Wednesday, April 27, 2011


i made my first batch of seitan last night. i tried using 1/2 kg high protein flour. its super easy, but a bit tedious. i havent tried cooking the yields. i just boiled it with some salt, pepper, onions and anchovies for flavour. i'll stir-fry some of it this evening. i tried eating one last night, too chewy for my taste.

whats seitan?
flavoured gluten product from flour. good source of protein for vegetarian. also known as mock meat, for its texture.

how to produce?
1. get a plain flour
2. mix the flour with water to form a firm dough
3. knead for about 20-30 mins
4.wash away the starch, by squeezing the dough in a basin full of water
5. washing away the starch will takes time. dont worry, the gluten will not dissolve into the water. change the water in the basin when its get too murky. the water will remain clear once the starch washed away.
6. the quantity of yield will depend on the type of flour you use.
7. high protein flour will yield more than plain one.
8. boil the gluten over medium heat for 1 hour with your flavouring. it'll expand slightly and firm in texture.
9. your seitan ready.

i am irresponsible being meat-eater. i behave better in vegetarian mode. somehow, being a kambing suits me better.

i should be writing of Tolkien's Sigurd and Gudrun, in conjunction of the movie Thor release in cinemas in Malaysia, today, thursday. one of those movies i'm eager to go and watch. no, i'm not a Marvel comics fan. i read Viking's legends.

btw, you pronounce seitan as 'setan' like, syaitan as in satan. devil.


ppong said...

watched Thor. recommended.

kukuanga said...

ya. will go.

Dy said...

I've just re-read how to make this seitan thingy... punya lah tedious geng!

kukuanga said...

nyeh... nyeh.. bagus untuk kasi exercise lengan bah ni dy.. kasi muscle2. and very trying on my patience