Monday, February 28, 2011

Green Technology?

i read Borneo Post online daily (or when i can) to get the local news and DE for my homestate news. from BP online today, SMK Lutong in Miri, Sarawak joined the Green School Campaign by KeTTHA (kementerian Tenaga, Teknologi Hijau dan Air). currently, only 5 schools enrolled in the campaign. none in Sabah.

green technology interest me. and i hope its not a quick fading fads. i'm writing a proposal to do research on "penglibatan komuniti dalam meningkatkan kualiti alam sekitar". i miss chasing adrenaline rush, and living high on steroids. poring over heaps of intricate facts and trying to fashion its up to a meaningful output sound like high dosage of steroids, i'm keen on trying. i'm on my way to heaven (reading frenzy).

Malaysia is on the right track of starting to go for green technology. as long as its not a quick fading fads, we'll eventually arrive somewhere. i've read the National GT policy and its quite impressive. but, as the saying goes, easier said than done, i wish those people knew what they're handling and where they're going to steer our country to. (hint: just press on the economic and social benefits. the donkeys will follow the carrot sticks). yes, we the donkeys.

i have more faith in the realization of building a greener Malaysia than in experimenting to make genius Malaysian as in permatapintar, run by genius people?. so said, the donkey's opinion.

Monday, February 21, 2011


things i sorely miss in the big city: easier and cheaper access to books. theatre. vast choices of good food. and trains. yes, i love commuting. i used to go de-stress myself riding a deserted train during mid-day. i'd bought a ticket from UKM to Kajang, but, instead, i'd went the other way to Seremban (where there's practically nobody boarding the train). i'd read and try to think (daydream, actually*). then, i'd changed train at Tiroi to Kajang and went home to my first rented apartment in Jalan Reko. i enjoyed those rides very much.

i am in the city for a week and have to commute daily from UKM to Sg. Buloh. the journey took 11/2 hours and very tiring. how people cope with such arduous journey each day to work, completely awe me. i still enjoy commuting. but, i'd say, its heyday's over. not even ladies coach can revive the joy i felt years ago, riding a train. maybe i should go for cuti-cuti on a train and hope hard the driver will be someone famous like the train from JB to KL sentral yesterday.

i'll miss the commuter train all the same. because, in Borneo, our trains are a laughing matter (in a very embarrassing way). you can try to romanticize the old trains operating in Sabah, but, seriously, it's filthy and very unsafe for use, plus, its very uncomfortable. (why should i compare MALAYSIA to sabah and sarawak? (the terms a bit confusing eh?: Malaysia, termasuk Sabah dan Sarawak-as if there's any Malaysia without sabah and sarawak))

i truly appreciate the connection from LCCT to KLIA express train and for the ladies coach. fabulous!

i watched a russian movie on siberia prison camp a few weeks back. i cant recall the film's title. its cyrillic with no subtitle. it gave a new perspective to the terms prison and train. and white is no longer the sign of purity. its the new colour of loneliness. (ooo.. my train of thoughts)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

not a pretty parrot

he is current and devilishly blunt. and he can afford to be so. he's not in the mainstream. he can be philosophical about his music or change his music affinity and live with it. because, simply put, he makes music for his own and not to please people. so, even when he made a statement like these: (check his last statement) -less interested in songwriting and more into just making noise. i'll stick to his works. (at least, his works before The Age of Adz).

nothing pleased me more than a fresh interpretation of anything. in the limited world of mine, he is a gush of fresh love of sound. i hate his vocal. its too thin and crisp. but, the music arrangement and the songwriting. i can go on listening to him for hours. (ya, i'm into corny lyrics!, shallow me)

rarely, especially in our country, do musicians/singers think and believe in something and transcend it to their works. but, yeah, pretty parrots will do. as long as we dont mind.

havent got the chance to really listen to The Age of Adz. go, listen to Sufjan Stevens. he is poison.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Land Below the Wind

"oh? what do you want?" came Harry's question.
"i dont know, but i guess that spirits arent as reliable as guts, Harry, and you've got guts"

Agnes Keith, Land Below the Wind (1939),
Pg294, Opus Publications (2010)
Times: RM44.00

i cried over (the above quoted). Obvious reason, aint me?

go on, read the book. its good. forgive the super-indon batik motif cover. i wonder who's responsible. this requires explanation.

i'd seen the book, sometimes, long ago and ignored it (mainly because it doesnt include any reference to plants biodiversity nor soil classification) which used to be my staple diet of reading. how on earth i managed to read St. John's Life in the forest of the Far East? if not for the regimented reading?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tip of Borneo Music Fest

From Borneo Post online, today. from this year onwards, the Tip of Borneo Music Fest will be featured in Sabah Tourism calendar as a major tourism event. Yay!

this year, it'll be on 16-17/ july.

Outdoor music performances, beautiful sunset on a beautiful beach. i have no idea who'll be performing. last year, Jesselton philharmonic orchestra was there. this year, i hope, i'll be there to join the crowd, cheering and listening to good stuffs. what's more? it's FREE ADMISSION. just bring your own mats.

ya, check with these people regarding the music fest. there might be slight changes from what they offered last year.

A reminder: Miri Jazz Festival is sometime in October. never been. maybe this year should. i should.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

make you feel my love

en route Ranau-KK, feb 05th 2011

i was home last week, holidaying. ate too much. watched more K-dramas with my younger sister than i can ever do in a year, alone. (and i said i'm cured from K-fever?). fat hopes. 16 episodes of MY GF GUMIHO.

My siblings did the Pirate of the Caribbean movie marathon using LCD projector, which worked awesome. We passed playing cards, not enough coins to bet on. Besides, Zombie vs Plants hooked two of our MVP of laplappu @ Chinese poker. quality time, eh?

I got Agnes Keith's Land below the wind from Popong. Asael taught me how to download free MP3 music. We talked books (toy soldier, time traveller's wife, the bad place) ended up telling him Indonesian tangon*. its good to have a brother who read. he's geeker than me.

And they laughed at my favourite: Adele's make you feel my love. rainy, cloudy, lonely. perfect song. aint it? i love..i love.. i love..

*tangon = Dusun for folklore