Wednesday, December 31, 2008

good morning

woke up real early today. it's cold! brrrrr! (like real cold!!). then, i realized i was sleeping on the floor (POTC!, we were watching that last night!) nobody bothered to wake me up (apa punya siblings!). poor big bro..he's sleeping like (sleeping la) about 4 fts away. woke him to go sleep downstairs and i head for my room. (almost 5, and i'm in love with my comforter... can't sleep, so i surf the internet, checking out others blog)

heeee.. found a very interesting link (a blog in my list to another blog) (she's in love with you!!- mau saja cakap macam tu, but... yay! so, busy body!)... felt  good to speculate...

back to earth. my room's next to my parents. i can hear them talking now,  in that hushy tone.. i love waking up to hear that voices, listening to them talking a while.. then praying together. i knew, today's morning prayer will be extra long. and... i'm waiting for sunrise (bising betul ayam!)

i feel good. 2009 will be  a great year for me. a year to look back and smile and thank God... G'bye 2008. . (been  a good year. more ups than downs) and i consider myself very lucky.
and a song to fit the mood... 

all her songs are my favourite. 

will go back to KK today. then.. to Kuching (i miss the place)

why? all intense feeling produce same stabbing like feel in our heart? (or should i make appointment with my doc to check whats wrong with my jantung?) time to do med-check up..

Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy New Year 2009

last post for this year. Happy New Year 2009 to all of us. May the new year bring us more happiness and blessing. but most important of all, may the new year also bring new challanges that will measure the strength of our character.

let us enjoy few days more of our holidays. enjoy precious moments with our family and loved ones

do i really need to get back to work? yeah you do. you love your job..(hahhahahahha!)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Keith Whitley

i love his "no stranger to the rain". but, i love this one best. "Tell Lorrie i love her" 

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

a very fine day

on a fine day,  
sometimes, we get lucky to see the blue sky
with blotches of fine clouds
(most of the times, we're just too busy to look up) (sigh!)

on  a fine day,
sometimes, we get lucky and get away
to an island
with friends we love to hang with
(most of the times, we're too busy minding our own business) (darn!)

on a fine day,
we get lucky to come across
with a person
we're more than honoured to be friend with
(yay! u guys rawk!!)

p/s: all pics were taken by Jane's Nikon D80. thanks jane!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

belated birthday

yesterday was my birthday. 

celebrated it with my housemate, mimi. (dia yang makan lebih2!)
alahai... tua lah sudah sy ni.

chat with my sister for a very long time (banyak duit ko call sy Pong!)

wrote a very long entry to my journal. read last year's birthday wishes and surprised that almost 2/3 of the wishes did come true. so, i have to say, 2008 has been a very good year to me.. (dei... macam bacaan horoskop pulak)

one entry in my last year's journal, dated 18/12/2007 was this:
"without God, 
 life has no purpose and 
 without purpose, life has no meaning,  
 without meaning, life has no significance or hope"

i'm sure i copied it out from somewhere... just cant remember where.

(bah, apa sudah ni God?, apa kita mau buat ni satu tahun lagi?-providing that, yeah kalau Ko mau bagi satu tahun lagi)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

after sometimes...

i bought a few books last month, and to my horror, last night i realized one of the book went missing. pasal, sy nampak dia punya resit, then sy cari semua tu buku mau balut pakai plastic wrapper (aku ni clumsy baca buku, but i hate my book to get messy)... nah... suppose ada 4 paperbacks..satu ilang...(God's Pauper). mencarilah semalam2. sudahlah... hilang ingatan sikajap (i really can't recall where i put the book). i only remember to read it up to... (what chapter arr?) where St. Francis and his companion danced in the rain.

then... without even trying, i found the book in my friend's car. resting (hmmmmm....) under the seat. when we went out for lunch today, my keys accidently slipped under the seat. lo and behold! the book!

sometimes, things happened. not the way we planned/ expected. it just happened. sometimes, we got little surprise like what i've experienced today. sometimes, we just need to work a bit harder. search a bit longer. sometimes, we only can wait and hope to get lucky. bah... life....

i blame it on the rain, my mood real damp and melancholic.. and no, its not hormonal. it just the rain and the longing to be home...sob...sob..

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

being melancholic


When you're dreaming with a broken heart 
The waking up is the hardest part 
You roll outta bed and down on your knees 
And for the moment you can hardly breathe 
Wondering was she really here? 
Is she standing in my room? 
No she's not, 'cause she's gone, gone, gone, gone, gone.... 

When you're dreaming with a broken heart 
The giving up is the hardest part 
She takes you in with your crying eyes 
Then all at once you have to say goodbye 
Wondering could you stay my love? 
Will you wake up by my side? 
No she can't, 'cause she's gone, gone, gone, gone, gone.... 


Now do i have to fall asleep with roses in my hand 
Do i have to fall asleep with roses in my hand? 
Do i have to fall asleep with roses in my hand? 
Do i have to fall asleep with roses in my hand? 
Baby won't you get them if i did? 
No you won't, 'cause you're gone, gone, gone, gone, gone.... 

When you're dreaming with a broken heart 
The waking up is the hardest part 

i read Tony Parson's " one for my baby" last night and fall asleep thinking of its theme. (the anguish of missing a departed loved ones) in this particular story, a man who lost his wife. and this morning i woke up, thinking  i'm so lucky to be alive. browsed through You Tube, searching for Jason Mraz and Colbie Calliat's "lucky". i ended up playing over and over this song by Mayer. he's one of those male singer, who have the intensity of melancholy in his voice. and God... his eyes!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

help me out..

i really need a good camera (arghhhh!!! hate the hassle of figuring out how to take a good pic). last sunday, (23/11) i was in kudat. pigi mandi laut (near simpang mangayau). it was SUPER FUN!!!.
many thanks to Clare (who drove us KK-Kudat and back to KK again with his one 'eye' kembara-malam2 lagi tu balik). Nite, cals, Pong.. thanks for kasi tumpang me along...(lets do it again soon)
so, yeah..... the blog become boring with no pics to see...(macam yg c popong komplen selalu).

i will, i will get a good camera real soon... any suggestion, anyone?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

mau hujung tahun sudah... and year end always make me sad. (kalau mau fikir pasal kegagalan dan azam2 yang stranded all year long. ada beberapa hari lagi sebelum tahun yang baru...terlalu sedikit masa, dan terlalu banyak yang mahu disiapkan). 

tahun ini, Tuhan sangat baik bagi saya, terlalu banyak yang Dia berikan (and sometimes, it was me who failed to realized His blessing.... until it was too late). jadi, untuk masa2 yang akan datang, harus melatih diri untuk mempunyai roh yang lebih sensitif sama pekerjaan Tuhan, supaya tidak terlepas itu Kairos Tuhan. most importantly, harus berusaha lebih lagi untuk menghargai all the good things in life. health especially. family. relatives. friends. 

went to popular bookstore at city mall KK last wednesday and the clearance sale was on. bought a few books. and because they only accepted cash, i have to forget the book about Ireland (after the price slash = RM51). instead i bought a book on Tibet (about RM40).... and i'm glad i bought it instead. it suppose to be a travel guide book, but, it contains a lot of info about Tibet, their culture and struggle against the invasion... this book make me realize, that : yes, i have a hard life.. i struggle much to be where i am now (nowhere, actually..), but at least i'm free. free to do what i want to do, free to practice my religion (to some extent), free to express my thoughts (this blog for an example), free to upgrade myself. 

pictures were shot by my good friend, Jane... thank you for the permission to use these pics. they're great! 

jane, mau kasi famous si edmund... handsome dia jadi model nii...

Monday, November 17, 2008


semua pasal karaja. so, i'll be away for a while.. (macam satu minggu saja lah)
harap ada internet conn sana. sebagai pemberitahuan kepada semua rakan bloggers.. orang rumah teda.. kena tinggal ni rumah pink ni..

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

another tag..

bah ok.. ni kena tag by bambangan n dia bilang tidak boli kasi pas. di bilang: inda buli, kira ini bukan tag, kira ini kertas kerja sia yg ko kena check.... ko kan cikgu

1) Take a recent picture of yourself or take a picture of yourself right NOW!
2) DON'T change your clothes, DON'T fix your hair... Just take a picture.
3) Post that picture with NO editing.
4) Post these instruction with your picture

bah.. siap. yang instruction #5 sy kasi abai ja. kan kau ni malas menag ppl...

tagged by Aki

i told Sara i hate being tagged, but this i got from aki
who got it from Sara.... bah, memandangkan teda juga mau buat time2 lunch ni, so here goes....

 Attached or single?  single

B. Best friend? many close friends.. i have one bestie in primary school and one in the univ...

C. Cake or pie? both! cheese cake (new york cheese cake!!) and apple pie (a granny smith apples). simply awesome!

D. Day of choice?  sunday..

 Essential item?  my purse!

F. Favorite color? currently into green...

G. Gummy bears or worms? (apa barangnya pilihan  ini??)

H. Hometown? ..dari sanaaaa RANAU

Favorite indulgence? .reading and shopping!

 January or July? JULY!!!!! month of new intake for my college. new students, new faces, new challenges! 

Kids? Sure, love them..

L. Life isn’t complete without?  good humour

Marriage date? ermmm....

 Number of magazine subscriptions: .currently only three (Personal Money, Reader's digest and women's weekly)

O. Oranges or apples?  oranges (sunkist is the best!) 

P. Phobias? closed and dark space 

Q. Quotes? ???  .......

R. Reasons to smile? dei.. mesti ada reason kah pula?

S. Season of choice? autumn.. (but since autumn teda tempat kita, so i opt for the next best choice... bulan 11 sampai bulan 1 di ranau... musim ujan) more reasons to lazy around.... hahhahaha! kira season melazy lah tu..

T. Tag 5 people. nah... malas aku menag ppl. but... kalau dorang ni rajin ok... nika, DorisJ, April,  sama si gaman (pasal ko kasi tag sy juga!)

Unknown fact about me? aku mau ada papak!!!, kalau aku mati, mau kena bakar mayat (voted out by my dad...) bah ok... i'm  a registered organ donor.. (ooo.. fact bah pula, bukan facts..)

V. Vegetable? ..ugh... sy ada bagitau kah? i'm a vegetarian since i was 16?  (no poultry and meat)

Worst habit? .........

 X-ray or ultrasound? .what for?

Your favorite foods? kawan sy bilang, nasi putih sama basungan goreng.. sy kasi up sikit, mesti ada sup sayur sama sambal kicap

Zodiac sign? .sagi..

Monday, November 10, 2008

masih minggu exam..

minggu yang agak menarik. bermula dengan internet connection yang semakin baik. only a few papers to go for my students. before they're heading for cuti yang berminggu-minggu (dei... sure will miss them!!)

this morning, menjaga exam 'penilaian persekitaran' . dei... ada lagi tu yang kedapatan meniru. membaca nota dalam dia punya hp canggih.. bah, terpaksalah dengan selambanya aku buat muka kabalan minta hp dia and kasi lapor sama ketua pengawas. (bah... berabis sudah sy kena sumpah ni)...tiak tau apa jadi sama tu budak... 

yay! SPM pun start niari.. all the best to alfred n kipip!!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

nah... rusak lagi..

maradang pun ada, sakit hati pun ada juga... seminggu-minggu internet conn d kolej sy down. kijap ada, kijap ilang. deiiii... bah.. that's the reason why i didn't visit all of your blog (dear blogger friends). harap2 minggu depan ok sudah lah tu i'll frequent ur guys blog.

and... gaman, bukan pasal kami inda bayar bil kami arrr...(dorang bilang, tu kami punya router yang sot sikit... nah.. jan tanya banyak2, aku inda tau..)

have  a blessed weekend everyone!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


dei.. bah ni lah si igu. pasal si aki macam takajut ni, talampau ramai kali, dia kenal sigu-siguan.. bah, selamat kenal2 kio. (bah.. peringatan... kalau ko terjumpa sy sana di centre point kah, disana one borneo kah... jan sekali2 bagi ucap selamat "selamat pagi sigu" dsb- macam telampau meriah bah tu ucapan...) heeee... wat to do, mimang sigu bah...

minggu exam

minggu exam for my students. tahap tension pun naik juga dikalangan dorang ni... aku setakat berdebar2 jak lah... nah.. mampus kalau ramai yang fail, kena tanya macam2 pula ni nanti..

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

kota baharu..

its after midnight here. just came back from supper with fellow collegues at the famous "white house coffee house". it's quite famous here in Kota Baharu, and we have to wait for almost half an hour to be seated. the coffee house was so full! (and being highly recomended by a good kelantanis friend, we did wait.) alahai... usually, i wont wait too long to be seated for supper.

i had a glass of hot coffee (then... now, suffering the insomniac side effect..duh!) and the toast.. real good! (sampai pigi mencuri makan yg mr.Ng punya portion... hahhahahha!)

the national conference of health and environment, organized by USM, kelantan at grand river view hotel Kota Baharu. i enjoyed both plenary sessions (the first by 3 prof from USM, UKM and UM) i greatly enjoyed the talk by prof. Datuk Azizan Samah (the boss for Antartic mission) he specialized in climate changes studies. most profounding statement he made was "when you do  a research, do it, with mind to make a difference". duiii......malakat di hati sy oww..(we can make a difference, no matter how small the impact... asal ada)

the second session was by prof Mustapha of UM medical faculty... something to do with endocrin system..... (bah... bangang aku sama ni barang). 

and OMG... foods, sungguh sedapnya. bubur gandum, kerabu pauh, nasi dagang, tom yam, ikan masak lemak.... duiiiiiii....tomorrow will try all those sweet kuih...such indulgence!!
God! to experience such blessing....thank you Lord for the good tastebuds, opportunity and especially health to indulge in such feast!

Monday, October 27, 2008

away for a while

nah... i have to confess.. aku memang sah teraddict sama ni barangnya blogging. dui... susah lah ini... mungkin kena disiplin diri sikit untu spend certain amount of time sini kann..

btw, last weekend.. sy pigi berjalan sampai kaki sangat sakit sikarang! (dui manyasal owww..) ada gambar tapi kamera bukan sy punya.. jadi baru minta dia kirim by e-mail.. harap cepat lah tindakan dia tuuu...(if you're reading this pong, please hurry)

last weekend juga, i happened to be at Kinokuniya and bought several books. satu yang sedang diusahakan untuk membaca adalah buku mengenai st francis of Asissi.. baru a few pages terbaca...(astaga! font dia punya main kicik.. size 7 tu kali..very small print!). jadi, ada kemungkinan lambat sikit terbaca. (and all excited i started baca John Irving's "the fourth hand". sudah pernah baca, but the book sy pinjam dari library... bukan sy punya!) feeling lain bah itu!

will travel again today. first time pigi Kelantan (ermmmmm.... kuar duit lagi ni.. shopping!) mom sama si aunty sudah kasi pesan batik... (kalau come together sama ongkosnya.. inda lah yang best jadi daughter ni..).

will try to find that sickeningly sweet kuih of kelantan "tahi itek"!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


will not be around to update my blog starting tomorrow. i think i need to get away from all this technology thing (i've promised myself that i wont be addicted to this blogging things... but, somehow it get into my head..) hahha! perlu rewire back my head.. so, i make a decision to stay away for a day or two.. and see if i miss the whole thing... 

will be back on monday...

Monday, October 20, 2008

tagged by Sara

sara dear, sorry long overdue... malas bah sy membuat ni tag-tag ni. but,

1. If your lover betrayed you, what will your reaction be? betrayed in what way? i'm a very forgiving person.. forget he hurts me, thats a bit difficult.

2. If you can have a dream to come true, what would it be?being happy and staying true to my calling

3. What's you planning for this year's X'mas?  a family gathering would be nice

4. What would you do with a billion dollars? dollars? i need a long list and help from my financial planner for these...

5. Will you u fall in love with your best friend? mmmmph... no.

6. Which is more blessed, loving someone or being loved by someone? aint it coexist?

7. How long do you intend to wait for someone you really love? as long as it takes.. God will..

8. If the person you secretly like is already attached, what would you do? attached in what way? kawin? tunang? in relationship? kalau bulum kawin... buli bah, kasitau saja..

9. If you like to act with someone, who will it be? nah... i leave that for professional..tiak pandai act2 ni.

10. What takes you down the fastest? what arr? 

11. How would you see yourself in ten years time? ~ a mom with two/three kids

12. What’s your fear? closed space

13. What kind of person do you think the person who tagged you is? ~ a warm-hearted friend who is hardworking and have a pleasant personality..

14. Would you rather be single and rich or married but poor? married (we will not be poor.. i assure you)

15. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up? menggeliat macam kucing..

16. Would you give all in a relationship? yes!

17. If you fall in love with two people simultaneously, who would you pick? ~The one who commit first..

18. Would you forgive and forget no matter how horrible a thing the someone has done?~ I will forgive, but to forget..will take time. 

19.Do you prefer being single or having a relationship? of course la having a relationship..

20.List 6 people to tag? dui na.. malas aku menag ppl...

Sunday, October 19, 2008


a typical monday.. cuma tidak terasa sangat monday niari. pasal i attended course during the weekend yang di buat di kolej sama (jadi, last week macam sy karaja 7 hari lah itu..). anyway, i enjoyed the course termendously... banyak input baru.. benda yang samar2 dulu, kini ada shape sudah sikit... hahhahaha! ntah bila lah dapat faham banyak. (not in a mood of reading lagi ni)

i tried reading petang kemarin... dui.. tertidur sy sampai 3 jam.. sakit tengkuk ni, tidur atas sofa and our water heater, completely rusak! x dapat on. and air cond di office.. meragam, alamaks.. macam2 juga jadi minggu lepas.

niari, kepanasan lah di office.. air cond memang tidak dpat on. lame reason untuk bermalas-malasan... rasa mau tidur jak ni..

waktu lunch tadi, pigi makan di kafe, ada ramai junior students (terus kunun dorang ehem... ehem..) ingatkan pasal sy pakai selipar jipun pigi makan... rupanya pasal niari payday (mau minta belanja) yay! bukan dorang kah tu patut belanja makan?

(bead, your kolok mee... boli bah.. kalau sy pigi miri..lambat lagi tu. hopefully next sem ya..I'll be in KK for final xm miereka Lily..)

Friday, October 17, 2008

have a good weekend..

its been a long week for me... rasa penat pula menjelang hujung minggu. minggu ini, telah dilanda sakit tekak yang agak menyakitkan (n at the moment in a phase where my students commented on my voice as husky and sexy gilerrrr) iyalah tuuu... dah sy tidak dapat berteriak sama dorang! LOL!

minggu ni juga, for the first time berjoget secara terbuka sama student masa majlis sambutan hari raya kolej.. dui.. tergamam kunun dorang sy selamba saja pigi ksi initiate the dance (biasalah... kalau ada lecturer, formal gila students..) nah... kau, ada ni yang si muka kabalan... ramai pula yang mengikut... jadi hot lah itu malam.... heeeee..(ntah apalah dorang kasi masuk dalam oren sy...tetiba ni jadi giler... manada pernah buat begitu...eiiii..)

and berkenalan dengan beberapa rakan blogger yang baru.. Nika=niigata, japan. n beberapa orang yang terhop di tempat ni.. rakan2 yang lama sikit, i hope, i've been faithful menegur and melawat tempat kamurang (those on my list... of course) been a great blessing for me....have a nice weekend to you guys..

Lord, its been a very good (though, a hectic one) week..all glory be Yours

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

nepenthes villosa

bah.. ni i introduce my favourite kukuanga (pitcher plant). banyak bah ini... but, sure this one is on the top of my list! been studying them for about 4 years now...(sikarang inda lah sudah... but, my love for them will go on and on..)

ni Nepenthes villosa (nama saintifik untuk spesies ni) adalah endemik (restricted) to kinabalu National Park sahaja... selepas ketinggian 1400 m dari aras laut (kira periuk kera tanah tinggi lah dorang ni..)... sori la.. ni gambar i curi dari website urang... ntah mana sudah sy simpan semua gambar c kukuanga..

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

sakit tekak ini...

adei..sakit tekak niari, teda mic, kena berteriak mengajar (ahhhhh... baru puas hati kasi keluar suara berabisan).. but, at the moment, i suffer a very bad case of sore throat.. nasib baiklah kelas 2 jam ja..

relatively, hari ini kurang bz dari yesterday punya.. and i stay back at the office sampai malam sikit untuk baca komik Naruto!. adei... berapa minggu sudah ketinggalan ni..and i really need to reply all those e-mails..all in all, a blessed day!

and to all yang karaja karas niari, bah.. baguslah itu, another day yang tidak terbazir. LOL!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

over the weekend

a very hectic tday today.. kena kick off the day dengan perhimpunan bulanan, and our beloved pengarah akan  berpindah, so ada sesi bergambar...

then ramai pula students yang sakit dan harus bagi dorang surat pengecualian kuliah and GL untuk hospital.. dei.. (satu2 lagi tu dorang datang jumpa), and ni lagi yang mau bincang bila boleh balik untuk cuti sem... (larrrr... bukan sudah jelas kah tu jadual exam sampai 14/10) aduhhhh.. (mangkali saja bah dorang pigi berborak sama sy.. rindu mangkali... ni berusaha untuk kasi positif diri sudah niii....)

hahhahahaha! so, lunch hour ni, mesti melihat2 dulu sini and masukkan entry baru..updates kemenangan karaoke student hari 5 lepas... jauh meleset. c Jude dapat tpt 4 (best dia nyanyi..) duet sama gracie..n c piwiit dapat tempat numbur 3.. alahai..c kundur dapat numbur 2 n dorang c yem-yem n rahmat dapat johan (kejoraku bersatu) tapi, memang rock lah dorang tu malam!

then, hari sabtu, pigi tengok orang akad nikah (Sarawak Malay's traditional wedding). kasian tu urang putih.. sampai 5 kali lafaz baru sah..(dia sebut gia tu ringgit malaysia pakai dollar!).. sangat menarik. kalau adda masa, nanti mau cerita lebih banyak lagi pasal ni barang... it's really interesting (mangkali baru untuk sy kannn... )

as for now, i really need to go out for lunch....

Friday, October 10, 2008

butterfly award!

got this award from sara.. thanks!
but, being the so self centered of me.. i'll keep this award for myself... (malas mau bagi-bagi)

and tis award kewl! (more reasons to keep it for myself) hahhahahaha! 
again, thanks sara, i really appreciate this.

coming november

minggu yang sangat baik. banyak masa terluang, sebab kelas sudah semakin berkurangan.. the final exam for my students will be on this coming 3rd of november.. harap dorang dapat buat sebaik mungkin..

sangat risau dengan budak2 junior yang akan ambil kertas kimia I... kalau dilihat dari prestasi mid term... memang kelihatan ramai yang akan balik, lingkup paper tu. (last year, only 3 yang buat peperiksaan ulangan and they barely passed the 2nd exam). but, masih ada masa untuk buat ulangkaji lagi dengan dorang.. (next week, juniors will be off for field work for the whole week) so, ada satu minggu saja lagi dengan dorang utk kasi refresh topik yang sudah kena belajar... argh!!! buli bah itu!

malam ini, ada pertandingan karaoke di kolej, so of course i will turun tengok dorang menyanyi.. (i have one student in mind yang mau kasi manang ) hmmmmm... yeah that's you Piwwwwiiiit! and maybe i'll vote for Jude juga.. dorang cakap suara dia bagus.. tengoklah macamana nanti..
macam sy pula yang lebih2 excited..

have  a good weekends to all of you, blogger friends!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

surat tunjuk sebab

i hate to do it... tapi kena buat juga.. untuk pertama kalinya selepas 1 tahun setengah sy jadi koordinator kelas, sy kasi keluar surat tunjuk sebab sama bebudak sy... (bah... bikin maradang bah juga dorang) adakah... sy sudah suruh jangan lupa tandatangan kehadiran, degil juga... bah nah ko.. 

macam ada juga yang tidak percaya sy betul2 minta dorang reply surat tunjuk sebab tuu.. siap bagitu.."yang ni miss kasi pardon bah juga kann?". (pala ko lah kasi pardon). bah.. bagus juga bah tu supaya dorang tau macamana mau tulis surat tunjuk sebab...x juga bingung betul masa karaja nanti.. heeee... ramai yang kena oooo..

having class with the junior year pagi tadi...masih lagi in the mood malas belajar dorang... hmmmmmphhh...but, at least sekarang, bolilah sudah dorang makan kacang masa kelas, tedalah juga yang tertidur (masa puasa tuari, duina... kasian...cikgu x dpt makan kacang)

Monday, October 6, 2008

nah.. ketahuan..

ramai lagi pengajar yang belum menghadirkan diri hari ini. so, the office is still empty and my internet wireless connection is in an excellent mode... bah.. nanti in a few days more, the internet will start lagging. but, until that day, i'll keep on blogging and since i've almost finish all my classes, i have  alot of free time to do so.. (matilah ni kalau naziran datang this coming week).

so, hari ini, foremostly, saya akan siapakan all my lesson plans (bah bertimbun sudah tu, pasal i keep on hindering the task). but, today... mesti kasi siap!! (GAMBATE!!)

bead, if you're reading this, please dont tell your fellow friend about the existance of my blog (i'll make another blog for your guys... educational purpose, so that the  explanation of LR and such can be done in a more professional manner) heeee.. i'll buy you kolok mee (ok kah bead?). i manage to scare you off with the november thingy kannnn... hahhahahaha! Go study!

as predicted by a fellow blogger (RENO), one of my student knew about my blog affair... aiyak.. saya kasi bribe pakai mee kolok.. dapat kah inda ooooo...

nothing will forever hidden.. sooner or later, things will unveil itself.
and it is better if we're well prepared for the consequences..

Sunday, October 5, 2008

it's monday

hari isnin yang sangat cerah di kuching, at least sehingga pagi ini (0830). selepas bercuti selama seminggu, masih ramai students yang belum sampai ke kolej. terpaksa minta dornag-dorang yang bersalah lambat menghadirkan diri tu menulis surat menunjuk sebab. 

adakah c Amin yang tinggal di Serian jak pun, awal pagi tadi baru sampai.. and 3 of my students kasi botak kepala (why?) (joni, joy, joe) dui... and zai sudah bertaubat kasi shave dia punya janggut n misai yang sangat serabai.. lyn belum balik dari kalimantan barat. sam, aliff and haslan kena delayed flight.. ha! makin ramai yang dapat surat menunjuk sebab nampaknya ni..
(i miss them so much!, i dont know how i will cope nanti kalau dorang pigi field sudah) being a coordinator for this 2007 batch telah menjdi a very tiring but rewarding job..(harap my students x tau pasal blog ku ini...)

DKP8, sabahan sudah dapat posting.. sarawakian belum dengar lagi cerita (kesian lambat posting... teda duit lah dorang tu..)

everything seems to be normal.. its another monday. another day to live on.
make me live today the way You intend it to be Lord..

Thursday, October 2, 2008

sambutan hari raya yang sangat menarik... (tidak pernah ni menjoin raya yang betul2 pigi bejalan seharian) i joined my family angkat to their relatives raya kedua. the first day, buat rumah terbuka then, on the 2nd (yesterday) pigi meraun.. dui panat makan eh!

hidangan wajib setiap rumah (yang sy observe... kek lapis sarawak) banyak macam kek lapis. sedap juga laaa.. (but, after you tested 10 varieties of those for such a short period of time.. they began to taste almost the same.... manis and sticky..).. ada satu rumah saja yang ada kuih makmur (hidangan wajib di sabah... or at least di Ranau) and sadly, not up to the standard of makmur yang sy suka (tidak banyak peanut bah dorang pny makmur.. teda aroma nutty2 yang sangat best itu!)

and OMG! i ate a lot of things... masih tidak selesa juga ni perut. (ingat mau puasa niari, tapi awal pagi, ada urang belanja makan mi guring ni.. kasi batal jak lah tu niat..). tidak nyaman (urang sini bilang) juga menolak, pasal sy tidak pigi rumah dia time raya ni..(mikirayou juga kalau sy ckp sy puasa kan?. baru raya ketiga bah ni...)

rumah last kami pigi semalam, rumah Dr. Razali, (Peg residen Bintulu).. betul2 buat sy banyak berfikir on my intention and love towards my job.  he is a guy, with high commitmet towards his job (he's 55 and still so very much in love with his job, talking about it with pride, so enthusiastic about the future and he's an avid reader!) fuh! did i mentioned he's a very good looking guy too? (yeah and happily married at that!). jarang ni, orang boleh bercakap and buat hati saya deg-degaan, bersemangat untuk memajukan diri..

dengan perut yang sangat kenyang (mau melatup) and kambang perut minum minuman bergas (jan ko jeles Bambangan... tidak juga best tu feeling) and hati yang deg-degan dimotivasikan oleh c Doc i went home. mandi air sejuk (heater sy rusak! silaka!) sajuk ni mandi!.. mau tidur tiak dapat, tengok tv, teda yang best (i ended up reading). tiak sedar tertidur di ruang tamu (sudahlah satu urang saja sikarang) kena kasi kawan nyamuk saja.. dei..

palis-palis kena demam denggi

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy Holiday

hari ini, sangat terkejut ditunaikan itu lagu permintaan oleh tompinai Paladius "leaving on a jet plane" (oh! i wish, boli balik rumah...). thanks Nit.

mau celebrate raya sudah ni (aku menumpang celebrate laa). bah... wishing all fellow Muslim bloggers a very happy Raya celebration and to those not celebrating it, (yg mcm sy) come pigi beraya rumah kawan-kawan kita.... and (sadly) for those yang teda cuti, mcm c Bambangan n Reno... bah ni taun, korang karaja lah... harap taun dapan dpt cuti... (haraplaaa...)

happy holiday all..

Sunday, September 28, 2008


weekend yang agak membosankan (except, i finally have time to sit and relax, reading my long forgotten "the history of Tom Jones, a foundling" by Henry Fielding) and really, i almost forgot that i have this book. you see.. i bought this book at discount price (2 books for one price) and actually i wanted the other book, ie: The Rachel papers (labeled as vintage classics: LUST). The 'Rachel' was good. the element of lust was there and was written in  a very rich english vocab. 

as for the 'Tom Jones', it was first published back in 1749 (so, its  avery 'thou' , 'thee' thing). but, the story was good or at least, the description was clear..(not halfway reading it yet...) bikin mengantuk betul dia punya thou and thee..(aiyak). 

if i have to recommend any book worthy of attention yang boli kasi masuk dalam siri LUST ni, (and putting aside all those romance novels by mills & boon or the harlequin-betul kah tu ejaan?). i think Irving's "a widow for one year" and yeah, Steinbeck's "East of Eden".. will be on the top of my list. (Eventhough, i have to admit steinbeck a bit too dark for me... bikin takut!).  but ya... lust nontheless!

apapasal sy cerita pasal lust pula nipagi-pagi? ooo.. last week, i fasted for few days (doing it for the sake of doing it) and rediscover the pure good taste of simple food, of how delicious  a food can be on empty stomach. that's when a basic need to be filled fulfilled (but, still i cant chased away the need to feast on Famous Amos cookies- i looooove 'em, or my longing for a cup of Earl Grey... sorilah sabah tea, you're no where compared to this trusted label)(and greg... jan ko ckp sy urang putih, tea murah dari kupi bah..). lusting for something (or someone, as in the case of tom jones and rachel and steinbeck's) carry a deeper need than just a mere need. (or... macam tu lah yang sy faham)

uppppssss.. (gulp!). i try to google the term "LUST". bah! nah kau...(try sendiri lar.. mau kasi add link pun malas sy!). but my microsoft words synonym bagi ni arrr...yearn, desire, long after, etc. so, in this context i prefer itu yearning sebagai lust. 

there are big difference in saying "i love my cup of Earl Grey" and " i lust for my cup of Earl Grey". dia punya anticipation berbeza, and that longing itu beza.. (dapat rasa kan?.. heee.. itu LOVE jadi macam timid, down to earth longing. while LUST jadi exploding need yang tidak boli tidak, mau juga..).. bah, that kind of yearning lah juga tu yang paksa my sis (once upon a time masa kami muda) rode on her motorbike to the nearest 7E to get a gulp of vanilla coke in the middle of the night! phew!!

bikin takut ini cerita pasal lust..yeah, Lord i knew that king David and his lust story.. and that for a man of Your own heart..

Thursday, September 25, 2008

thank you

i got this award from April...mau kena bagi kepada 4 yang lain lagi (siapa ni yang gila...) 

and i havent ambil lagi award yang si bambangan bagi... allallala lambat sy ni..

i appreciate the relationships we formed, dear blogger friends. hopefully berkekalan lah hendaknya. 

most of my students will go back this evening. all are so busy asking for permission to go for their last minutes Raya preparation (buying songkok, kuihraya, kek lapis etc...) larrrr... aku bagi jak kuar (pandai2 jaga kepala sendiri jak lah). especially for the sabahan yang perlu membeli ikan terubuk masin dan juga kek lapis sarawak yang semakin kurang di pasaran pada ketika ini (all those famous brands, eg: hajah mariam, Rabiah Amit, dayang Sarha are not selling anymore. they're bz fulfilling orders) terpaksalah beli kek lapis yang biasa2 tu jak..(my personal favourite, hati parek by Rabiah Amit). 

yang pasal terubuk masin tuu... ikan kembung masin lagi sadap bah.. (tu terubuk, banyak tulang.. yg besar ok larrr.. kalau yang 4, 10. alahai makan tulang jakk) and i have to say, ikan masin sabah paling best (yang dari kudat) ikan bilis paling best pun dari sabah juga (dari pitas).. alahai.. batal juga puasa sy ni nanti, cerita pasal makanan...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


its very lonely here at the office. officemate saya, sudah balik ke KL semalam. and ramai yang lainnya juga kan balik hari ini. 

students akan balik esok. dan cuti seminggu. 

my good friend, pok Sahari sakit yesterday and pagi tadi masa dia hantar saya pigi kerja, pun dia cakap masih pening lagi. semalam, buka puasa di rumah dorang. 

aunt lily (pok's wife) taught me how to make seaweeds keropok.. terus saya fikir, bah, bagus juga ni kalau ada blog pasal resepi2. (kan i suka makan..) and aunt lily kasi keluar dia punya buku resepi yang dia tulis (mcm antik jak ooo) sejak dia masih bujang lagi (she's a few more years to retire). then i remember my own (mana  sy simpan arrr?). this sunday, kami akan bergotong royong buat cookies di rumahnya. so, look likes, i'll be spending my holidays with their family (ok lah tu, x juga boring sangat)

oo.. ya, today suppose to wear batik, but since i woke up late this morning and have not much time to do ironing. kirim salam lah batik yang susah diiron itu.  and i capture my own photo. mau testing itu webcam laptop yang baru.

mau cari lah tu buku resepi yang sy tulis dulu2 tu.. (mau buat harta pusaka)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

 adei... susah juga ni menjaga students.

baru balik satu minggu, ramai yang sakit. ada satu kes conjungtivitis (hmm... awal balik raya la that guy..) and timbul pula satu khabar angin yang ditimbulkan (suspect sy, c BOY @ NURAZMAN) yang saya balik kawin (kawin lari lagi tuu..). sy balik jumpa kucing (c BULAN sama BINTANG) pun kena kasi clear kah??

ahaks..kalau la.. ini, bf pun kasi tinggal. tu yang tercrush spirit saya ni..

laporan cuaca: cuaca di Kuching sangaat cerah (sehingga lewat petang)  and kami semua di kolej kepanasan pasal karan tada... tengahari baru ada (tu yang banyak masa melepak dengan student sana di kaki lima)


Monday, September 22, 2008


ni internet connection lagging sejak pagi ni.. bikin maradang juga

top up cerita semalam. bah... that girl ok. ada prob with the Hilton's pny receptionist. the guy was actually already there. cian dia menunggu. all the best sama that sumandak.

petang ni ada kelas. (code of practice for the export of frozen cooked prawns). mau kasi ok slide presentaton dulu. susah ni mau mengajar. student's punya roh lari pi kampung sudah. time mau raya sudah ni...

adaka.. saya telupa sy punya jeruk bambangan di KK... silaka..

Sunday, September 21, 2008

being in love

coming back to work after a week break. marked student's chem paper all morning and felt devastated by the outcome (10 out of 41 students failed the test). two of them failed tahap maut. i am speechless (and am thinking at the moment....mana salah masa saya kasi deliver). 22 scored more than 15/20..(so, mangkali salah diurang lah bah tu tidak belajar kann?).. hmphh..

yesterday, my flight from KK to Kuching took only an hour and 10 mins (usually 1 hour 45 mins?) OMG! tu pilot pakai kuasa apa oooo?? (i didnt realized these until we reached KIA and the announcement made woke me up) allalaalla... slept like a baby all journey through. acquainted with a very pretty sumandak from keningau. she looks very familiar, so i asked her if have had met her before (macam line mau mengurat saja kan..?) ooo... patutla.. same uni dulu masa muda2. i thought she's working in Kuching (so, excitedly i asked) allalala.. she's working in Lido, and come to Kuching for holiday with her boyfriend. (so, i menanya lagi... orang mana your bf?) manalah tau, i knew the place kann..(the bf is an American) (whoa! orang puti tu geng!)

sambung risikan lagi, she've known the guy through friends a year back, and they (fall in love kah?) continue their long distance realtionship through e-mails. the bf's flight from (USA) supposed to arrive at KIA around 4 pm. we arrived at 6 pm. i asked that sumandak if anybody will fetch her from the airport (a friend of mine will fetch me at 7pm because another friend from KL will arrive at 6.45). so, boli kasi kawan dia sikajap lah sementara menunggu kwn sy tadi mengambil. she said the bf's staying at Hilton, and she'll be waiting for his call. so, we lepak at the starbucks.. tunggu punya tunggu, mau dekat 6.40 sdh, belum lagi ada call. so i suggested to call the hotel. oooo... belum check in lagi that person (bah... sy start risau sudah ni..) and i have to leave her alone because the friend from KL already called (apa mau risau sebenarnya? dia tua lagi 2 tahun  dari sy! besar sudah bah tuu..pandai2 la). she assured me she'll be fine, and i gave her  my number in case she needs help or anything.

sometimes, we did crazy things for love. and i think, love comes with that package (romance + risks + excitment + (all those noble values mentioned in 1 corinthians 13) = love) hmphhh.. ideally, begitula... i'm still worried about that sumandak.. (sudah sms her tis morning, no reply yet)

Friday, September 19, 2008

will go back to Kuching tomorrow. i miss the place, my boys (and girls) and i miss my desk!
a week of doing nothing at home and spending times with my family finally over. will come again for Christmas and New Year.. ahhhh... also for my birthday (Clare... jan kasi lupa janji mau pi makan sana Sutera Harbour)

lebih busy after this.. oct, convocation (alallalalalala.. jumpa lagi dorang si galangas semua) and more field visits, hopefully i'll go to LD this time around (Atik sama Apek mesti sibuk menggosip sdh psl Bf sy!!!) Bead, if you are reading this, sy mau turun Miri, but since the harga nasi sana mahal (according to Didie) i rather go to LD! hahahhahaha... (miss all of you..). to all the boys at PLA, esp Azza, we will win again with a larger margin at volleyball (melawan tuuu MA) jan ko risau. and ya... Bead, our netball team pun ok juga ni taun (at least cikgu ko ni tidak blur sangat pasal dia punya rules) ahaks! remember last term pny situation?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

crush my spirit

decided at last
so, i have to bid you goodbye
goodbye love,
wishing you all the best
in life has to offer

i will always miss you
like a missing jigsaw puzzle piece
out of my heart
knowing that
the piece just dont fit in anymore

life will never be the same
without you
but, I'll learn to live
because its finally decided

last august he finally decided. and i have to honour it. remind me Lord, of things i promised You.

laugh out loud

akhirnya.. terpigi Poring juga.. mandi sampai kambang! ahaks! my bro said "tahan juga korang berendam lama2" aiya, bro.. d rumah kan mana ada bathtub (ni, simpan dalam ati, kalau aku buat rumah nanti mesti ada bathtub) pasal sy suka betul berendam! (gumbira tu kalau pi hotel... dapat berendam).

read En. Bossing punya post and laughed out loud menyebabkan sy pny boss tanya apahal (then i have to explain to him about those pontianak...ermmm.. yang dracula tuu, i leave out because it require more explaination). my point here is, i am always a laughing person, i laugh out loud often and enjoy good laughters. di dalam Amsal ada menyebut "hati yang gembira adalah ubat, tapi semangat yang patah mengeringkan tulang". will i be able to laugh, when my spirit crushed to pieces? will i be able to laugh at life troublesome troubles?... 

make me able, Lord

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

butter cake

we suppose to go to Poring today! but, the rain (silaka... oooo) aiya... early morning start pouring. hopefully it'll eventually stop by noon. that way, we still can proceed with the initial plan albeit a bit late.

as for now, i'll bake a butter cake! yummy to have with hot choc. it's perfect for rainy day.. (gtg.. can't wait for the buttery smell perfuming the whole kitchen)

ahhhh.. heavenly!

Monday, September 15, 2008

anak kucing

its public holiday! patutlah bising betul di rumah-rumah jiran. ramai orang mau mindahu, my mom pun join sekali pigi mitatabang. alahai... janganlah dorang panggil sy. tidak tahan matahari sudah ni (malu kalau tetiba terpengsan di idohuon).

noon mau hantar si Sael pigi taxi station untuk balik KK (kelupaan sy, not everbody cuti seminggu-minggu di rumah) and hantar si Kiris balik dia punya hostel. bisuk school bah pula... alahai (baru kira mau pigi mandi-manda di Poring bisuk) kasi jalan sajalah, sepa-sepa ada di rumah. gembira betul balik rumah sampai tidak tau mau buat apa..

ooo... perubahan d rumah, ada 2 anak kucing (si BULAN and si BINTANG) kembar dorang ni.. sma saja semua kecuali keberatan dorang (bintang berat dari si bulan) tidak taulah macamana dorang d rumah kasi nama (ada perkembangan sudah dari sistem penamaan dorang dulu... adakah anak jiran saya kasi nama puppy kami dulu si LIMAU KAPAS and my dad agreed with that name?!) and ya... nama tu melekat juga sama si LIMAU KAPAS. btw, anak jiran sy tu, kasi nama anjing and kucing dia DORAEMON and POWER RANGER (berabis sudah saya kasi tau dia, DORAEMON tu nama kucing.. tapi dia bilang itu yang di TV.. yang ini anak anjing dia) bah ok jugalah tu alasan, umur dia pun baru 5 tahun.

sy pigi tangkap dulu tu c bulan sama bintang mau ambil gambar kasi letak sini. (mom sy bising sudah memiara kucing di rumah, tapi my youngest sis nangis2 minta. bah dibagi juga... mom juga yang kasi makan durang c kittens tu sy nampak....)

its good to be home....

finally home

i promised a person that i'll try to add a shoutbox in my blog last week. it really will help to communicate better. but, seriously i'm in dire need of IT tutorial. couldn't link my blog to others and the shotbox still stranded... (hopefully that person will give consideration and try not to be too mad..) sayanglah... kalau dia tiak mau kawan sama sy lagi!!!!

will study and minta assistance from bros d rumah! (its holiday and i suppose not to look at my laptop, but i really couldnt help it) nah kan... kebaru-baruan lagi..

as for now, i need to visit my kebun to see how they are. harap tidak hujan lah ni petang.. baru sampai Ranau and my nose start runny... janganlah sakit..please

Thursday, September 11, 2008

li'm going home

i'm going home tonite...
rindunya mau balik sabah. will be in KK for the whole weekend and Ranau seminggu-minggu.

langadon oku tomod!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


malam ini, ada fellowship pelatih kristian di kolej. i'll do the sharing. i've been praying and fasting for tonight's sharing - topik: doa.

ramai yang underestimate kuasa doa. its like, thing yang hanya akan dibuat in times of desperation, in time of need etc. macam kita panggil Tuhan bila kita perlu sahaja... sometimes prayer jadi macam desperate act yang apabila all else failed, baru mau cari Tuhan.. sedih kan?

bukankah doa, sepatutnya komunikasi kita dengan Bapa di Syurga. way to build relationship dengan Dia.. lebih erat, lebih kita mengerti kehendak dan rencanaNya. dan.. rasanya itu yang paling penting in any realationship. keinginan untuk menyenangkan the other party. keakraban perhubungan itu menjadikan keinginan untuk memuji dan menyembah menjadi sebahagian dari rutin harian (therefore, praise and worship in singing-pasal ini yang paling common dan mudah dilakukan) playing musical instruments, dancing, writing etc... are also forms of praise and worship yang lebih specific (bukan semua orang boleh buat)

doa jadi tunjang. and we're drawing our nutrients from the words of God (the Bible). selagi doa selari dengan what it said in the Bible, we're doing it fine. (alamaks... ni macam cakapan mama saya sudah ni...oi.. makcik-makcik sungguh)

tonite, the sharing will based on Luke 11:1-12 and contoh cara berdoa nabi Habakuk akan dipelajari (because it includes journaling-menulis doa dan jawapan doa) Habakuk 2:1-2.

i am so excited! God, be with me.. all the way.

this blog frenzy

i made friend through blog. and somehow it makes me happy and looking forward for yet another story of his life. (even though it's just a story of his craving for coffee..) i found it amusing, but most importantly, somehow i made connection with a total stranger out there (how strange is that?)

this new fascination to blog, will fade in time (i guess). what will remain i wonder what..

Monday, September 8, 2008

pasal hujan

hujan turun sepanjang hujung minggu di Kuching (or, at least di batu kawa- tempat sy tinggal). menjadikan hujung minggu lepas hujung minggu yang sangat kondusif untuk tidur.

having brunch. napping. TV. snack. sleep again. shower and lot more TV and SNACK . second chance (entah berapa kali sudah sy baca ni buku si Jodi. masih juga sy nangis-nangis lepas baca beberapa chapter) kalau ada internet conn di ruma, memang memblog sudah sy. hujung minggu yang hugely satisfaying (hahahahahahhahahahaha!!!!! in the world of PIG! mangkali lah....) but, i do enjoyed my weekend..

pasal mandi hujan (terperangkap di pasar satok) dan terlalu 'ladylike' sampai terlupa bawa payung (aiya mau cepat takut kuih kegemaran sy habis kena beli). batuk sdh saya... suara jadi macho sikit. bah jln dulu... mau cari kuih lagi..... di batu 7.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

in the end...

yesterday, my landlord died of unknown reason. the post mortem will finish probably by this afternoon. the funeral will be held tomorrow. he's young (52yrs) and very healthy (he's a member of Kuching's Hash). i didnt knew him well. but, people who knew him talked of him as a decent, honest man. a devout catholic and active in charity projects.

if numbers of people gathering at his house last night any sign of evidence.. he sure was one of those lucky fellow to live it well and made connection with lives. the crowds seem to be sincerely sorry that he's gone. (and i felt sorry that i didnt knew this guy to talk much of him).

but most of all, my heart goes to his sons, Tim, Zach, Mervin and Arthur. they lost their father! i cant stomach that notion of living without a father! (i love my dad too much to lose him) at least, not for a few more years... Lord please... (dad! watch your diet!)

death will eventually knocked at our door. when the time comes, i hope i'd be ready.

Friday, September 5, 2008


hooooono.. alaid tomod om kosorou oku nogi menulis blog id boros ku sondiri... alllaalala, grammar batabur kaanto la. om, popisompuron nopo, kuroyon po..

kalalangad mimboros dusun dot alaid au mingkalang dusun. haro tanganak hiti nga, suai-suai tampat. kogumuan mantad hilod tambunan. miloh id mimboros dusun nga, sepisuai 'slang'. au di kopiyo aramai mogkirumo-rumo. mandad poh hari lima minggu dapan, muli oku! muli oku walai! om monotos oku ndo mimboros!! hahahhaha!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

tending faith

my sis gave me a heartbreaking phonecall just now, concerning matter close to our heart. and it sadden my spirit. (but more when my sis made the confession earlier this year-my spirit still yearns for redemption). when thing like faith being discussed, i really can't help but to think.. (you have to be seriously thinking of the base and foundation of your life!!) and for me... you can't do it halfway... believing but not really believing. as for me, i've made my choice

i put my faith on Jesus. genuinely, honestly believe in Him. certain that, when this life is over, He'll be there for me. doing everything He could to have me. and if i need to be anywhere for eternity, i'll choose to have Jesus with me.

faith come with faithfullness. its easy to acquire faith, but to remain faithfull... thats another matter. a simple faith will never really complete (full) without being faithfull.

as for other faiths..i doubt theres any other faith..

on Christ the solid rock i stand
all other ground is sinking sand

akta-akta yang bikin pening kepala

tidak juga lah saya kasi salah students merungut pasal terpaksa membaca begitu banyak akta yang (ndak juga kupikir terlampau relevan sama kerja dorang)

bah imagine... i have to teach about 11 acts in 10 hours of teaching to a dip students. and the most absurd one was, they have to study 3 acts specified for use in peninsular (whats the point of studying it ar???) (apa mau cakap sama student? "its your job to study" but, really....aku pun ndak tau mau ckp apa)

yang bikin pening pagi ni, saya kena hantar my questions to Bahagian Pengurusan Latihan today for KPKP2113 (perundangan kesihatan) and i barely covered International Health Regulations last night (reading until the words means nothing) but i managed to scraped 4 MCQ from it. (ahaks!!! reading ka???... in between ada jg saya curi tgk Prison Break yang didownload dari bit comet yesterday- Micheal - that a hot guy!).

by 2.00 pm today, 14 questions should be ready.. bah ada lebih kurang 30 mins lagi..

mau balik rumah...

kawan-kawan sia semua ada friendster. (bah... biarlah saya buat blog saja).
sedang try out lah ni kononnya..harap dapat kena maintain and sia ndak cepat bored buat ni barang. almaklumlah... kena menaip and mengupdate..doiiiii

mau balik KK. mau jumpa sia punya favourite cook yang sukan makan basung goreng n nasi putih, yang suka makan durian (kalau musim durian, boli juga kasi invite p Ranau, curi durian bapa sia.....) i dont think my dad would mind (dia makan bahagian sia larrrr... ok kah boss?)
(macamlah si 'cook' akan pigi kan???)

hopefully teda prob... dapatlah balik hjg mgu dpn (12/09-seminggu-minggu!) i miss Ranau so much! and Sael! mesti sudah grow up! (jadilah sia yang paling kontot di rumah) i miss home!

a prayer fo him

there's a time when we're so in love and miss a person badly that we cry out to the ONE up there and thus... a prayer for him

a reminder for myself, that at one point of my life i was edging to desperation.

A Prayer for a Him

I pray that you keep him safe
Wherever he is
I pray that you watch over him
Wherever he is
I pray that you keep him company
Wherever he is
I pray that you will guide him
All days of his life

I pray for his happiness
I pray for his completeness
I pray for his every need
According to your own will
Let it be

I pray mostly,
For him to become a man after your own heart

What can a girl prays for a man she loves?
What more a girl can do but to pray for everything?
Everything and so much more!

16082008 Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu.