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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Books by Nick Hornby

OOOOO.. boy. 

I'm on a marathon read of Nick Hornby's books. So far, i'd read 4 of his books and i have 2 more book at home to read. i got the books from my last BBW purchase. Yeah! i went to BBW 2015, the first day and got 42 books. I tried to buy female authors this time (because books at home are mostly written by male authors), but, somehow i got hooked to these Hornby's. 

I absolutely love Nick Hornby's.

I love the witty, funny and brazen voices of characters in his books. simple daily issues written in a deep sobering thoughts. of the 4 books i'd read, i think, i like best: A Long Way Down. It's a story of 4 suicidal people who ended up being not so-suicidal after their meet up at the Topper tower. I like the way the author give different (authentic) voice for each of the characters.

Nick somehow reminded me of Ika Natassa (Indonesian writer) style of writing. I really like Ika's books.

Apparently, there's a movie for A Long Way Down. So, if you're not into reading, maybe you can try watching the movie. Thank you Google for providing the pic. yeah.. there's YT trailer too.  Pierce Brosnan yaw!

I went to the Philippines last week for a week-long vacation and was awe-struck by the availability of books and good magazines at  a very reasonable  price there. I bought 2 books (95 Peso each - thats about RM9?, its a hardcover btw, and pre-loved of course, but its look okey) and a NG magazine on natural remedies. (I flew Cebu Pacific and didn't buy luggage allowance, therefore the minimal amount of books buy). 

Now, time to read another 2 books by Hornby and Stephen King's very thick book; Under The Dome. That's my TBR for the Christmas holiday.

Cheers! Happy Holiday!

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Little Black Dress

I remember making a statement not so long ago, that i can't stand reading a chick lit and specifically mentioned Little Black Dress books. Oh.. well, i need to take those words back.

After an intense couple of weeks doing exam related works with no weekends (yes, the poor kids sat for their exam on weekend too!), its a huge relief to just lounge off on a weekend with books. I read 2 black dress books on Saturday and spent the whole of Sunday of daydreaming. (ya, that's what you do after reading a black dress-sigh!)

Not another Bad Date by Rachel Gibson
Sunnyside Blues by Mary Carter 

I enjoyed both books. But, if i had to point which is better, its the 'not another bad date', maybe because i identified myself with the heroine in that story better than the other. Ya, i secretly wanted my hair to be curly--i tried perming my hair once. it was disastrous. my brother asked me "kenapa kau mau rambut macam om?" (why you wanted a timorese hair?). yes. racist him!

I grew up reading lots of Mills & Boon and Harlequin books (for the lack of options). I guess having read so much of that kind gave me the overdose. desensitized.

Maybe its akin to my dislike for red spinach. There was a year when mom cooked red spinach in every meal at home for months (a community nurse remedy to baby kurang darah). Red spinach and chicken liver! grossest food ever. I refused to eat red spinach and chicken liver until recently. Red spinach and chicken liver are actually okey-ish food. 

Me coming back to that Little Black Dress book is something like that. They're certainly not  my favourite, but, on a lazy, rainy Saturday morning, i'd settle for one. if only to take off my mind from the bleak reality. I know, life is pathetic.

Anyhow, Cheers! it's December. 
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