Wednesday, February 16, 2011

not a pretty parrot

he is current and devilishly blunt. and he can afford to be so. he's not in the mainstream. he can be philosophical about his music or change his music affinity and live with it. because, simply put, he makes music for his own and not to please people. so, even when he made a statement like these: (check his last statement) -less interested in songwriting and more into just making noise. i'll stick to his works. (at least, his works before The Age of Adz).

nothing pleased me more than a fresh interpretation of anything. in the limited world of mine, he is a gush of fresh love of sound. i hate his vocal. its too thin and crisp. but, the music arrangement and the songwriting. i can go on listening to him for hours. (ya, i'm into corny lyrics!, shallow me)

rarely, especially in our country, do musicians/singers think and believe in something and transcend it to their works. but, yeah, pretty parrots will do. as long as we dont mind.

havent got the chance to really listen to The Age of Adz. go, listen to Sufjan Stevens. he is poison.

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