Tuesday, May 17, 2011

get to know the man behind the mess

I'd like to introduce to you: Datuk IBRAHIM ALI, MP of Pasir Mas, Kelantan. without a doubt, one of the most influential Malaysian in our country. Persuasive, charismatic and outspoken. Google him up.


over the current issue of serious (baseless) allegation by UTUSAN MALAYSIA. Let's just hope, Malaysians at large are more sensible than the man above and the Editor of this newspaper.

btw, i dont read this malay paper, only aware of this issue after reading the sunday post of BORNEO POST: this and this


Dy said...

Gosh... SERIOUSLY!!!! hidup dalam zaman apa bah this guy?...

kukuanga said...

ahahhhaaa.. which article you read ar? the christian's conspiracy? the jihad against christian? or the reasons for malaysian extramarital affairs? muahahaha..this guy is some specimen eh?

he's a jerk. no doubt.

Dy said...

memang perlu di buat experiment terhadap the brains of this particular male... read all the articles, one after another my eyes terbeliak more and more!

yes. no doubt about it.

kukuanga said...

Islam is the official religion of this nation, that's written in our constituation. unassailable. true and stated.

Prime minister should have 2/3 majority in the parliament. means, may the best man wins, regardless of his faith/race. its open field. true and stated.

why all the panic over some blog statements?

kukuanga said...

God doesnt need help in making this country His own. true Christians knew these: He got Malaysia in His hands.

Allah bagi kita, siapakah lawan kita?

Dy said...

Totally agree bah... why freak out just over a simple blog statement... begitu kecil their holding faith?