Friday, May 13, 2011

vegetable stall near Bundu Tuhan junction, Ranau

i heard rumor of jalan KK-Ranau notuhan* again. a friend who did her masters on types of soils surrounding Ranau-Kundasang highlands aptly named the loose soil as tanah sumurong, literally means soil that move. and yet, the Environmental department approved on building up a posh hotel nearby Kinabalu National Park (but of course they can afford all those expensive safety measures, right?). they're messing the landscape of Kundasang town (much to my dismay)

i just hope, our favourite vegetables stall (near Bundu Tuhan junction) will still be there for many years to come, to remind me of my root, the hardship we endure and the comfort of knowing where i belong.

i miss home badly.

*notuhan = landslide


ppong said...

the stall is still there. and its super sejuk there (compared to this very2 the hot kk), and im missing rananu so much juga. cant wait to meet up with u. bah 2 more weeks before the holiday. wohoo!!

kukuanga said...

ya.. two more weeks.. this morning somehow, batu 7 in Kuching was misty. remind me so much of kampung.. muahhahahah..

Dy said...

mau lah menyampuk ni kampung halaman :P heheheh... the veg stalls... i fell in love with them the first time i saw... and of course, i bought heaps even when knowing deep in my heart that we will not have time to masak and makan all of them (some even end up in Kuching!) That's a wonderful place you both got there.

jenkays said...

i miss the place too...!!! i cried when i was there...!! really best itu tempat...!! teringat lah sama riding on charles pickup...we were young and crazies...!!! makan durian tepi jalan..curi2 makan buah2 dari itu aunty punya kedai...wakakak...fuh..i was alive then..!! wonder when can i go again??

kukuanga said...

wonderful eh dy, jen,
wait for my center, then you guys can visit me often. boli kan?

ppong said...

oohh., apa jadi sama cerita center itu? bah kasi jalan bah. heheh. 10 days to go!