Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Gawai and Kaamatan

obstetric trauma, cord prolapse, women's health, etc. i gained more in the short two days of our recent course and probably the best i've attended in quite a while. i love the way they presented it. its so humbling to hear people with so much knowledge and experience, sharing it generously, and never once chided you for asking a silly, downright stupid question.

plus, they served a super hot Tom Yum Kung for lunch. if i were a man, i'd marry one of those jururawat masyarakat. they are super hot! (i mean they're cool ladies who can deliver any baby with just a blink of an eye. i mean, not them delivering. they help mommies to deliver their babies. i mean.. that's just cool). i dont think, i want that for a career.

i started making patchwork! all those hexagons! its a slow and very tedious job. but, somehow it get me occupied and partially happy (i get irritated mostly).

its almost Gawai. i have one wedding invitation in Serian. i wont be home for Kaamatan. and i'll see all my inner circle friends in about 2 weeks for our little walkabout.

architecture. it sounds grand. maybe it is. i'll tell her. we'll talk.

Selamat Gawai. gayu guru gerai nyamai. kotobian tadau tagayo do kaamatan. bah, miramai-ramai tokou no ngawi.

Monday, May 17, 2010


i dont really fancy reading poem for the energy it takes to understand in depth. i like my prose plain and simple. Robert Frost is one. and Sheree Fitch. she never failed to amuse me. i got her first collection "in this house are many women", a 1993 publication. (confession: i bought it for the cover painting, a nude). sure, i got it from flea market. where else?


read everything Gloria Steinem ever wrote
her last book first

ego is like a hat
useful protection
but it should always be taken off
before entering a room
or sitting at a table
with others

you are not only what you do
or who you love
but you must do to discover
who you are
love to discover
why you are

i wont retype the whole lot. i have yet to read anything of Gloria Steinem. i absolutely trust the ego-cap thing. (unrelated matter, i bought a nice cap to match Dawn's stylish cap an jane's penjahat punya cap~ so, i can't wait to see you guys and show it off!). and i have yet to grasp a simple essence of the third stanza. (i got it alright, but seeing like, in a dim light or something.. bukan mentol yang menyala-nyala. hahahahha. ngok!)

ooooo.. last week was hell.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

mad-der day

Previous post was stupid. but, i wont delete it. period.

i was supposed to post this for Mother's Day. but, here's anyway, i finally planted my 'magic' beans. only one live though.. so much for a support.

1/2 day

4th day

10th day-today!
(look at the cloud!)

i read Jonathan Kellerman's Monster, sunday (mother's day). my first of his work. quite interesting. (criminal mind, the mentalist approach). he's a psychologist by profession, turned writer. (so, i guess, he knew his stuff well). but, that also makes him sane enough to write a mad story. thus, to my opinion, too structured and too predictable. (and too many jargon..). but, to be able to write a fine story like that. he is very good.


my favourite mad writer is Poe. i read his "The tell tale heart" in Indonesian version "Jantong yang membuka rahasia" when i was about 10, and it haunted me ever since. i managed to read the english version 10 years later. (too much stephen King has since entered my mind, that the suspense and horror somehow, diluted). but, i remember, the clouded mind of the main character. its frightening. and not a genre i usually read.

i remember asking my mom when i was a child if orang gila can go to heaven. i wonder, still.
because my mom didnt answered me. (i want to ask her now. but, she'll speculate me yang gila. better not bugger her.) Happy Mother's day mom.