Monday, September 27, 2010

monday blues

last week was busy. it's one meeting after another. its almost october, and its always hectic in my college towards october. final semester examination, convocation, final list for final year students placement, and last minutes extra curricular activities (we stop all our extra-curricular activities by end of oct to concentrate on the final exam in nov)

i have trouble sleeping. so, i read and re-read. i'm writing a review of Irving's Twisted River. i'll post it sometime this week. i read twice, Farish's Quran and cricket. read Luke, and felt like i never read it before. i tried hard not to watch movies (as i tend to go marathon).

i woke early today, only to realize, its almost 7 am. heavy rain in Kuching. real melancholic feel. a good day to start my week.

i find this picture, and i cant help but to smile.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

if we hold on together

I blogged sometimes ago about Max, our choir director. His bestfriend is Kiko (bukan nama sebenar), and I like this guy tremendously. He is quiet, shy, amazing musician, devout Christian and very good looking guy and he's orang Ranau. Perfect for my sister. (what?!). nah… itulah tanda-tanda orang menjadi semakin tua. Berabisan kasi match orang. Wah! So the aunty-aunty me!. But, he’s taken. No surprise there.

This is the sister I’d like to introduce him. Lyrice (pronounce: Lai – ris (latin))@ Kiris. matila dia maradang sama saya, if she knew what i almost did.

Me and our youngest sister, Lisa
me and Lisa

Us, girls: Kukuanga, Popong, Lyrice and Lisa. No, please don’t be tempted to click on popong’s link. She rarely updates her blog. Make me wonder, what’s her point of having one?

us, girls

p/s: jen, please check Land before time I and II (good for our superstar pujaan). Our second song for the choir is the soundtrack for Land before Time I “if we hold on together”. MAX! thanks for the amazing song selection and thanks for sharing what moved you to pick the song. (mari kasi kalah tu pondan-pondan <--- astaga! prejudisnya!)

Monday, September 13, 2010

the books

i finished reading TAPAI by Hishamuddin Rais last night and was glad i read him first before Tina Kisil's book. i was fairly dissapointed by Kisil's. but, i'd give it another try today. i might erase this tomorrow (if i change my mind), but, as of now my 3 major dissapointments in Kisil's book are:
1. the typeface and unjustified paragraphs
2. the stories are not chronologically structured, making the whole book looks messy
3. what? she doesnt speak Dusun? are you kidding me? blur that sentence out man... theres no good excuse of inability to speak Dusun for kampung kids back in the 60's. thus, the story seems real fake to me.

the good side? my sister approved of it. the front cover is excellent. though, i'd much prefered a right foot marking on the paddy fields (left one is considered bad luck and rude in Dusun culture...). i'm doing the re-reading. maybe, its my fault, maybe i put high expectation on the book.

As for the TAPAI, 2 thumbs up. (written by a swan among the ducks, who discovered that he can fly- enjoy the flight dude- in the end, you'll realize, you are too, just a bird, like the rest of the ducks). i love the honesty in his writing and the theme- food. except for 3 chapters, he wrotes hardcore food discoveries, which i enjoyed very much! and the liberation of ones mind. that's the essence of his writing. but, trying to be different for the sake of being different is hardly a statement and most of the time a real cliche. (i'll save him an invitation for our satay and red wine eatery). anybody knew how to contact him?

here's my new mug---->

i still have Farish Noor and Irving for weekend and a new mug to accompany me. my hexies progress in my my other blog "my passion" and i paste picture of the front cover of books i read over there.

i'm going to write a review of Kisil's book. so i wont rant about it here. i found the author's blog Tea with Tina. she's a new blogger and if you think her book good, her blog is a must visit.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

on phasing zone

whew! been a while eh?

still a bit disoriented. telampau tidur, telampau makan and telampau tiak buat apa-apa during the looooooong holidays.

Malaysia airlines inflight magazine sept issue quite interesting (i'll blog about this later). i need to have TAPAI and Tina Kisil's - footprints in the paddy fields. i mentioned the book to my sis on the day i arrived in KK and she got hers already (she bought it for Rm32.90 at Eaton's).

i tried crocheting and my bro comment: bah satu tahun laitu kau kasi siap tu selimut. it might as well. the hexies still on the stagnant phase, collecting dust. (i am too ambitious on saying finish by 'mid sept'? its mid sept already)

the kids are on their mid sem break, so, i'm phasing myself from holiday mood to office somber environment. to all you guys still in holiday.. enjoy.