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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

MOVIE: Bunohan

when i checked my viewers stats, i found out that "hantu kak limah balik rumah" garnered top viewed post. that actually amused me a lot. so now, i have to write review on malay film to gain more attention?

so, here, i'm experimenting by reviewing movie i havent see, not sure already hit the cinema or not, but honestly wanted to watch the film. you can check the movie trailer here. a lady friend commented after watching the trailer that Faizal Hussein looked great in the movie and the human slaughtering looked gruesome, therefore looked real. i dont really care of Faizal's good look or the gruesomeness of the assasination. what captured my heart the most is the authenticity of the story. wait, i should write, originality of the story. its fiction based on real thing. there's a real kampung Bunohan in Kelantan, bordering Thailand. where, things like in the film have high possibility of happening.

by the way, Bunohan's director, Dain Iskandar Said also made the film "Dukun" in 2007, based on the legendary notoriarity of Mona Fandey.

now, i feel like a duck for posting a review of nothing. sorry guys, i know, i'm being bad.

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