Monday, May 2, 2011

BOOK: True North by Kimberly Kafka

To what extent do you think you would go to start anew in life? would you abandon everything and go to the end of the world for a second chance in life?. most of us, me included, are too bagged down, deeply rooted that moving away from our small niche, familiar habitat is simply a risk not worth taking.

But, what if you could afford to get away?

Bailey did that. After the death of her only sibling, she moved away from her hometown to the unknown territory of Alaska. She bought a piece of land, without really knowing she’s tempering with the native’s politic ie: The native’s cooperation. Kash, who would do anything for his people including seducing Bailey to get her land in their campaign to unite the whole native land under the cooperation, was the leader for that Coop.

Living in Alaska as an alien fighting torrent weather, with short summer and long, dreadful winter, Bailey adjusted her life by trying to live adjacent but not involved with the native. She even tried to be indifferent to Kash, with little success. But, all was good and in peace until a young couple lured by the gold prospect in Alaska decided to come under the guise of camping and hiking in the wilderness.

By some twist of fates, in the goodness of her heart to help Kash, Bailey ended up being responsible to send off the young couple to their basecamp. the sensitive natives went aggresive towards the whites when they suspected the true intention of their guests. Bailey stucked in the middle of the aggresion when she found out that, the young girl might be linked to her past private life and tried to save them from the natives aggresion.

Kash, torn between protecting his natives rights and his true affection to Bailey must act fast and precise, to save not only his people's honour but his heart's angel.

your love is my shelter
my compass, my true north
wherever i go, your love is guiding me forth
(Eternity of our love- Millette Addison)


jenkays said...

i think i must read this book...

kukuanga said...

aha! so, now, you read book?

boli time i go KL, i'll bring the book along.

Hidayah Ismawi said...

wow! would love to go somewhere and get away from it all.. but Alaska ?? that's really remote ..hehe

jenkays said...

i said i must read...didn't say i read book hehee..darn it kena beli lah tu samsung tab...

kukuanga said...

yeah.. so remote kan? i only need to head up to my kampung to be 'that' remote. not even a proper signal of my celcom hp. btw, i send the books via pos biasa to your place.. i love sticking up stamps. and i used to collect them.

you did wrote "read this book" muahahahaaa...