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Thursday, May 28, 2009

May closure

i changed my layout. i still hold onto pink. i like the nuance ( a lot!). not much of a change actually.

lately, i realize, i use youtube waaaaay toooo often. and i think i'm addicted to "natalie at communitychannel". she's cool.

i should re arrange my daily schedule too. i watch tv too much. should go back to read more, listen more, watch less. (mau cari buku lah this weekend.. lama tiak beli buku baru)

i'm going for my visions check up. it's been more than a year since my last check up. (tolonglah jangan naik lagi.. 300+ sudah.. mau buta sudah mangkali ni. palis2.)

kotobian do Tadau Kaamatan. Barakatan tokou ngawi, miampai kosonongo do Kinorohingan.
Selamat Gawai. gayu guru gerai nyamai.

Happy Wedding day to Davy. new chapter dude! congrats!

i changed the changed layout. bikin pening. natalie of communitychannel getting better. i particularly like her parody of BGT. btw, Diversity won it. (thank God!) Susan Boyle?!. no new book. no vision check up. went for only one Gawai rumah terbuka. Davy's wedding went well.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

just come over

come and fly to us..
we will embrace you
like a mother hen (adidih... ibu ayam ni..)

i, promise you, nightlife at jalan song (providing, the real mom..(DY!!) mau ikut)
i, promise you, a nite at blablabla (talk sampai mau muntah, food on me.. minum, sendiri2 ahhh...)
i, promise you, me to be yours truly (kuli batak angkat barang and apa2 lah except to pose for niko)
i, promise i'll listen and speak less (as if!)

u, just come..

ya, this one for u.

she came. and promises fulfilled. ihaw-ihaw at jalan song. chivas at blablabla.. sorry, the calamari salad, next time k. the kuli batak thing inda jadi. i did the listening, but sorry, i talked lagi banyak. next time, if we planned to go Serikin, we go early k..and Mt. Singai should go there. i'll pass the karaoke thing. Kuching is not the best place to do it. KK sajalah k. let's reserve Kuching for fine dining only.

Thanks Dy n family, n jen. it's been a wonderful weekend.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pina Colada

went out with good friend for a good chat and drink last friday. the sweet Pina Colada made me realize that i need a good blender and Bacardi 151. 

me doing maths:
1L of Bacardi 151, to make 12% alc contents cocktails, (one glass approx 300 ml) will produce: 

75(1000) = 12x
75000 = 12x

1 glass= 300 ml
6250/300 = 21 glasses

bikin gila o ni Pina Colada. and.. it's a way of me trying to live up my chemical equation in everyday life (blah!). for good mix, trylah. 

thanks Dy, for the nite out. btw, the Pina Colada i had : canned pineapple pulp + juice + vodka. too sweet for my taste. kasi sharpen the taste by adding lime juice, or kasi dull dia by coconut milk and rum. aiya.. bagus sy  apply jadi bartender the Junk

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

time turn over

me, a loyal fan of the drama series "McLeod's daughter's". the women in the series are a bunch of gorgeous, resilient, strong women. eventhough i have to agree with my sister's comment that they're way too pretty and clean to actually work in a ranch/farm!. well, i like the series nonetheless. 

here's one of my favourite clip from the series.

time turn over.

Monday, May 18, 2009

here again.

bah! berusaha! berusaha! semangat!

3 weeks for my long awaited holidays! yay!

Pn. Nora changed her hairstyle..and it suits her real fine. kak Rida chatted with me while she tidied up my room. Kak siti came and gossiped for a while and commented on my ever increasing size..(alahai.. bah2.... aku pi hiking lah bah ni ujung minggu). En Syed just informed me that the log books for my students already arrived. should ask cik pah to mail it.. (bah.. jap lagi). i saw Lan going up and down the main office (ahh... minit mesyuarat ISO laaa..sorry geng, inda dapat tulung). i have my own flow chart to finish by this afternoon.

it's good to be at place. i am glad i am here. 

Friday, May 15, 2009


almost a week in KL. and i am tired. i am physically, emotionally exhausted... 2 more days to go. bersemangat!

currently i'm reading Experiencing God by Blackaby and King. i'm glad i bought the book. i guess i'm at my lowest point, spiritually. (rasa macam mau nangis...) i just want to shoooo the emptiness away. 

astaga! bikin maradangnya! adaka?!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

to do

important dates:
08/05----------> flight tix & farewell DKP10
10/05----------> pembersihan besar-besaran hostel
11/05-17/05 ---> paper marking, KL
19/05-----------> meeting, KL
20/05----------->result out!
25-29/05-------> re sit paper
01-02/06-------> GAWAI! (Krokong & Serian) yay!
05/06-----------> Davy's wed reception, KK
06/06-----------> Adam's birthday! (makan!)
08/06-----------> back Kuching
12-22/06--------> HOLIDAY!!!, KK
22/06-----------> back Kuching
01/07-----------> july intake registration

macam orang tua sudah oooo... have to list down things to remember to do things.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mother's Day

apa mau kasi sama sy punya ama ni taun?

1. balik rumah. celebrate. (can't. marking paper in KL)
2. suru dia pigi KL. celebrate (can't. hmmm...)
3. bah.. apa mau cari barang ni? 

*after kind consultation and lengthy discussion with my 2 very persuasive 'sisters', i've decided to give RM to my mom. and make her cheese cake (first thing when i come home tis june). ngam jugalah utk father's day turus..
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