Monday, January 31, 2011

MOVIE: The Lake House (remake of Il Mare)

Original theatrical poster of Il Mare (2000)

I attended a Korean language introductory class in my long extended stay in the univ, years ago. As a prerequisite for the lesson, i watched a lot of K-dramas and movies. (apparently, i never really got a good footing at the language and i'm a cured person of K-fever!). One thing i learnt though, Korean really have a knack of filming good cinematographic movies with beautiful music to accompany.

Il Mare was a good example. a movie so complicated, i tried watching it 3 times, only to get more confused. i braved 3 times for that boring ordeal for the breath-taking views and the actor's facial expressions. Korean boys knew how to melt a girl's heart, i knew. (sigh!)

Original theatrical poster of the Lake House (2006)

So, i half expected the confusion when i watched the Lake House, a Hollywood film remake of the Korean Il Mare, starring Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves. Read the plot here, and see the movie trailer here. i was mildly surprise at my own ability to accept the movie as it was. i thoroughly enjoyed the very romantic movie.

Maybe it was the cinematography and music in the film that nailed me down just right (even batter than Il Mare!). i am not a big fan of big city surrounding (not in real life, nor movie). But, its impossible not to love Chicago in this film, unbelievably beautiful buildings structure. Rachel Portman composed most of the songs featured in this movie, and she's brilliant!. The original soundtrack may available here. however, my favourite song was: i seem can't make you mine by the Clientele.

The time paradox proved to be really trying to my logical mind. But, never mind the logic. The gush of heart wrenching romantic longings the movie produced, was enough to banish logical thoughts. Try to get this for your Valentine's. It brings relief and gratitude to those who have somebody to snuggle with, watching. And it brings hope, to everbody else.

Happy holidays. Be safe. Love.

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