Sunday, February 6, 2011

make you feel my love

en route Ranau-KK, feb 05th 2011

i was home last week, holidaying. ate too much. watched more K-dramas with my younger sister than i can ever do in a year, alone. (and i said i'm cured from K-fever?). fat hopes. 16 episodes of MY GF GUMIHO.

My siblings did the Pirate of the Caribbean movie marathon using LCD projector, which worked awesome. We passed playing cards, not enough coins to bet on. Besides, Zombie vs Plants hooked two of our MVP of laplappu @ Chinese poker. quality time, eh?

I got Agnes Keith's Land below the wind from Popong. Asael taught me how to download free MP3 music. We talked books (toy soldier, time traveller's wife, the bad place) ended up telling him Indonesian tangon*. its good to have a brother who read. he's geeker than me.

And they laughed at my favourite: Adele's make you feel my love. rainy, cloudy, lonely. perfect song. aint it? i love..i love.. i love..

*tangon = Dusun for folklore


Dy said...

Are you back home to not-so-home-Kuching now then?

Great quality time - what else is needed? :)

kukuanga said...

home refer to my dad's home, where my heart is. Kuching is my home, where most of the year, my heart is. ya, i'm back here, in Kuching.

hahahha.. on the quality time.