Sunday, December 6, 2009


i finally get hold of "The Catcher in The Rye". after about 20 pages, i almost vomited of raw and straightforwardness of phrases. which is very refreshing (but, at the same time dizzying). i need to have a break. i'll catch on later on the Catcher...

made my first batch of Kimchi last night. i tried to get common chili flakes, but got Paprika instead, so, the greens look real red. and i cheated by adding rice vinegar. i love it sour (the lactic acid from the fermentation will make it sour, but i want extra). (i hope, it'll work). 48 hours to go!

ya. i should be writing about Cha Gio, Nuoc Cham, Pho... (and i will... ooo.. when?)

the "catcher in the rye" = very good. (2 days me in melancholic mood ~ according to mimi)- i didnt even realized the effect! duh!

the kimchi = not so good. after standing in room temperature for 52 hours. the acids more than my own liking. (next batch~ i'll add on a bit of binagongan, substitute for fish sauce. hahahha)

we'll try out a Vietnamese restaurant in KK next week. i have two in my list. (maybe, i'll eventually start writing of Cha Gio, Nuoc Cham, Pho.. etc.) iyalah..