasan Ali, please dont undermine the faith of your fellow believers.

Monday, August 1, 2011

listen, listen harder

i have a brother who love reading. not as much as i do, i guess. because he put it second after computer games. but he does read and buy books. his favourite author is Mitch Albom. i spent half of today, watching Mitch Albom live (just type mitch albom on Youtube), and i found him endearing. the reason why people talk to him was because he listened.

and as i went reading the star online, i read older post of Wong Chun Wai in his column "talk less, listen harder". Dy, you'll absolutely agree with his latest post "Cut the frills, make it simple". (astaga.. punyala sy sokong!). its exactly what i want to say, only he wrote it better and more articulate.

i am currently hooked to Hugh Laurie's Let Them Talk. he's no singer. but, his music.... fine grade. and i totally got Greg Iles's saying his paragraphs got rhythm. when you read a book and you listen hard enough, it does have rhythm. bad books contain haphazard rhythm. bikin pening

students sometimes asked me how i managed to memorize their names. i always replied by saying, all of them are too naughty/ too kind to forget. the truth is, each of their name have taste in my tongue/ scent i can sense. but, by confessing that, i might scared them off. sound like a perv, or something, dont you think?

pause awhile. listen. listen kindly.
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