Wednesday, July 27, 2011

You Know I'm No Good

Tis' my favourite song of Amy Winehouse. You Know I'm No Good. she's quirky, super talented singer.

Amy Winehouse. RIP.

Who in the end, ended it all in a pathetic closure. But, lets not dwell on that. Her short life was a gift to us, who enjoy good music. her voice on loan to us, lets appreciate that. she had her shot in life. maybe, in her own way, she had it well. maybe.

life is short.


Dy said...

ya... terkejut on her leaving.... but maybe, just maybe, she indeed had it well... RIP Amy

kukuanga said...

ada tgk dia pny performance di serbia a few days before dia mati? she's not herself.. macam mati sudah masa tu...