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Sunday, November 29, 2009

after sometimes

home after some 18 days missing. i miss my little nest. bad.

i should post more pics. and i'll do tomorrow.

right now. i want nothing but a hot choc and good rest. instead, ISO audit this Dec 2nd. lesson plans to complete and minutes to update. there's nothing better than a good shaker on the first day at work after leaving it for quite awhile. yeah.. life's like that.

p/s: jen, nanti kita pigi lagi jalan 8 km k..

Sunday, November 22, 2009

living in slow motion

a man wrote a book and dedicated it to his oldest and strongest pipe. a man with such affection should be a really interesting person ~ thus, interesting writing style. so, i bought the book and read on his ideas. it was full of hilarious thoughts and i have to say, i'm in love with the man.

do read his work, Jerome K. Jerome.

p/s; i miss my bed bad!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

the holiday..

i survived the holiday with my parents (i knew, it sounds like a bad horror movie). it's a very tiring, heart-wrenching (hahahah!- mostly embrassing moments- like, only parents can do to their offspring) trip. but, i'm glad we did it. (really..really glad)~ sampai rasa mau menangis

i promised a friend, to blog about Viet Nam's food. mare, nantilah ho!.. ni janji tarang bulan. mau upload gambar bapak gwe takot naik cable car yang dia bilang rail car.. mati mati lagi tu mempertahankan pendapat dia.. padahal sana atas tu station ada kena tulis CABLE CAR STATION! adaka?

adei.. mau merawat hati dulu ni

Sunday, November 1, 2009

muli oku, muli oku walai

trip 2- Ranau

i decided to blog only of 2 trips in October (sibu and KL omitted).

Boss: au ko muli makan durian ogou?
Togou: au kanto boss. sibuk ti bulan ti
B:ooo.. nga ogumu ma rambutan
T:naansak no toi ngawi? ( i flipped through my calendar. 23-27/10.)
B: om.. mumbal no moti somiratu durian om bambangan. ngam noh muli.
T: aiya boss. bukan sya makan juga tu durian tu.
B: muli gia, moi pomonsoi jeruk bambangan
T: kalau sya tidak dapat balik?
B: om, kuroiyon podi. nga milo nopo om, muli no.

so, i went home and glad i did.


and my favourite

3 events in Ranau ~ Pesta Kobis, Kundasang~ Pesta Durian, Ranau~ Mt. Kinabalu Climbathon, Kinabalu National Park. (simultaneously, during the weekend i was there. 24-25/10).

i chose to go kebun lado opurak and wait for sunset, gossiped with my younger brother and captured this. (Tuhan! to call this place, home. i can't thank YOU enough)

trip 1- kelantan

a quick updates. October was a busy month for me. a few series of trips, and plans for future trips. which can only leads to an emptier pockets. but, i had fun. looking forward for more blasts of fun next year! kaibigans?

ok. here goes... the trip to Kelantan. Thank you Jane, Fread, Dawn, Viossi and Niko. next time we stay in Tumpat ya. i need to go jogging around all those beautiful Wats. btw, its way nearer to Pengkalan Kubur, nearer to cheap Pistachios, biji ketereh, Corelle, Tefal, Supor, Luminarc..

main reason for me being there, was to witness a dear friend's wedding. Congratulation Mie!

and aktiviti sampingan...

makai..(and no.. she's just a model. we ate the food with her. and.. its almost midnight when we proceed to this ritual.)

(the model's muka cuak makan lewat malam.. hahahhaha!)

sweet sticky kuih-muih (Fread, aku tau ko rasa-rasa macam mau cari air kosong ni sekarang)

these were actually taken in KL. at my new, favourite place to membantai.

thank you kaibigans.. again for, the good time we've had.

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