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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

BOOK: The Street Philosopher by Matthew Plampin

not the kind of book i usually find myself reading. i read the book in a hurry. so, the slow pace of the plot irked me a lot. maybe in another leisurely setting to read, i'd appreciate the book better.

i chose the book based on the title without reading the review given by the lender. i should have read those review. but, at least my curiosity over the title paid off: street philosopher = society column writer = gossip writer. therefore, majalah URTV, Mangga and the kinds should be called "street philosopher's philosophical magazine". certainly that sounds better than 'entertainment magazine'.. ooooo. crap!

The story sets during and after the Crimean war. Thomas Kitson, an ambitious young journalist was sent to Crimea as a junior correspondent for London Courier, working with a daredevil senior, Richard Cracknell and a young illustrator, Robert Styles. their team worked in the frontline, reporting on the progress of the war to people back home.

the Crimean war, which the author aptly simplified as 'the Lion fought the Bear to save turkey' was a perfect setting for story of incompetent, crooked army general. the narration shifted several times from Crimea to Manchester 2 years later, unfolding untold heinous crimes and injustice done during the war. adulterous affair, gruesome battlefield, insanity under duress and stringful of revenge made this book entertaining enough to read to the end, if only to get hold of a good closure.

oooo my, i'd give 2.5/5 point for this book.

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