Sunday, November 22, 2009

living in slow motion

a man wrote a book and dedicated it to his oldest and strongest pipe. a man with such affection should be a really interesting person ~ thus, interesting writing style. so, i bought the book and read on his ideas. it was full of hilarious thoughts and i have to say, i'm in love with the man.

do read his work, Jerome K. Jerome.

p/s; i miss my bed bad!


jenkays said...

i miss eating like no tomorrow...(sori teda kaitan sama post ini)

Mell (tsm4) said...

pinjam all ur books. *puppy eyes*

kukuanga said...

ko. go slow lah bah geng... (remember.. ni hari anam penting k! jan kasi dissapoint sy!) hahahhahah!

thats pretty. boli bah, kalau kau.

jenkays said...

hahaha..hari anam saja ah..!! lepas tu eat like never before..can??
kemarin sudah kecundang dengan 2 ketul ayam KFC..!! ini semua salah KFC..semua salah KFC..! Boleh saman kah itu ah??

*berat badan naik 500g hari ni!!