Wednesday, August 25, 2010

beyond Edensor

so, i finished reading Edensor in approximately 4 hours plus the distractions. its a thin volume. and o so lovely. and i plan to make a GFG, inspired by the book. (immediate after i complete the Pink Pant Her project.. sigh!). GFG is Grandmother's Flower Garden. here's my favourite link to a beautiful collection of Flickr pics of Hexies and GFG.

i'll blog about GFG Edensor in my other blog : My Passion. for the appropriateness of header. (actually, i want to get rid of that other blog, but since i have this new-found passion). why not make use of it? and Jakarta-Bandung blog is barely breathing. ya, i know i am a shame.

i have to tell about MAX. our choir leader. (btw, Jen asked "sejak bila ko jadi Simon?") o i wish! i was appointed to oversee the college's choir team (no, i actually volunteered- bah, compare being in a choir to berbalas pantun empat kerat.. hows that?). o God, i never could ask for a better choir leader. patient, fun and commited. now, i think we really have a chance to win the competition. and suddenly, i realize, i might be a Simon after all.... heheh.. (ko mesti tinguk derang pny yg tuli note pun sampai sakit perut. nyanyi sendiri pun pandai sumbang). (i'll post picture of him and the team later)

i urgently need a new mug. i broke the old one this morning. can you imagine i named my mug "kapiting"?. no apparent reason. (its a free mug from KKM-sihat sepanjang hayat). i used a cup to drink my tea this morning, and somehow, its not right. i urgently need a new mug. (cups are for sharing. mug is for solitary drink). does it make sense to you? (overdose Edensor baini.. still struggling with the hangover)

p/s selamat berposting. ya, i remember.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

tasty and wicked

a friend got a downloaded copy of "sang pemimpi" movie. (our long awaited movie). and i cant blame her for being so over the moon about it. (it really counts who gave something for you kan?). she rarely read books. (she said she pembaca blog tegar) so, she downloaded the book -sang pemimpi and Edensor (which she e-mail to me, just to add to those thousands reasons why i love her) and she read!. we're both under the spell of that wicked Indon man. We love Andrea Hirata!

i reread most of my books (for the lack of new materials). but, there are certain books that you come and read it back and find new meaning, new revelation. and other book, you, willingly come back and re-read and re-read, because the sentences are too beautiful to be read once. and you read word by word (bookworms knew the trick of scan reading-skimming through). but some books, grab your attention and slow down your pace until the words actually have a taste in your tongue (when you try to read it out loud- no, fast reading wont afford this). for me, Andrea's Sang Pemimpi is one of the tasty one. Wroblewski's The Edgar Sawtelle Story, Caputi's Loving Evie and all of Irving's.. their words have taste i cant place. lingering taste like good wine.

so, this girl tempted us with her Double Roti. ayayayay.. tasty. wicked pictures! woi.. orang puase lar!

talking about tasty stuff. i was blown away by Nestle La Creamerie vanilla ice cream with cashew nuts and chocolate sauce. 500 ml? gobbled in less than 30 mins. neat.

and, can i make a rule not to allow students to wear a waffle scent after shave during Ramadhan to class ? they are hot enough minus the after shave and super delicious with the scent. oooo.. goody. wicked!

mare, if he did top up the downloaded movie with satu bungkus mee kolok and laksa sarawak.. nahhhh.. double kissssssesss and hugsss.

Dawn, i love the idea of being in love with the idea of love. it kinda put thing in perspective.

Friday, August 13, 2010

serious planning

patchworking hits me bad. the hexies are getting along. i'd just finished making all those hexies and arrange them neatly to make pattern. it's a single bed size. (i'll lost my fingers to stitch a larger size) approximately 36 X 70 (inches). i'll begin to stitch the hexies together next week. i'm still working on the pattern. darn! (reminding myself to decide on a pattern first before embarking on making hexies, or at least making a simple plan). look like i'm short of a few more hexies for the border. double darn!

my kaibigans are planning for our Indo-China escapade next year. (blame it on AirAsia's RM1 promotion) thanks Tony!. so my plan? find good books about those places. on Pol Pot (communist movement in Cambodia), really should find one. Thanks cik adek, for planning out the trip.

stealing time to finish Cornwell's the Scarpetta factor. i'm planning to drop her from my must read list. shes getting boring and o so predictable. i wish, Benton stayed dead, i miss the old self Marino. (maybe this is the effect of reading a series

i cant wait for 27th. i'm flying home. the plan? just in time to catch the last of rambutans off the tree. hopefully still have la. celebrating National Day with the family and do some serious food tasting. bah.. the muffins with tarap sauce on, ya? i'll exchange with some bosou do gipan.. oooo sweet plan.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

kasi tapai sama dia

i was googling for "TAPAI" (i was at POPULAR Bookstore last week and saw that ridiculous cover of Rais's book) to find the book review. my search lead me to this guy's blog and it's by far the coolest malay blog i've read (but then, i rarely bloghop). he blog in grammatically correct English. (duh!) and most importantly, his blog leads me to this group. (so, there's such group in Malaysia). aku hampir terkentut.

i will definitely get that TAPAI. and it is not especially because he refers to food akin to sex. i am so bloated. i need to kentut, or else. (in my utak: org dusun main rabus saja, main hantam-hantam kasi masuk dalam balanga saja- how will that stands in Rais's comparison to the technique?)

this week hot story: Popong successfully baked her first batch of muffins. thus, the spell of kek inda kambang finally, officially over. and i wrongfully, gave her, buttermilk compositions. sorry, aku mengantuk baitu, butterscotch bah pulak. ya. yoghurt, works fine. bah. congrats.

cik adeks: nampaknya penyakit kelupaan kita makin jangkit berjangkit. psssttt.. mau bincang bisnes bagus punya. now, i really need to kentut.

i'm beyond the age of farting jokes being funny (sepatutnyala). i teach chemistry, so, ya, i knew for fact that it's just nitrogen, carbon dioxide, oxygen, methane, and hydrogen sulfide gases from our stomach to anus. but, i do think kentut as funny. funny haha.. not funny peculiar. merah muka si kawan tahan kentut. seriously funny.