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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


too happy to put it in words. i'm going to catalogue my books for bookswap. Dr. Hidayah is an inspiration. i heard the line "toko buku kalau nggak dikunci juga ngak apa-apa kok. maling sih ngak mau curiin buku" in KALA (Indonesia's very disturbing fantasy film). so, what if ppl didnt return the books? so, what?

today's post, not about book. i'm promoting the BORNEO JAZZ 2011 in Miri this coming 12-15th may. formerly known as MIRI JAZZ FESTIVAL, this year the tourism board change it to a more appropriate and more commercial name (not to say that MIRI is not commercial enough). but, hard to miss the exocticness of the name BORNEO eh?

for more info on the performers, venue, etc. log on to:

i'm hoping i'll be able to attend this. despite the fact that, its our final exam week. macam ada harapan mengular jak niii

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