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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Passion Sharing 2

After some contemplation, here's 15 titles i'll be offering for bookswap/bookloan. i'll be adding more titles soon. but, wait, i have to set a separate blog for this thing, as not to disrupts my regular blog. and also i am really bad at writing book review. so, most probably, the books offered will only contain basic descriptions and maybe a link to a better review online. ya, that's a cheat, i know.

1. MISTER PIP by Lloyd Jones [2006, BantamDell]
2. MIDNIGHT'S CHILDREN by Salman Rushdie [2008, Vintage (reprint of 1981, Random House]
3. BY THE RIVER PIEDRA I SAT DOWN AND WEPT by Paulo Coelho [1996, Harper Collins]
4. TAPAI by Hishamuddin Rais [2010, ZI Publications]
5. FOOTPRINTS IN THE PADDY FIELDS by Tina Kisil [2010, MPH Publishing]
6. STONES INTO SCHOOLS by Greg Mortenson and Mike Bryan [2009, Penguin Books]
7. FRED AND EDIE by Jill Dawson [2007, Hodder and Stoughton (reprint of 2000 work)]
8. SEDUCE ME AT SUNRISE by Lisa Kleypas [2008, Piatkus Books]
9. TRUE NORTH by Kimberly Kafka [2001, Pan Books]
10. A PRISONER OF BIRTH by Jeffrey Archer [2008, Pan Books]
11. OTHELLO by William Shakespeare edited by Gerald Eades Bentley [1965, Penguin Books]
12. THE SCARPETTA FACTOR by Patricia Cornwell [2009, Putnam's Sons]
13. TURNING THIRTY by Mike Gayle [2000, Hodder and Stoughton]
14. THE FAMILY WAY by Tony Parsons [2005, HarperCollins]
15. SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL by Sarah Webb [2003, Pan Books]

these books are available for swap/ loan. just drop a comment.

terms and conditions:
1. Malaysian residing in Malaysia (elsewhere, the postage fees will choked me to death)
2. bookswap* will have the priority over bookloan** (as i love to read too)
3. follower of this blog will have priority over the noner
4. max of two books per person at a time. no time limit of holding, unless specified so.
5. borrower are obliged to post (mail) the book to the next borrower

*bookswap= i lend you my book, you lend me yours.
**bookloan= i lend you my book.


Hidayah Ismawi said...

am glad you decided to start the bookswapping/loan project...The Shadow of the wind will hopefully be on it's way to you via Kota Bharu from CJ by next week and I will mail you The Street Philosopher some time next week too... Would love to read one of the books on the list, (have only read A prisoner of birth).. can you mail me one of them when you return mine (hitching a ride on the way back hehe).. don't mind which one , just one that you enjoyed.. Thanks

kukuanga said...

OK. i'm reserving MISTER PIP for you. i wrote a review of it sometime ago, not a proper one of course. i'll link it anyway.

kayau said...

Ms lydia, which one is highly recommended?:P

Tina said...

I'm here again. I want to see how this thing works. I've been lending to my 'physical' friends for a long time. But I find this lending/swapping with virtual friends facinating. So I'm here to learn before I 'open' my library.

I agree that a blog just for the book club will be good.

Yes, pls reserve Ms Walls' "Horses" for me. I'll publish my list soon so you can pick a book. Will email you my mailing address.

ppong said...

wakaka, new project ka? nice one. loan me that angela's ashes' 2nd book lepas ko habis baca, i look for it at popular centre point last night, tiada.

kukuanga said...

bergantung sama jenis buku apa ko suka baca la.


pong, ko pun mau minta kasi pos kaini? sudah habis baca. not as intense as Angela's Ashes la. macam bikin maradang pun ada.. how to say it ar? sloppy? read for yourself.

linda said...

bah kasi post lah. hurmm, nanti i sms the address, sia belum hafal lagi. kihkih.

Siti said...

hi lydia,
i've finally posted my book list available for swap/loan. do check it out & let's swap! :) i'm interested in your books tapai & the scarpetta factor.

Siti said...

woops sorry forgot to include link. here it is:

kukuanga said...

thanks for the link. already browsed and picked books i'd like to read.

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