Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Incubus Concert in KL

So, Incubus will perform again in KL. i saw the advert in (where else?) AirAsia in flight magazine. ya, they'll be in KL, 23rd july. yes, they're the demon band, haunting and arousing women with their music. they're that wicked!

get more info on Icubus concert in KL from this guy.

despite the busy week with piled up works, a blogger made me smile at the silly blog entries. sot! my incubus.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


A recent conversation between me and Ira (5 years old daughter of a colleague) over her art job.

Me: what colour is this? brown? yellow?
Ira: it's beige aunty.

precisely. she blew my dream bubble of becoming art critic.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

get to know the man behind the mess

I'd like to introduce to you: Datuk IBRAHIM ALI, MP of Pasir Mas, Kelantan. without a doubt, one of the most influential Malaysian in our country. Persuasive, charismatic and outspoken. Google him up.


over the current issue of serious (baseless) allegation by UTUSAN MALAYSIA. Let's just hope, Malaysians at large are more sensible than the man above and the Editor of this newspaper.

btw, i dont read this malay paper, only aware of this issue after reading the sunday post of BORNEO POST: this and this

Friday, May 13, 2011

vegetable stall near Bundu Tuhan junction, Ranau

i heard rumor of jalan KK-Ranau notuhan* again. a friend who did her masters on types of soils surrounding Ranau-Kundasang highlands aptly named the loose soil as tanah sumurong, literally means soil that move. and yet, the Environmental department approved on building up a posh hotel nearby Kinabalu National Park (but of course they can afford all those expensive safety measures, right?). they're messing the landscape of Kundasang town (much to my dismay)

i just hope, our favourite vegetables stall (near Bundu Tuhan junction) will still be there for many years to come, to remind me of my root, the hardship we endure and the comfort of knowing where i belong.

i miss home badly.

*notuhan = landslide

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

BOOK: The Shadow of The Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon

481 pages and you have to read each page to get the storyline correctly, because this is a book with main plot, sub plots, sub-sub plots, where each character played important role in building up an intricate, very mazelike content.

i was hooked from the first paragraph as the author described the dawn of early summer in Barcelona in 1945 as "dawn poured over Rambla de Santa Monica in wreath of liquid copper". Oh! i wished, i had his clarity in giving description. Reading those line made me SEE those street as if i was there. No matter how bizzare this might sound to you, he transported me to places, introduced me to people with different characters. This book is, magic.

The summary of the book is simple. a boy read a book and wanted to read another book by that author. His dad was a second hand book dealer and through acquaintances, found out the author had written several books but, mysteriously dissapeared. The boy's copy might be the last in existance. His quest to unravel the mysteries trapped him in a very complex situation, where his own life might be condemn to despair. The boy who started off to seek the truth, returned a man with changed perspective of truth.

Dont be decieved by my super simplified summary. The book is a must read. If i could read in Spanish, i'd read the original. Lucia Graves made an excellent English translation (she even gave different english accent to the man who spoke different Spanish accent)--which is for me neat and seriously funny. Ruiz Zafon was lucky to have her.

i'd give the book 4.75/5

i dont usually go and check author's fan website. but, this is the link for Carlos Ruiz Zafon's. this is the second book i borrow from this lady

Monday, May 9, 2011

here's Aere

i should be posting a book review yesterday, but i have no idea how to write it. and besides, we are busy with our final exam (the idea of ME taking the job over as a setiausaha peperiksaan next semester) really scare the wit out of me.

anyway, i am going to post the review of "Shadow of The Wind" sometime this week. this is one of those rare long novel that hooked me perfectly in sync with its story, i even dreamt of it. i ended up reading the book in super slow mode---tasting the words in my tongue. yaa..(rolled your eyes), that's me, indulged in a very sexy book written by a Spanish author. one of my most satisfying weekend, reading the said book. never mind the heatwave that seems to surround our country these days.

thanks to Aere, we'll experience stuffy, hot days for yet another week.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

seitan dishes

stir fried seitan with chinese cabbage and black beans in oyster sauce

stir fried seitan with fermented chilies and greens

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I was on a date with a gf last night and we decided to watch Thor at The Spring MBO. we got a 'super comfy' auto reclined seats and with the air cond at low temp, its almost a miracle we didnt grope at each other. it was cold!, even with a sweater on. (how can we blame the kids at the back in doing what they're doing?) i'd say, super supportive environment.

Well, i usually talked of outdated movies in this blog. but, i couldnt help myself commenting on the movie i watched last night. the long anticipated Marvel comics adaptation, Thor. it was a major dissapointment. and he's scheduled to make another appearance in Captain America? Oh! Marvellous. No?

Seriously now, casting Anthony Hopkins for Odin?. its like casting saiful apek for Sultan Mahmud in Puteri Gunung Ledang. as for Natalie Portman, she's fabulous. it's just, with her all over the news for doing it great in Black Swan. somehow, it reminded me of Agnes Monica popularity in Indonesia (she's almost on every advertisment, ranging from ubat tolak angin to high-tech gadget, billboards, TV, even on the side of buses----at least this hold true the last time we were in Jakarta) edei.. teda orang lain lagi kah?

i was expecting something heart stopping moment like i felt watching Transformers or Iron man. none. Oh! wait, there's one scene with the expelled Thor in tight jeans, topless, that was breathtaking. But on entirely different pulse. hmph..

so, yeah, to be in the rank of gods (etched to memory and worshipped at heart), Thor certainly still have a lot to learn.

Monday, May 2, 2011

BOOK: True North by Kimberly Kafka

To what extent do you think you would go to start anew in life? would you abandon everything and go to the end of the world for a second chance in life?. most of us, me included, are too bagged down, deeply rooted that moving away from our small niche, familiar habitat is simply a risk not worth taking.

But, what if you could afford to get away?

Bailey did that. After the death of her only sibling, she moved away from her hometown to the unknown territory of Alaska. She bought a piece of land, without really knowing she’s tempering with the native’s politic ie: The native’s cooperation. Kash, who would do anything for his people including seducing Bailey to get her land in their campaign to unite the whole native land under the cooperation, was the leader for that Coop.

Living in Alaska as an alien fighting torrent weather, with short summer and long, dreadful winter, Bailey adjusted her life by trying to live adjacent but not involved with the native. She even tried to be indifferent to Kash, with little success. But, all was good and in peace until a young couple lured by the gold prospect in Alaska decided to come under the guise of camping and hiking in the wilderness.

By some twist of fates, in the goodness of her heart to help Kash, Bailey ended up being responsible to send off the young couple to their basecamp. the sensitive natives went aggresive towards the whites when they suspected the true intention of their guests. Bailey stucked in the middle of the aggresion when she found out that, the young girl might be linked to her past private life and tried to save them from the natives aggresion.

Kash, torn between protecting his natives rights and his true affection to Bailey must act fast and precise, to save not only his people's honour but his heart's angel.

your love is my shelter
my compass, my true north
wherever i go, your love is guiding me forth
(Eternity of our love- Millette Addison)