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Monday, September 28, 2009

last weekend

as promised, pictures from my last outing. 256 ++ steps to kg. Simuti. church camp with at least 700 other participants. i went with these kids.
i had fun. free, lively and wonderful time of fellowship, praise & worship. just what i need the most... (thank you guys, kamu jugalah yang paling sporting)

adei.. ter "sunburned" sy ni. kulit jadi galap.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

dating him

this weekend is the time i've waited for a very long time. finally, an official date with my Oli. will spend the next 3 days with him! (ya, i am truly excited). him, and of course a bunch of teens.

Monday, September 14, 2009

new focus

the haze in Kuching getting worse. it doesn't help me to breathe easy (this, of course of entirely different reason). ya, i think i'm in love. (i knew, it sounds lame, blurting it out in here). i need time to figure this out.

this weekend, i'll be somewhere in the kampung for a youth camp. in dire need of spiritual rediscovery. i need His guidance. my life really need a new focus.

Jalynn sent me the CD (Delivered and Alive). i enjoy all the music composition. not so the vocal. sorry. especially, "Gerakan", the guitars are just awesome. and i cried, listening to Nimrod's "Ku Berlari". rest in peace dear friend, yours over. i wonder, how's my doing..

we will have a week holiday for Hari Raya, next week. happy holiday to all of us.

Jane. i forgot to buy that CD at midV. terus terfikir-fikir ni.. bagus tu dengar lagu yang melancholic time hati mengharap-harap. ya, your mare here, jiwang2 gitu.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

i heart him

i read a post of a blogger friend with heavy heart. why give up on something/someone so easily? ain't anything special requires more efforts and determination?

i let go most of my saving to get "him". finally, i decided on olympus e620. main reason? he's lightweight, underwater protector and just because. and i think, i'm happy. and a few thousands broke. i just hope, i'll not get bored of him too soon. and many happy years from now, i'll look back and say, i'm glad i decided on oli.

p/s: if only i can tell a person, the obvious. that ya, kau pun tau saya suka sama kau. will it make any easier? will it hurts me more or will it hurts him more? i dont have any idea.

Friday, September 11, 2009


still suffer with my sleeping disorder. too tired lately. stayed up most nights. i'm glad it's over (the questions formulation). it ended today. but, still in KL to finally get to know him. i'll meet him tomorrow!. yay!

thank God for good friends. at Jane's. having a good time with Lahong and jane at Posen.

and finally internet connection, courtesy of Jane. and finally i can comment on blogs i frequent. and i'm glad for him. he make me think. a lot. and that is a very good thing.
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