Tuesday, November 23, 2010

some weekends are better than others

last weekend was certainly one of my best this year. Popong from Sibu, Jen from KL flew in Wednesday (Hari Raya Qurban) and friday night, Fread and Dawn came from KK. Saturday, we sunburned ourselves in Serikin.

The highlight of the weekend was Noel's Birthday party on saturday's night! too many good things to mention (and i dont have a picture to share). enough to say, from now on, i'm a converted baking enthusiast! O i so love the moist carrot cake (and i never ate anything sweet with cinnamon).Dy, your carrot cake was the only exception.

and the plan for 10 days DownUnder?! guys, i AM in.

kaibigan, kasi up stamina okey? mesti berjalan dengan sangat bersemangat merayau-rayau di Wat itu..

when words failed to describe the outburst of feeling you felt when that boy ran to his grandpa and said "you bought everything for me?". and you knew part of his history. and looking at apu's, nenek's and mommy's faces (the struggles they may have been through). and realized, this is love. this is the feel of being loved.

Friday, November 19, 2010

when friends come over,

say goodbye to your diet, say hulo to late night gossips and cover your ears when swears criss-cross.

and please, try not to be too overzealous on converting them to your religion (ie: books, sewing, crochet) not everybody love the concept of a quite evening WITHOUT a TV. get real, its not zaman batu.

most of all, let them play with your friend's cats and feed them well. (the human and cats)

you can let them sit on your living room floor if you dont own and sofa. its ok to let them sleep on the floor also. and let them use their backpacks as a pillow. provide enough air abok for this purpose. it'll do the trick. (the JUNK proved to provide stiff cocktails- bring them there). you? keep on sipping shiraz.

Hinakah aku kerana tidak memiliki set TV di zaman moden ini ?

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Lucky, Lucky

saya sayang dia dia sayang saya

The caption on his shirt really funny, come to think of it. but the wearer's good looking face somehow make the caption seems serious. or does it make it more hillarious? super-indon. muahahaha!

I read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and funnily, the author kept on telling the readers the caption on the heroine's T-Shirt (i lost count- my favourite was: Armageddon was yesterday. today we have a serious problem). its not funny story. its intensely savage.

Somehow, over the weekend, i managed to read (in order) House Rules-Jodi Picoult, the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl who played with Fire - Stieg Larsson, Spot of Bother- Mark Haddon and To Kill a Mockingbird - Harper Lee. and 25 first pages of Moby Dick.(aww.. the last book will take me a month if not more to finish) and i will re-read all those books, starting with To Kill a Mockingbird.

how do i rate them books?

1. To kill a mockingbird - i dont know why i never want to pick this book before. this is one fine book. honest, simple, wholesome. (i see my dad in Atticus, and mighty lucky to have En. Mujat as a father-Pong, you should read this book)

2. Spot of Bother- i think highly of Haddon first book -The Incident of the Dog in the Night Time. this second novel not quite up to the first's level. but its good. very good actually. hillarious, insanely humane, touching. (my family seems ordinary compared to the Hall's family). i cant wait for another Haddon's in the future.

3. Stieg Larsson's books. i'd seen the movie. "Män som hatar kvinnor". and i was blown over. i even like that unknown actor who played Kalle Blomkvist (upss... sorry.. ya, sure all these times we only knew them Hollywood). i usually will love the book version better than the movie. but, in this case, i have to say, i LOVE the movie more!. the setting was perfect, the actress was superb. even the rape scene looks real! and that- super savage. do, go to youtube and find the trailer. so, now i have to have the last of the triology, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest. btw, i like the 2nd novel better. more feeling, more resentment. (have you ever wonder, whats all those books lined up on IKEA's displayed racks- now, i have a glimpse of their literature, i'm awfully sorry i cant read those) (pong, you should read this to show GATAN that he is famous in Sweden.. all those places ended with .....gatan)

4. House Rules- normally, i'd cry over Jodi's. not this one. i am still a big fan of hers. and no plan on dropping her from my must read list. but after more than 10 books, you began to see the pattern and its not as exciting nor eye opener anymore. one of the main reason we read is to open our eyes to new possibilities, ideas and perspectives. if the technique became stale, its like eating stale bread. satisfying, but not deliciously satisfying.

book for december's cart. ya, i made a budget list for books to buy. i need to save money for our March Holiday!- 1. Larsson's final triology of The Girl. 2. Solo by Rana Dasgupta.

Lucky is the best word for having a family you trully love. one, that, if you have a choice, you'd picked them anyway. Lucky is the best word for finding in the million heaps of people in the world, few rare good friends. and we treasure them, because we knew, we cant be in a winning streak forever.

p/s kaibigans! its november! peringatan pertama.. muahahahaha!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

on higher ground

me on high

i was in Miri last week for my DKP10 convocation. i tried to upload pictures here. but, its tooooo darn slow. so, i used FB instead (i have to admit, the act almost choked me up)

dont ask why i was on high in Miri. dont even think of asking the whom with.

a good company can make you high. you know you're in a good company when you talk with ease, laugh more and when you are not talking, its a comfortable silence.

ya. i'm thinking of you guys. cant wait for our november party!