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Thursday, April 28, 2011

come on, Maia

its almost the end of April. the craziest month i've been through so far. with so many downs than the ups. new experiences, good and bad. new aquaintances, all interesting. if i can summarize it in a word, the month has been: HORMONAL.

i'm looking forward for May. its our end of semester, so, actually i'm looking forward for the break. the obvious happening in May are Mom's day (8th) and all throughout May, thanksgiving in my homestate. i want to be home this thanksgiving (Kaamatan), maybe we could do a double celebrations (mom's day and kaamatan), been a while not treating my mom to a nice place. 12-15th, Borneo Jazz feast in Miri, high probability not attending.

from the month of May onwards, i'm pledging myself to treat mother earth better.
1. go shopping with my own shopping bag to reduce the usage of plastic bags
2. separating rubbish. organic/non. recycleable/non
3. go easy on my diet. buy only food to consume. preferably the freshest possible.
4. save electricity

i've been doing these (the list) all the while. but, never systematically done it. i'll make a comparison in monetary value for spending on food and house bills. will post about it in a month time. until then, come on, Maia (May), get me.

btw, i'm hooked to Lifehouse. check their "something in between" and "i cant take my eyes off of you" both are soundtracks for Smallville.

for the record: today = nuptial of England's prince. long live the monarchy.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


i made my first batch of seitan last night. i tried using 1/2 kg high protein flour. its super easy, but a bit tedious. i havent tried cooking the yields. i just boiled it with some salt, pepper, onions and anchovies for flavour. i'll stir-fry some of it this evening. i tried eating one last night, too chewy for my taste.

whats seitan?
flavoured gluten product from flour. good source of protein for vegetarian. also known as mock meat, for its texture.

how to produce?
1. get a plain flour
2. mix the flour with water to form a firm dough
3. knead for about 20-30 mins
4.wash away the starch, by squeezing the dough in a basin full of water
5. washing away the starch will takes time. dont worry, the gluten will not dissolve into the water. change the water in the basin when its get too murky. the water will remain clear once the starch washed away.
6. the quantity of yield will depend on the type of flour you use.
7. high protein flour will yield more than plain one.
8. boil the gluten over medium heat for 1 hour with your flavouring. it'll expand slightly and firm in texture.
9. your seitan ready.

i am irresponsible being meat-eater. i behave better in vegetarian mode. somehow, being a kambing suits me better.

i should be writing of Tolkien's Sigurd and Gudrun, in conjunction of the movie Thor release in cinemas in Malaysia, today, thursday. one of those movies i'm eager to go and watch. no, i'm not a Marvel comics fan. i read Viking's legends.

btw, you pronounce seitan as 'setan' like, syaitan as in satan. devil.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hot blondie; you belong to me

Jason Wade of Lifehouse

i dont write lyrics. But, if i could, this is what i'd like to write and serenade to Mimi's Little boy (on behalf of his mommy). click here to download the song. its one of the soundtracks in the movie Shrek

You Belong To Me
Jason Wade of Lifehouse

see the pyramids along the Nile
watch the sun rise
from the tropic isle
just remember darling
all the while
you belong to me

see the market place
in old Algiers
send me photographs and souvenirs
just remember
when a dream appears
you belong to me

and i'll be so alone without you
maybe you'll be lonesome too

fly the ocean
in a silver plane
see the jungle
when its wet with rain
just remember till
you're home again
you belong to me

Monday, April 25, 2011

This one is for him,

if i can choose my 5 persons to meet in heaven, i want him to be my first. i want to tell him that, he's the loveliest, bravest person, ever. because, i didnt have the chance to tell him that, in person, in this world.

pok sahari called me thursday evening informing that Mimi has been transfered to Hospital Sg. Buloh. she's getting worse. private hospitals did that to avoid bad stats. i wanted to call, but dont know what to say. about 11 am the next day, she texted me:'Blom ada rezeki utk kami lg..1030 pg td baby kluar, sy brsalin mcm biasa.. baby redha'

i didnt know, if i was paining for her or the boy who didnt make it. i just wanted to cry. its Good Friday and i have plenty of reasons to cry. i was crying for Mimi, and fates cruel play upon her. my heart crushed for the boy.

saturday afternoon, went to see her, as always, she amazed me.she looked okay. better than i expected. then, i saw her hubby's eyes. that's the saddest eyes i've ever seen. its apparent, he's paining for his wife. silently weeping for his boy. he, sadden me the most.

this year's Easter, was the first 'real' Easter for me. the hope of resurrection and salvation. because, without such hope, what's my chance to see that little boy who was loved long before he was conceived.

i wept reading Parson's The Family Way. but, nothing could ever prepare me, going through one.

a friend who jokingly offered his shoulder to cry on found himself in sticky situation when i replied, i could use his offer, as i need a good cry.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

out of our hand

i watched a movie last night on TV (remember, i dont own a TV?). well, i'm in Port Dickson for work related matter. obviously, the hotel have TV. "Lucky 7" on 8TV. its about a girl's obsession over her dead mom final advice of getting married only to the lucky 7th bf. she fall for the number 6th guy. many things in life are just out of our hand.

tonight, i planned to crash at a good friend's house. weekend, i have a seminar to attend in Sg. Buloh. earlier this morning she smsed me, her grandma passed away and she's going back to her hometown. she even said sorry for messing up my plan. Oh God!my problem is the least in the equation, aint it? she lost her grandma. the GRANDMA. my condolence jen.

my gf, mimi, all these years longs for a baby. she finally get pregnant, and in her 4th month of pregnancy. many complications, i even asked God, what dugaan He bestow to that fine lady? she wanted a baby so much, she's willing to go through anything. she's in the hospital ward, the bleeding get worse. i knew, thing like that is just out of our hand to control.

i read a great book, years ago (sorry i cant recall the title, i got the book from our local libray). the wise man in that book, an old chinese said "do your best and leave the rest to heaven". many things are out of our hand. for those things, we cant do much, but just to leave its to heaven to decide. but for all other things, which effort on our part, plays, no matter how insignificant in the result. its a sin not to go, all out.

"showdown" makes me really think to consider having the Astro dish! the show is wicked to boot! not to say it's also wickedly inspiring to go all out for your passion. maybe one chance is all we got. we better move it right. ait?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

BOOK: The Street Philosopher by Matthew Plampin

not the kind of book i usually find myself reading. i read the book in a hurry. so, the slow pace of the plot irked me a lot. maybe in another leisurely setting to read, i'd appreciate the book better.

i chose the book based on the title without reading the review given by the lender. i should have read those review. but, at least my curiosity over the title paid off: street philosopher = society column writer = gossip writer. therefore, majalah URTV, Mangga and the kinds should be called "street philosopher's philosophical magazine". certainly that sounds better than 'entertainment magazine'.. ooooo. crap!

The story sets during and after the Crimean war. Thomas Kitson, an ambitious young journalist was sent to Crimea as a junior correspondent for London Courier, working with a daredevil senior, Richard Cracknell and a young illustrator, Robert Styles. their team worked in the frontline, reporting on the progress of the war to people back home.

the Crimean war, which the author aptly simplified as 'the Lion fought the Bear to save turkey' was a perfect setting for story of incompetent, crooked army general. the narration shifted several times from Crimea to Manchester 2 years later, unfolding untold heinous crimes and injustice done during the war. adulterous affair, gruesome battlefield, insanity under duress and stringful of revenge made this book entertaining enough to read to the end, if only to get hold of a good closure.

oooo my, i'd give 2.5/5 point for this book.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

monday, after a seminar and the state election weekend

the state election's over. i lost a bet over Dr. Sim's Pending (ya, it's like a sport when you put a bet on something, not to say, much more merrier) so i owe half a crate of Heineken to that jolly good fellow. and somebody owe me lunch, for our bet on Ba'kelalan's Bian. the 'blue ocean' strategy proved to be okay, BN remains in reign. and who am i to say if its for the better or worse of Sarawak?

i should be posting a review of a book i recently got from our local FREE internet bookloan/swap, hosted by several blog owners: mine (kukuanga), Dr. Hidayah and Siti, but, i haven't had the time to compose a decent review (as if i'd be able to do so).

the book from Dr Hidayah's collection arrived thursday afternoon via Poslaju (darn expensive at that too! RM8.35). so, i resolutely aimed for a quite evening, reading. i spent the whole night reading and jotting down some notes (pointing points worth checking for the review).

this is one of those books i wont consider checking out in a bookstore. reasons?

#1 unappealing cover

#2 the author's biodata. he's a full time lecturer = boring?

#3 the first 5 pages of the book is not engaging enough to read.

more of that book later in the review. i was in Melaka during the weekend for a seminar. i think, i enjoyed most parts of Dr Azahari (UPM) lectures. the Dr from INTAN totally flunked his lectures by mumbling over the microphone and failed to transpire the simple idea of the Blue Ocean Strategy. mokcik-mokcik pengajar jururawat misinterpreted the whole concept by giving irrelevant example during the workshop. but then again, maybe that Dr's just frustrated over our ignorance of simple kelok ekonomi.

again, i was reminded of being ancient and not knowing our own worth. old and useless = junk. old and valuable = antic. the only difference between the two is in external appreciation/ valuation which highly depends on the substance and quality. if you're wondering why most of the nurses in public hospitals lack good manner, you should meet the typical of their tutors.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

MOVIE: Bunohan

when i checked my viewers stats, i found out that "hantu kak limah balik rumah" garnered top viewed post. that actually amused me a lot. so now, i have to write review on malay film to gain more attention?

so, here, i'm experimenting by reviewing movie i havent see, not sure already hit the cinema or not, but honestly wanted to watch the film. you can check the movie trailer here. a lady friend commented after watching the trailer that Faizal Hussein looked great in the movie and the human slaughtering looked gruesome, therefore looked real. i dont really care of Faizal's good look or the gruesomeness of the assasination. what captured my heart the most is the authenticity of the story. wait, i should write, originality of the story. its fiction based on real thing. there's a real kampung Bunohan in Kelantan, bordering Thailand. where, things like in the film have high possibility of happening.

by the way, Bunohan's director, Dain Iskandar Said also made the film "Dukun" in 2007, based on the legendary notoriarity of Mona Fandey.

now, i feel like a duck for posting a review of nothing. sorry guys, i know, i'm being bad.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Passion Sharing 2

After some contemplation, here's 15 titles i'll be offering for bookswap/bookloan. i'll be adding more titles soon. but, wait, i have to set a separate blog for this thing, as not to disrupts my regular blog. and also i am really bad at writing book review. so, most probably, the books offered will only contain basic descriptions and maybe a link to a better review online. ya, that's a cheat, i know.

1. MISTER PIP by Lloyd Jones [2006, BantamDell]
2. MIDNIGHT'S CHILDREN by Salman Rushdie [2008, Vintage (reprint of 1981, Random House]
3. BY THE RIVER PIEDRA I SAT DOWN AND WEPT by Paulo Coelho [1996, Harper Collins]
4. TAPAI by Hishamuddin Rais [2010, ZI Publications]
5. FOOTPRINTS IN THE PADDY FIELDS by Tina Kisil [2010, MPH Publishing]
6. STONES INTO SCHOOLS by Greg Mortenson and Mike Bryan [2009, Penguin Books]
7. FRED AND EDIE by Jill Dawson [2007, Hodder and Stoughton (reprint of 2000 work)]
8. SEDUCE ME AT SUNRISE by Lisa Kleypas [2008, Piatkus Books]
9. TRUE NORTH by Kimberly Kafka [2001, Pan Books]
10. A PRISONER OF BIRTH by Jeffrey Archer [2008, Pan Books]
11. OTHELLO by William Shakespeare edited by Gerald Eades Bentley [1965, Penguin Books]
12. THE SCARPETTA FACTOR by Patricia Cornwell [2009, Putnam's Sons]
13. TURNING THIRTY by Mike Gayle [2000, Hodder and Stoughton]
14. THE FAMILY WAY by Tony Parsons [2005, HarperCollins]
15. SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL by Sarah Webb [2003, Pan Books]

these books are available for swap/ loan. just drop a comment.

terms and conditions:
1. Malaysian residing in Malaysia (elsewhere, the postage fees will choked me to death)
2. bookswap* will have the priority over bookloan** (as i love to read too)
3. follower of this blog will have priority over the noner
4. max of two books per person at a time. no time limit of holding, unless specified so.
5. borrower are obliged to post (mail) the book to the next borrower

*bookswap= i lend you my book, you lend me yours.
**bookloan= i lend you my book.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


too happy to put it in words. i'm going to catalogue my books for bookswap. Dr. Hidayah is an inspiration. i heard the line "toko buku kalau nggak dikunci juga ngak apa-apa kok. maling sih ngak mau curiin buku" in KALA (Indonesia's very disturbing fantasy film). so, what if ppl didnt return the books? so, what?

today's post, not about book. i'm promoting the BORNEO JAZZ 2011 in Miri this coming 12-15th may. formerly known as MIRI JAZZ FESTIVAL, this year the tourism board change it to a more appropriate and more commercial name (not to say that MIRI is not commercial enough). but, hard to miss the exocticness of the name BORNEO eh?

for more info on the performers, venue, etc. log on to:

i'm hoping i'll be able to attend this. despite the fact that, its our final exam week. macam ada harapan mengular jak niii

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Passion Sharing

while bloghoping for a friend's request to find active Malaysian bloggers selling diapers (ooooo.. ya, we're that bored). he's doing a market research for baby products, and he knew, i'm keen to help. i chanced upon this wonderful doctor's blog.

no.. she's not selling diaper. she contributed article to momsbloggerplanet. so, i followed the link to her blog and found her marvelous and beautiful idea of book loan. i'm flabbergasted, almost speechless over the idea. its so beautiful, i can cry, right this moment. she actually set a library of books she reviewed and give it away on loan for FREE!

I always consider myself to be generous on lending my books to others (few trusted friends). but, never cross my mind to actually lend it to somebody over the net (and hoping) the book will come back to me. she is doing that, and currently have 51 books in her library, ready to circulate.

visit Dr. Hidayah Ismail's book blog. lets test out if her idea of passion shared works. i'm posting my name for book #51 the shadow of the wind.

Correction: the right name is Dr. Hidayah Ismawi. sorry Doc, my bad.

Monday, April 4, 2011

tanakwagu ya*

i sent sms for a brother who turned 21 on 04/04/2011

ui. buli mengundi sdh o kau sail!. haha. H bday!
sail: ya, harap blh dt tangki

i bought him the Legend of Sigurd and Gudrun by Tolkien (buku murahan di Popular).

*our young man
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