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Thursday, April 21, 2011

out of our hand

i watched a movie last night on TV (remember, i dont own a TV?). well, i'm in Port Dickson for work related matter. obviously, the hotel have TV. "Lucky 7" on 8TV. its about a girl's obsession over her dead mom final advice of getting married only to the lucky 7th bf. she fall for the number 6th guy. many things in life are just out of our hand.

tonight, i planned to crash at a good friend's house. weekend, i have a seminar to attend in Sg. Buloh. earlier this morning she smsed me, her grandma passed away and she's going back to her hometown. she even said sorry for messing up my plan. Oh God!my problem is the least in the equation, aint it? she lost her grandma. the GRANDMA. my condolence jen.

my gf, mimi, all these years longs for a baby. she finally get pregnant, and in her 4th month of pregnancy. many complications, i even asked God, what dugaan He bestow to that fine lady? she wanted a baby so much, she's willing to go through anything. she's in the hospital ward, the bleeding get worse. i knew, thing like that is just out of our hand to control.

i read a great book, years ago (sorry i cant recall the title, i got the book from our local libray). the wise man in that book, an old chinese said "do your best and leave the rest to heaven". many things are out of our hand. for those things, we cant do much, but just to leave its to heaven to decide. but for all other things, which effort on our part, plays, no matter how insignificant in the result. its a sin not to go, all out.

"showdown" makes me really think to consider having the Astro dish! the show is wicked to boot! not to say it's also wickedly inspiring to go all out for your passion. maybe one chance is all we got. we better move it right. ait?


ppong said...

this a quiet inspiring entry of yours. there are things which are out of our hands, of which no matter what we do will not change the result. bikin sakit hati kan.

takziah jen.

jenkays said...

thanks guys,everything is just not under our control....and is in His control cuma perlu bertahan.....

togs:aku mulai merasakan my mom wanita terhebat di dunia :P

kukuanga said...

your mom is one of those rare superlady!

pong, ya, i should jotted "out of our hands". instead i opted out of our hand---which signify inadequacy.

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