Sunday, September 12, 2010

on phasing zone

whew! been a while eh?

still a bit disoriented. telampau tidur, telampau makan and telampau tiak buat apa-apa during the looooooong holidays.

Malaysia airlines inflight magazine sept issue quite interesting (i'll blog about this later). i need to have TAPAI and Tina Kisil's - footprints in the paddy fields. i mentioned the book to my sis on the day i arrived in KK and she got hers already (she bought it for Rm32.90 at Eaton's).

i tried crocheting and my bro comment: bah satu tahun laitu kau kasi siap tu selimut. it might as well. the hexies still on the stagnant phase, collecting dust. (i am too ambitious on saying finish by 'mid sept'? its mid sept already)

the kids are on their mid sem break, so, i'm phasing myself from holiday mood to office somber environment. to all you guys still in holiday.. enjoy.


jenkays said...

bila lah kita lancarkan kempen benteraskan kandungan mare?

ppong said...

just finished reading the 'Footprints in the Paddy Fields'. Menarik juga, walaupun ada masa bikin confuse (mungkin lagi menarik kalau dia susun cerita ikut umur dia). ada masa agk hampa bila dia tdk cukup elaborate dia pny cerita. but in many occasions, dia tulis in such details bikin sia rasa kagum.

apa yg bikin dia sangat menarik is, it reflects some of our own childhood. one of the book that i'll keep n re read.

kukuanga said...

just bought mine this morning. i'll read tonight. will review tomorrow. hopefully. i'm reading tapai by hisahmuddin rais. VERY INTERESTING. bought two more books- one by my current fave-very good looking academician Farish A Noor. and my ever fave- john irving- last night in twisted river.

jen, hahahahha... mengugurkan kandungan.. soooooo ilegal!

Dy said...

yes, it's been a while :) kamon, kamon, pick up those hexies!!! me wan me tote bag!! :)

Kagum ni dgn semangat pembacaan and semangat penguguran kandungan (me wanna join the later one! haha)

jenkays said...

kalau it's illegal.. lets flash it then wakaka (apa aku cakap ni??)
apa bah ko dua baca ni??is it any good? :P

p/s mana lah skirt aku ah???

kukuanga said...

hahahha.. always the talk bah that semangat pengguguran tu. apa pun tarak.. muahahah

its a book i'm keen on showing your dad. after i read baru i komen on laaa.. sy mau your dad write a book like that one la...

jenkays said...

usah lah ko menambah projek dia yg byk terbangkalai...hehe..mare jom hujung tahun ni Bario..!