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Sunday, July 26, 2009

minggu akhir julai

beliau sedang berkabung kerana baru menyedari diri telah dilanda penumpukan lemak yang tidak terkawal sekitar abdomen dan penimbulan garis-garis putih selulit yang sangat menjelikan. kebetulan pula, minggu ini, beliau akan menghadapi audit dalaman untuk ISO dan mesyuarat pembentukan JSU peperiksaan yang rasa-rasanya beliau pun kurang pasti pembikinannya. beliau juga ada 14 jam kuliah minggu ini, 4 set soalan formatif untuk disiapkan. beliau baru berfikir.. mampos!

beliau sedang berfikir "what's for breakfast?". iya lah tu, untuk orang yang berkabung. she'll be fine.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


i wrote about me attending a small congregation of peace and free lunch last week. i attended yesterday's fellowship. the best part of me being there was, i knew nobody, and nobody knew me. none bother to ask me who i am. the ladies treated me, as if i am an old member of the congregation. and i like the nonchalant way they accepted stranger.

we said farewell to Floria Elhoy Tait, she have to move to KSKB, Sg. Buloh. i tried my best to be nonchalant about it. but, i just cant. i felt sorry for the girl. all the best Flo!

all my life, i wish i am a person, caring enough, kind enough. but at the same time, nonchalant enough to ignore problem, pests and parasites from invading my enclosure. i tried not to sweat the small stuff. and being so, some people i knew, labeled me as uncaring and indifferent. maybe i am. life is full of complexity, it's my way to simplify it.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

true chemistry

in chemistry, the 'nirvana' of an atom is to have electronic configuration of a noble gases, ie: stability. stability's achieved through electronic bonding/ chemical bonding. in subatomic level, bonding can be formed by either sharing the electrons/ giving and taking electrons. the later, stronger.

in life, people keep on saying marriage (bonding) can stabilize a person. and i agree, to some point. but, being unmarried, i have my own opinion regarding this: consider other options of bonding. well, maybe my opinion is less romantic. but, still, if stability is in question, it should suffice.

congratulation to Peter Creswell and Anita. God bless your holy union. remember, love will always triumph. (one of the best wedding i've seen. simple. lots of laughters. just families and close friends.) thanks for inviting me.

i start attending a small congregation at mile 16. nothing spectacular. just peace and free lunch.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

get set..

just read "my sister's keeper" by Jodi Picoult. it's an earlier work of her, but i kept on hindering reading it. because i knew, it'll 'kill' me. and it did. (rasa macam mau menangis saja ni)

Dawn, thanks for the recommendation to read "Outlier". it's a good book. not so, the conclusion. somehow, it make me feel hopeless. but, then, its better to know, exactly where we stand and make the best of whatever resources we have. i struggled for a week, denying everything said in the book. how can i beat statistic? (different set of thinking style produce different outcome~this is but one way of looking at it)

diving into 2nd half of the year, make me realize: this gonna be tough. we have more kids to look after, more paperworks to be completed, i'll go crazy. dont get me wrong.. i love the job. honest. sometimes, i just hope the burden is lighter. mulau!

i need more time hanging with friends and family. and go for a longer holiday.. ehh..

a reminder:

Monday, July 6, 2009

190 new faces.

58 PKA. 30 girls. 4 boys and a girl from Ranau. loads of interesting characters. Glenn is one. (ok bah.. i knew his parents, he's good with guitar, and that easy smile!~ i hope i'm 19!)

2 weeks of no internet conn. and our semester's starting. belum pindah rumah... adui..
july's here. busy month ahead!

and i miss Manila. specifically, sinigang isda and the fish, deep fried bangus. astaga! kelaparan
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