Sunday, January 16, 2011

what's that? Elephant?

Edmund's Elephant

During the weekend, i read (finally finished) Othello and re-read Rob Yeung's The Rules Of Entrepreneurship. on it's slip cover, i jotted 'November 2008, KK'. old eh?

in the wake of my attention to entrepreneurship, i tried writing up a business plan. but, ended up, not convincing myself. the numbers are just too much too handle and the whole ideas are mind boggling. or to put it in a milder words: difficult to attain. argh! passion can wither when the going gets tough.

but then i remember a childish question of 'how to put an elephant into a refrigerator?'. answer: open the fridge, shove the elephant in, then shut the fridge. obvious answer? No. we, adult, have trained our mind to think in more complicated manner: how to chopped up the elephant? how to get an elephant in the first place? how to get a larger fridge to accomodate the bulk of an elephant? etc. now, think, is the question of how to put an elephant into a refrigerator even relevant?

in 'Othello', Othello suffered and died because he made the mistakes of making too much assumptions rather than, going to the source of his problem and he trusted the wrong person. Lesson? dont assume. get clear facts, reasoned and respond. we go back to that issue of an elephant and the refrigerator. we 'assumed' 'elephant' is an elephant, or/and the 'refrigerator' our normal refrigerator. assumption almost always leads to murky situation, which always ended not the way we intended.

Seriously, i'm trying to be practical here. i'm trying to get all the facts and build a solid plan for my venture. i am dead passionate about this and the mere thought of it make me more alive than ever. all i need now, is that tiny mustard seed size of faith to move some mountains. so, i'm shoving away all of my first assumption/plan and concentrate on a more factual, attainable, immediate goal.

All izz well.. all izz well... all izz well..idiots!


bloggari said...

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jenkays said...

was thinking of being an idiot and just walk away from the office today..but had a flashback of having fun with friends during our travels...and being abble to pay for a RM9 teh o ping..!made me stayed back..

elephant itu sentiasa di hati..!

ppong said...

it's not gonna be easy, but it is possible. plus, its YOU! if there is anyone who could do this, its gonna be YOU!! I am saying, go for it!!

all u need are, civil and structural, some electrician, landscaper, architecture, some supervisor, a Quantity surveyer, some general workers, watchdogs, lucky cat, and cheers from the kambingans. kahkah, guess what, u've got it all. u've got us!! so dont wory much. first step, lets go site visit, do the bill of quantiies. and sketch on the dream. heheh

boii: maybe, just maybe to walk away is not so bad.

kukuanga said...

rasa macam mau jadi koboi pulak ni tau... wakakkakka..(aku bukan jimbron:>)

vote of confidence ya? muahahahhaha.. i'll do it anyway. i'm going to do it. (macam terasa masa sy decided to go meatless years ago). hold on. rough road ahead...

bloggari said...

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Anonymous said...

It is easy to be wise after the event.