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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Dog Days by Jon Katz

Beautiful numbers you think? ya, its my birthday. ;)

I usually took a leave on my birthday to celebrate it (running away from the comfort of home and spent a few days outside). But, since last year, i didnt do that, and it felt quite right, i come to work today. i still fast on my birthday (or at least, abstaining from food for at least 12 hours), and that feel right too. dont ask me why i do this and that, its just a random things, no particular meanings. i feel good doing it.

so, how was it? surviving to hit 33? 

There's a lot of things i have yet to do. challenges that i should soldier on. mistakes that i should redeem. few regrets, that i don't really mind having. life has been really good. many more ups than the downs. 

I only have one wish for my birthday: For God to put me in the right place, and for me to faithfully serve Him, with all my being, heart, mind and soul. (yeah, i know i shouldn't tell people the wish. but, that's a too general wish, so, that doesn't count, i think). and yeah, i know it sounds poyo. i am poyo, just so you know.

Recently, i read a book by Jon Katz; Dog Days. i love the way he writes, he transported me to his Bedlam Farm, looking at his dogs, sheep, donkeys, farm hands, guests. maybe because i was raised in an agricultural community where talking to animals and trees are considered normal, i understand the level of intimacy he has with his farm. Some people are just not as articulate as Katz in sharing the relationship to others.

Intimacy is a bond. it always started with eagerness to know (passion), love and trust. 

i tried very hard to bond with a cute 2 year old with more success at each tries. she's eager to know me i knew, but she doesn't trust me yet. How can she trusts me? i cant even decipher her talk (which was, at the moment half-english, half-God). every time we started a conversation, she gets frustrated, i get frustrated, i always turned to her aunt Jane for clarification. and because Jane spent more time with the 2 yo, she got the privilege of intimacy with her.

This, makes me realize, the only way i can learn to listen to God is to spend more time with Him, building intimacy.

for that matter, the only way to know others is to spend time with them.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Buku Hitam #006 Aku Naik Saksi

December. imagine how time flies! and i have yet to update my book read list. believe me, i have a few successful and entertaining book read in between the gaping posts. 

the new post at work really consumed my time. but, i love the privileges that come with the package. so, i shouldnt complain much about the arrangement. hopefully, I'll get used to the time constraint next semester and dedicate more hours to this blog. This blog is important for me as a medium to preserve and store my reading progress. 

o! the regular posting on FB (once every 4 days on issue i think relevant to my friends and followers, most of them are my students/ex students) and my new addiction to Twitter also contribute to even lesser posts here on my blog. i should learn to prioritize then. 

so, i've been reading, as i stated earlier, a few books. but, for today's posting, it's my discovery of Buku Hitam Press books. i acquired their books through somebody on twitter, twitting to sale his #004, #005 and #006 books at RM50. i am on the first book picked at random #006 Aku Naik Saksi.

21 shorties. i'm on number 12. some of the shorties are very, very good. some not so. the 'not so' means i dont connect to the story, the language used felt fake, the storyline messy, and poor grasp of the importance of paragraphing. 

and i really do hate it when a publisher make an announcement on their introduction page, pointing to other more established publisher. i dont fancy DBP either, they seem to be in coma at the moment and refuse to get up from their hibernation. but, pointing fingers, no matter what, is still pointing fingers and i dont sit well with that. 

the real interesting points about this book (and i'll add some more after i'm done with all 3):
1. language is fresh
2. the young writers (as youngsters should be) are not shy, they writes taboo subjects
3. some of the storyline are really interesting, you'd hope its not a shorties. 

up to story number 12, kopi hitam pekat stick to my mind.

btw, the boy who sold me these three bukuhitam also gave me another book for additional RM10. i'd say that's the crappiest book i'd read so far this year.
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