Thursday, August 20, 2009

trouble sleeping

i'm having trouble with internet connection. hence, no blog updates.

influenza A H1N1 finally hit our college. we're currently in a quarantine, until at least one incubation period. hopefully, we'll do fine. i mean, the student will do fine.

me in KK, visiting my student in the field. they were in Kg. Bongkud, Inanam, since last monday for gravity pipe system upgrading. i joined them yesterday. 30 km from main road and yet, no electricity. sedihnya!

a blogger friend fall in love. good luck!

and yeah. i have trouble sleeping.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

get on high

surely, i cant get high on buying a furniture (or the notion of shopping for it). that's downright silly. but, as my colleague pointed out "iya, Lyd, kegembiraan kau tu jelas terpancar di muka". that was right after i knew, i can have a stool, custom made, of belian wood (urat-urat tangan sy jadi licak, dan jantung berdebar-debar). i have to have the stool and japanese table for my new nest. my first furniture purchase! i am so high!

that was last saturday. the day i spent with Dy and her Lun bawang family. the day i called a weekend suppose to be - picnic, talking with friends, good food, good looking people (wink! wink!). thanks to aunt Alice, now, i have in mind what my curtain lining look like. Dy loan me her Archer's "a prisoner of birth". halfway through. (ya Dy, i can get high on good book, thanks)

i have to mention Susan Orleans. she's a genius. and Nobu adilman, i saw him on AFC and.. GOD! (i try not to get high on them)

i bought new pair of hush puppies pump, just to add an inch to my pathetic height. (now, you knew, why i get high easily) duh!

abis sudah baca tu buku dy,
kira happy ending bah juga. malas sy membaca tu detail of court proceeding. but, in the end, Danny=freedom + wife+ daughter+ son+Nick's wealth. tu penjahat semua masuk penjara. si Alex, Danny's lawyer rasanya hooked up with Sarah (tu another lawyer yg tulung c danny masa dia p Geneva). hahahahahah..