Sunday, January 9, 2011

Monday Musings

i want to make this kind of post a regular feature in this blog throughout the year

During the weekend, i read 3 crappy detective stories (i'll post the picture of the books in my January read). But the last one, ignites the imagination of my imaginative mind to really consider, opening up a retreat centre in Ranau. i called my sister (because i need to talk to somebody, who already knew, i'm a half-sane person and still love me). and because, i need some practical, down to earth opinion. i need an engineer's point of view.

She said it's a viable venture. but i have to do it on a part-time basis and i have to relocate to KK to be able to do so. and i really should prepare a neat projection, project paper. that, i think i can do. O gosh! am i really out of my mind? who am i kidding?

Long time ago (days, when i used to write long letters home). i wrote to my dad about, a little bird leaving the nest. He sent me a card: fly, as high as you can (i always believe, its a words of motivation, encouragement). But, nowadays i see the words as a challange. really? how high dare i to fly?

Maybe its about time to test my aptitude for higher altitude free falling? i mean, higher risk-venture. and i guess its a high time for me to flock with the same kin. Spending more time with the parents while time allows? thus, 2 things to muse this week: if i have to open the Retreat center in Ranau, i need to relocate, if i got a new job in KK. fat IFS.

Calling for P&F week. God, Thy will be done


jenkays said...

was thinking of the same thing..! perlu kah gwe relocate and mencari something better! menjadi penculik org putih di bario !! hehehe

let's have lots and lots of fun mare this year!!

kukuanga said...

great kan cik?
kasi entertain orang sambil mengentertain diri sendiri..

kasi siap lho punya papa punya rumah and kasi strike kita pny kempen eco-tourism la.. semangat betul ni.

ppong said...

wakaka! i dint said those things, u did! sia kasi iya saja, I only said, "ohh..ahh.. yahh, bagus ooh, betul boleh bikin tu, great" hakhak, and the next thing I know, sia mendingar presentation yg berkobar2 selama setengah jam.

tapi then again, menarik dan yakin bulih bikin juga tu. kahkah, say her yg invest duit sama kambing!

bah nanti ko kasi bikin kertas kerja, nanti sia p cek tu site ni hujung bulan lah. ambil gambar dan pikir or cari urang tanya pndpt.

kukuanga said...

oo.. clarification
i said: sy rasa viable juga bah ni idea kan?
popong said: ya..boli juga tu.

in court, if a lawyer asked question like i did and got an answer like popong's. aint the conclusion almost accurate as written in the blog?

i am always enthusiastic of new idea bah pong. wakakakka! but, this one, i think, is for keep. i mean, for real.

jenkays said...

ada room for investor kah? ada membership for that place that u guys wanna set up hehehe..! mari bekerja sama..membership ranau-bario kahkahaka...

kukuanga said...

owwww.. investors are always welcome. this is a business venture after all. and certainly we open up for membership.

a bario-ranau partnership sounds promising, lets bersemangat cik!