Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Passion Sharing

while bloghoping for a friend's request to find active Malaysian bloggers selling diapers (ooooo.. ya, we're that bored). he's doing a market research for baby products, and he knew, i'm keen to help. i chanced upon this wonderful doctor's blog.

no.. she's not selling diaper. she contributed article to momsbloggerplanet. so, i followed the link to her blog and found her marvelous and beautiful idea of book loan. i'm flabbergasted, almost speechless over the idea. its so beautiful, i can cry, right this moment. she actually set a library of books she reviewed and give it away on loan for FREE!

I always consider myself to be generous on lending my books to others (few trusted friends). but, never cross my mind to actually lend it to somebody over the net (and hoping) the book will come back to me. she is doing that, and currently have 51 books in her library, ready to circulate.

visit Dr. Hidayah Ismail's book blog. lets test out if her idea of passion shared works. i'm posting my name for book #51 the shadow of the wind.

Correction: the right name is Dr. Hidayah Ismawi. sorry Doc, my bad.


Hidayah Ismawi said...

thanks for the shout out .. hehe.. am glad you like the idea :) Can't wait to start lending books to you (and to see your own library too).. don't worry abt the postage..

PS: my dad's name is Ismawi (it's a common mistake)
PPS: I added you to my book lover's blogroll

kukuanga said...

sorry for the 'common mistake' i made over your dad's name.

i dont really expect this to work out, but i'm intrigue all the same. i'm looking forward for the sharing.

ditto on the addition to blogroll

Siti said...

hi kukuanga,
thanks for visiting my blog. this remind me that i have yet to put up a list of books available for loans. you're welcome to borrow mine too once i manage to do that! (tch tch stop procrastinating!)
allow me to add your blog to my roll too..

Tina said...

Hi! I'm here. Had a look-see at the blog you mentioned... Hidayah's? see I'm so forgetful. Will have another look when my headache is gone. I've to agree it's a facinating idea. Hope it works!

I saw your reading list... I'm looking for Walls' Broke Back Horses?? I read her Glass Castle and loved it!

Thanks for telling me about the book-lending lady's blog!

kukuanga said...

thanks for the offer. will look that up!

hehehe.. Half broke horses that.

i'm setting up my own book lending prog. feel free to browse.