Saturday, August 13, 2011

chilling out

So, finally a motion to standardized air-cond temperature in gov offices eh?
its lawak, i knew. but st**id workers in public sector need SOP of air-con temperature in their offices (before you growl in anger, i too, work in public sector, so, chill out). seriously, i never have problem with air-cond (as i have my own office and i set my own room temperature at 23C, apparently, i have to hike it to 24C after the standardization). but, i knew a colleague who set her aircond at 16C and put a shawl and heavy sweater on! i wont really mind if she ever been overseas to study. mungkin terbiasa kan?

i was once in KLIA and overheard a group of tourists commenting on our super cold airport. i used to sleep in KLIA when i was a graduate student, lining up for half price ticket at stand by counter. i was always tempted to bring my sleeping bag, i usually had a double socks on, on such occasion. its freezing cold in there. i wonder what's their standard in-building temperature.

i was raised in Ranau, a hilly district with cool temperature at night and early morning. i was tormented when i went for my study in Kota Kinabalu. i still feel, KK is a hot hot place to live (and that cover the hot bars and pubs too ya). so, its kinda relief to work in suburb Kuching. i live in Kota Sentosa, 7 miles from the city centre. we had our hot days in Kuching too, but not as fierce as in KK.

So, as i observed, the issue of temperature is of personal preference. i sincerely hope, scientific evidences were put together in the standardization decision. and not because the said minister cant tahan suhu sejuk ?

Sorry, i'm not making any point here. it's just, the issue of temperature has been in our 'hot' discussions (among my kaibigans) lately. and because hati rasa sejuk today, because of the bonus from government. thank you. but, at the back of my mind, questions keep on nagging, can the gov afford the bonus ? bikin panas kan ?


Night Lian said...

hemm, sbb dlm mode 'positif" aku sokong jugak the strategy. Neh janji PM masa d copenhagen ba neh. 40% nak reduce tu..bnyk aku setuju the strategy utk dikaji lagi. Good question jugak. Why not tmpt mcm Airport or shopping complex tidak ikut serta juga dlm strategy ini?hehehe

Dy said...

Apparently...Productivity Science recommends to setup range between 71° F (22° C) and 77° F (25° C). Hohoho... my office has centralized a/c... it's bloody cold on some days but if we ask them to adjust it, we'll be stuffy till death! so... rather biar it cold!