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Monday, August 1, 2011

listen, listen harder

i have a brother who love reading. not as much as i do, i guess. because he put it second after computer games. but he does read and buy books. his favourite author is Mitch Albom. i spent half of today, watching Mitch Albom live (just type mitch albom on Youtube), and i found him endearing. the reason why people talk to him was because he listened.

and as i went reading the star online, i read older post of Wong Chun Wai in his column "talk less, listen harder". Dy, you'll absolutely agree with his latest post "Cut the frills, make it simple". (astaga.. punyala sy sokong!). its exactly what i want to say, only he wrote it better and more articulate.

i am currently hooked to Hugh Laurie's Let Them Talk. he's no singer. but, his music.... fine grade. and i totally got Greg Iles's saying his paragraphs got rhythm. when you read a book and you listen hard enough, it does have rhythm. bad books contain haphazard rhythm. bikin pening

students sometimes asked me how i managed to memorize their names. i always replied by saying, all of them are too naughty/ too kind to forget. the truth is, each of their name have taste in my tongue/ scent i can sense. but, by confessing that, i might scared them off. sound like a perv, or something, dont you think?

pause awhile. listen. listen kindly.


Dy said...

O.M.G. how pandai is that Mr. Wong!!!

Malaysian taxpayers would also be very thankful if they could see an end to the elaborate dances and greetings for politicians at every function, and the 15-minute salutation to address the never ending list of Tan Sris, Datuk Seris, Datuks and Datins. What’s wrong with just “tuan-tuan dan puan-puan”? Can we just get to the point so we can all get back to our work, please?

Yes, please!!!!

note: yes. i'd freak out if someone said my name had a taste on his tongue :)

p/s: menyesal tia ambil nama itu mamat babi last sat!!

kukuanga said...

Mr. Wong is a Datuk i think...

once, i was diperintahkan to attend an opening ceremony of a health facility in Kuching by our PM. i'd be glad to go as myself, (wanted to see up close perempuan rambut kembang) but, the bitter truth was, we were diperintahkan to attend as org2 kampung sekitar. hahahhaha..

:) hahha.. perv!

Hidayah Ismawi said...

I am awful with names.. dunno what I'm gonna do when my students actually get here in September .. people really have to stand out for me to notice them (so bad..hehe)..

Just started on a Greg Iles book myself ..

kukuanga said...

Iles is seriously good. better than John Grisham!

i am bad with numbers. names i can remember. number's tastless..

ppong said...

muahaha. nice article that one. some people do speak too much nonsense.

ppong said...

ahaha, names with taste? I tried once to remember all the cakung's names. nahh, all tasted the same. I resolves to call them Boss instead.

kukuanga said...

cakung? what's cakung?

hahhaa! panggil 'boss' boli kasi trick jg tu. one of our sr lecturer panggil student, darling/dear/son. bagus kan?

Dy! how come i missed your p/s? and i too wonder, why i didnt bother ask his name! ask his fon number! failed ooo kita!

Dy said...

Ya - apa tu Cakung? and yes, Boss makes the difference any day!

Once, my nephew sat next to a stranger and suddenly nephew turned to the older man and asked - Boss, what's your name? a 4 yr old asking Boss??? hilarious!

Togsssssss....... why oh why were we so the very DUMB!!!! tu lah... control macho punya hal!!! BUNGUKS!

ppong said...

cakung is kung sikung or itu tukang2. dont know derived from which language. is commonly used.

apabah kamu cakap ni? what so bunguks u two?

kukuanga said...

like tis bah tu pong,
last saturday, ada lunbawang food fair di kuching. so sy dijemput untuk jadi cashier stall si dy, pasal si dy jadik mc for that ceremony. ada satu stall ni kunun, jual roasted pork. dia pny tuan punya kedai sangat menarik and kami berkawan2 lah kunun, because dia neighbour kami bh. tapi, punya main pandai sy sama si dy, tiak mintak number fon. even tiak tau nama tu guy! cilaka!

thats lah why kami bunguks.

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