Tuesday, November 27, 2018

November snippets

I need the office's Wi-Fi to back up my phone. So, i have a few minutes to spare after work (because that's the only time our office's wi-fi will be a bit more faster). I paid my last tuition fee today, put it all on my card. My Birthday, Christmas and New Year's presents are all cancel this year. Hopefully, everything regarding my study will be over by January (final exam schedule is not out yet). viva is on 16th, December. its been a super exhausting past 2 years. But, if i had to do it again, i will do it. There are so many good things happened during the study period, many good hearts.

My reading progress has been in slump for the past 2 years too. I read lots of articles though. I haven't subscribed to Netflix yet, on Apple Music instead of Spotify. Watched a lot of  movies on Youtube and ramble things on Twitter. I'd give up on Facebook. Started to fill in my IG with food pictures. And yes, finally i went for a formal training to massage. We're opening our mobile spa. I am preparing my place for transit spa (opening in January 2019). Maybe i will blog about that in the coming year.

It's almost the end of November. Raining daily in Kuching.